'Claymore's PDA Diary entries

Started by Rook, 31-12-2009

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**PDA turns on**

**Welcome message plays**

"Welcome Dave"

**'Claymore' selects "Change Welcome message"**

**Welcome mesage changed**

"Welcome Sean"

**'Claymore' selects "Diary Application"**

'Claymore' selects "New Diary"**

Page 1

Jesus, it still said Dave, shows I haven't been on my PDA in so long, no matter.
I felt I should start a Diary as my days are clearly numbered in the weeks, if you're reading this, you're my killer, some random STALKER, Mikhail, Artyom or Razor, I feel I should scratch Razor as I don't think he could work my PDA, but who cares.
I guess I should start with my time in the Zone, as I can remember it.
First thing I knew was, I woke up, I could hear shouting and gunfights in the far distance, i looked around, I was lying in a pit staring upwards, with several other STALKERS, I got to grips with my situation and searched all the bodies, I found an AK-74u, Kabar and some Roubles, I climbed out of the pit to find..Nothing, some eerie whistling, a few anomolies. I was severely dazed, I wandered my way to a Town, where I found, the Military.

This was just an idea that I had, basically used as a Pilot, if anyone actually wants to see more of this, please say so, I would love to see some feedback, and I know it's short, but I would rather not say too much..