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Started by Fluffy, 23-07-2009

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Real Name: Mahumar J'a' Ha'eed
Gamer Alias: themutatedman
Steamid: (If Applicable)
Position Applying For: i want spades position, with his throne and everything
Servers You Play On? FO, ST
Past Experience: I used to be a admin on a TF2 trade server
Why Should We Pick You?: because mr. pink needs help


Real Name: Jake T. Verdeman
Age:25 (26 on The 27th)
Gamer Alias: LeoMarr
Steamid: (If Applicable) STEAM_0:1:19913622
Position Applying For: Trial Op
Servers You Play On? FORP
Past Experience: I have a few years of Admin Experience, I am also an Officer in the U.S. Army currently, I have been playing HGN for a few months on and off, and the new FORP Attracted me to come back regularly.

Why Should We Pick You?: I believe I can handle the position, I enjoy the atmosphere that HGN Provides in the fact that there is a mix of players here. The fact that there is such a diversity in RP allows many players to find their home here, Like I foudn Mine. When I came to HGN I was a pretty terrible Garrys mod Rper, Years later, Now I feel as though I am a well versed RPer. I have admined on many servers with limited success in them, mainly because of how some of these Communities operate, Lack of Leadership or formal rules on certain things. I find that in HGN I can easily find everything needed to play within minutes, instead of bureaucratic idiocy that litters many communities. 
7:42 PM - |HGN-HLSA| Ace: Your clothing is a nice start. You wouldn't have combat boots, those would be confiscated instantly. Same goes for a pair of sunglasses. And on another matter, we have the tattoo. Must you make out the character to be a stereotypical black gang-banger?


Name: Misha
Servers: All of them
Postion: Forum mod

Past Experiences: I moderated the exponential growth of fungus and fetal pigs in school.

Why should we pick you: I know how to fix this community up righty tighty. Also it looks like you have no mods but IronDiety.

i'm a mod <3 - thy


Bl★ck Star

AGE: 17
Name: Jan-Michel
Servers: Played all, but currently only Byond.
Postion: GVC mod

Past Experiences: I worked a long time together with Kindergarten kids

Why should we pick you: OBVIOUS REASONS


Real Name: Konsta Hirsimäki

Age: 16

Gamer Alias: Gonztah

Steamid: STEAM_0:0:16930661

Position Applying For: SRP

Servers You Play On? SRP, FRP and a bit on CRP (that is before they went offline)

Past Experience: No real admin experience, sometimes set up games with my friends but that's about it. (And a lot of time spent with stubborn morons.)

Why Should We Pick You?: SRP is in a desperate need for active admins right now and I would very much like to do all I can to help SRP. Also I've been on HGN for a fair amount of time and I know most SRP players and I'm eager to help the new ones learn how to RP on HGNs servers.


Real Name: Anthony Iacobucci
Age: 18
Gamer Alias: PacMan or Pac Man, The Hero of Time
Steamid: STEAM_0:0:13683554
Position Applying For: Stalker Roleplay Administrator
Servers You Play On? : Only stalker roleplay
Past Experience: Previous owner of Roleplay Movement roleplay community for 18 months, which I considered successful. I have worked in SFR (Separated from Reality) about twelve months ago as a Super Administrator for the small community, I have worked in PSG, which was a small star-ship troopers roleplay that had a successful playerbase until being shut down by the owner. I have also worked as a guidance member (an unofficial administrator) for small communities and have helped them become established, along with many other administration positions in the past six or seven years. If needed simply ask and I will share other small communities and places I have been associated with.
Why Should We Pick You?: Well, I believe myself to be, if not a veteran player, an experienced one of this community through out my years. I have had small issues with a few people but nothing that doesn't happen in any community. I also believe myself to be an assertive person who has a no-nonsense approach to things with serious matters, and am open minded and fair in any situation, and will gladly speak my mind if I feel it needed.


