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Started by Ravanger, 16-02-2011

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-:- Monolith list of Faith -:-

Patriarch 'Lament' - Reorp
The allfather of the monolithian sect within the zone. Only one can exist at a time and they control and co-ordinate the entirety of the monolith.

Preacher ... - ...
The Right and left hands of the Patriarch. Preachers lead the monolith into battle and in prayer to places deemed unworthy of the allfathers precense. There can only be two at a time and they have much wisdom and combat experience. They have direct lines of communication to the allfather and carry out his will.

Templar ... - ...
Awarded to the brothers and sisters who have fought with tooth and limb to survive and carry out the allfathers tasks. They are usually squad leaders and veterans who are hand-picked by preachers to further control the zone.

Justicar ... - ...
A step down from a Templar, these soldiers are more experienced than most others, only passed by the Templars, Preachers and the Patriarch.

Acolyte 'Ring' - Sharrock
Acolyte 'Maim' - Vortigoat
Brothers and sisters that have advanced the path of being a Disciple. Several are assigned to a squad consisting of a Justicar and Templar. From there on, their devotion to the monolith will determine their advancement.

Disciple 'Abbadon' - Caboose
Brothers and sisters that have passed their initiation are granted the title of 'Brother' and 'Sister' respectively. This is the basic rank for most monolithians.

Initiate Venice - DarkFox~
Newly processed Neophytes that show capabilities for advancement. They are fresh and inexperienced in the ways of the monolith and most hold their seniors in high regard.

-:- Special Ranks -:-

Cardinal ... - ...
The title given to the 'Quartermaster' of Monolith, they can be rostered for this and the list of faith at the same time.