"The Sword Of Ukraine" Roster

Started by Radek, 01-11-2009

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- Radek/Vladimir"Blaze"Stovsky
*Leads the faction to eternal glory

Co Leader (2)
- Doomburger\Nikolai Yurdansky
- Open

*Helps manage the troops and the forums.

Junior Lieutenant\Pilot

-Crimzon_Reaper\Adrianna Verdennes

*Provides air support and can transport heavy equipment.

Vanguard (2)
- Assassinator/Ruslan Turchin
- Open

*Gives protection to the leaders, well armed.

Faction Trader\Sergeant
Khaletskiy Lachance\Bagelz

*Handles the equipment and weapons, he has EVERYthing..

Captain (3)
-(Blood Ravens) KingArthur\Paul Feeney
-Wazer Rifle\Krystal Mertz
-Leader Open

*Makes decisions about raids, and troop movement, each manages a squad.

An officer class, tends to mingle with his men a little bit more than others.
Someone troops look up to.
-The Jackal\Yuri Kharkov
-ISPYUDIE\Yuri Chornovyl

Starshina: (1, very limited)
Ukranian sergeant major basically.
The beggining of the officer tree, one of the strictest types of personel out of the entire unit, generally leading training.
Takes orders from the head of training. (Head of training will be a captain or higher)
-commanthe1\Travis Johnson

Senior Sergeant
: (1)
This is the Staff Sergeant as stated before, deals with the armory.
But can still take a command role if needed. A drill instructor

*Helps the Captain lead the squad*

Sergeants (3)
The tough bastards of every fire team. Good at taking their own fire team and serving in a command squad, Highly capable soldiers.
- Open
- Open

*High Ranked Soldiers, Experienced

Junior Sergeant
: (2)
The ukranian version of a Corporal.
Same as before, perfectly capable as taking on their own fireteam.
highly experienced.

*Two in each squad, experienced soldiers.

Senior Soldier: (2)
This is the name of a Lance corporal.
Minor combat experience, but has proved themselves.
- Open
- TheHawk/Hawk West
- Open


*A rank higher than privates, more experienced.

Soldier: (Unlimited)
This is the name of the ukranian private. Its up to you if you want to keep it at Pvt. or change it to Sld.
Fresh out of basic, no real combat experience
- Charlie Diesel
- Sergei Ezikiel\Leaf Runner
- Cole Salvagio\Zombiehunta
- DTRZ\Nataliya Khruschev
- Nines\Arlos Talin

*Distributed evenly into squads, the lowest official rank.

Recruits\Trial (Unlimited)
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
Thanks go out to The Jackal For helping me with this.
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