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Real Name: Justin McMahan
Age: 20 (12/27/91)
Gamer Alias: |SE| Justin
Steamid: (If Applicable) STEAM_0:0:30778116
Position Applying For: Stalker Roleplay Administrator
Servers You Play On? Just Stalker Roleplay
Past Experience: Have never been a actual Administrator for any community, Hoping this will be my first.
Why Should We Pick You?: I have played this server for over 2 years, I have stayed dedicated to HGN and the server, I just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, and Journalism.. I love the SRP, I have stayed with HGN and pledged my full help to helping them with anything they need, And if it's not SRP they want me for, That's fine.. But I play SRP and will play SRP either way, But this is my Application.. Hope you guys look into it, Thanks.


Real Name: Andrew Perrott

Age: 22

Gamer Alias: Mr. Khorn

Position Applying For: Stalker RP Admin

Servers You Play On? Stalker Roleplay Server, Fallout Roleplay Server(Gone), Tried Crussaria(Gone), Minecraft server.

Past Experience: I was an SV admin for FORP, up until it was removed. 

Why Should We Pick You?: I've spent a bit of time thinking about what I could do to help with HGN. I have realized I no longer wish to make new characters or advance any of my old characters in RP for any servers we have. At this point in time, my only interest is management. I wish to help server HGN in some way by providing another hand. I have no interest in creating my own roleplay/story, just helping along other players with whatever story they created and to deal with any issues. I also now have a set schedule with work. With that, I would be able get on at set hours to deal with issues and attend to players in need later in the evenings while most people are asleep. I have the GMT of -8, so I would be able to fill in any spots needed for a later night management. I will be able to get on between the times of 4:00PM and 11:00PM, anytime around that and I will be offline.

All I really have interest in is assisting in maintaining SRP and to keep it under control. The only characters I will play, are those that will assist in any current RP scenarios. Khorn Kvik, Stovik, Yuran, etc. will not be recreated nor will any other permanent characters. I will be able to focus all my play time in being an admin. I know how to Roleplay, with /me, /dice, and STK/STM. I know how to create events, from a single adventure, to week long events. I also do know all the current members of management and I harbor no grudge or hate toward anyone in HGN, though, others may feel different toward me.

Other than that, I do believe I can help with other admins with events, or simply keep a low populated server active and attractive. I can take time out of my way to decorate any scenery in SRP and set up and small stashes. I already have the knowledge on being an Admin and I have had the position of SV for FORP. It may mean little now, but I have been put to the test, and I am still here. All I care for this point is maintaining SRP and helping HGN with whatever I can do.


Real Name:
Gamer Alias:
Steamid: STEAM_0:1:10935743
Position Applying For: Stalker RP Server Admin
Servers You Play On? HGN SRP
Past Experience: HGN CS:S Server Administrator, HGN FORP Supervisor, HGN Crussaria Supervisor.
Why Should We Pick You?:
I'm not going to type four paragraphs of why you should pick me. Its illogical, and all it does is try to add fluff when really it comes down to a mere couple points. I'm logical, I have common sense, I can keep my cool(something that it appears isn't that common anymore among admins), and a higher regard for the rules than my own emotions. Which means that I won't ban somebody just because I don't like them, or because a group of people have a problem with them. However, I am more than happy to ban even the closest person if someone brings me clear evidence of rule violation. Ask anyone in the community, and they will likely say the same.
Oh, and I don't ban people based on admin meetings.

"Stop living life so that you can do a job with out pay"
-Blake/Last Exile


Real Name: Niklos
Age: 18
Gamer Alias: nKe
Steamid: STEAM_0:0:20251192

Position Applying For:
SRP administrator
Servers You Play On? SRP

Past Experience:
I ran this popular finnish CS:Source community called FJB (google it, you'll find wrecks of the forums)I also used to host build servers with my friend. Oh and I were an admin on FORP before it died.

