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"Proffesion" system

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on: 28-11-2009
I'm going to create a Proffesion system, Sence so many wanted it.. Anyway, The Proffesion system will let you pick a certain job you want to do in The military, For exemple Medic, Engineers, Demolition and Pilot.

When this is done i will add this to the application Format, Does of you who are already in the military will just have to write a story about how You became a Medic for exmple, i will read them and decide if your good enough to become the proffesion you applyd for.

I will try to have this up by tomorrow, Untill then feel free to suggest proffesions that i can add.

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Reply #1 on: 28-11-2009
Sounds cool i want sniper. Please!!! :)


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Reply #2 on: 29-11-2009
Wait a minute... your not even in military.


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Reply #3 on: 29-11-2009
Dibs on Quartermaster.


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Reply #4 on: 30-11-2009
I call pilot.


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Reply #5 on: 30-11-2009
make me anything but a god damned vanguard >:(

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Reply #6 on: 05-12-2009
You should make a thread with information such as:
-How it would work.
-None-IC things that you would get (Ex: Actual weapons, helicopters)
-How we would obtain the weapons and such.


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