Why Should We Pick You?: I've been around for a long time (about 4 years), know everyone in the community and I'm quite sure nobody in the community hates me. (please PM if you do)
I'm also quite sure that SRP needs more European admins, because currently the only active admin from EU is Dark Scar.


Real Name:Richard Erickson
Gamer Alias:Darkzerxx
Steamid: STEAM_0:1:20067753
Position Applying For:S.T.A.L.K.E.R. TO
Servers You Play On? SRP, did play forp and crussaria
Past Experience:Was a Forp SA before it died out.
Why Should We Pick You?: Thought I was a decent admin Forp, helped out when asked and thought I was pretty good at making jobs and little events to set the mood or just to advance the roleplay a bit more. Server needs a few more TO's when the SA's are out helping other players and handling bigger issues and I thought I'd apply just to help the server out since I been here little more than two years and know most the players already. Be fun to have chance to give back.
Ex-Duty-converted Monolith:|Draco 'Dice' stellem|Decease
Stalker/Trader:|Dracovich Raka|Alive
Eco:|Dr.Richard L. Vangraff|In zone
Stalker:|Scarler 'becca' Owen|Alive
Stalker:|Taylor 'trinity'|Alive
Military:|Scarlet Stroik|alive


Real Name: David Bryson Williams
Age: 17
Gamer Alias: Thanatos
Steamid: STEAM_0:0:30349766
Position Applying For: STALKER Trial Admin
Servers You Play On? SRP
Past Experience: I was an Admin on FORP right before it well, died. I've been a moderator on previous websites, and sadly I was a guild leader for a 500 player long-raiding warcraft guild.
Why Should We Pick You?: I believe if I was an admin for SRP, I would try to make the atmosphere and experience on the server as best as I could for the player experience.
I'm not very good at posting excuses at why I would be a good admin, but I can promise you that I will be active and keep a clear head with everyone. I won't be bias and I will take every side of the story without saying a conclusion to the argument/problem.
I will keep my emotions out of this job, and I promise to keep a stoic face in every encounter I enter as an admin.

Meanwhile outside of Leshiy's door.

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Real Name: Shea Sharrock
Age: 18
Gamer Alias: Sharrock
Steamid: (If Applicable) STEAM_0:0:15458524
Position Applying For: Stalker Administrator
Servers You Play On? SRP
Past Experience: HL2RP SV. I moderate Traders, and I currently also moderate Freedom.
Why Should We Pick You?: I have previous admin experience here at HGN. I've also been here since 2010. I could fill this with random bullshit but its up to you.
Timezone - GMT -6.
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: Kay, bend over under that guillotine.
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: ...
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: Wait.
Sharrock: Homo
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: Fuck.

Tom: Look at the roster
Doomburger: "110th Regiment Blood Company Reaper Squad Roster
Started by Doomburger"
Doomburger: get my name off
Doomburger: I beg you
Doomburger: I may have done some ridiculous things, but come on


Real Name: Nathan

Age: 16

Gamer Alias:|HGN| Tingoo

Steamid: STEAM_0:0:61710538

Position Applying For: Star Wars Trial Operator

Servers You Play On?SRP, FORP (When it was up), SWRP (When its released)

Past Experience:
I was apart of a GMod PERP community a few months ago with around 7,000 people and I was a Super Administrator on their regularly dealing with issues and helping players that were new to the server or needed assistance. I understand that PERP is a different style of Roleplay compared with SRP,SWRP etc but I feel the concept of a Administrator role is very similar which ever server/community you are in. Your skills and quality's stay with you throughout your time as a Administrator and will gain you experience and knowledge through any server you administrate on.

Why Should We Pick You?:
I believe that I have the skills and quality's to be a excellent member of the Star Wars Roleplay Administration Team as well as work well with the current Operators and Server Admin's. I believe my skills that I carry will help contribute to the Team and also assist the server in many different ways. Here is a few skill's that I feel I currently have from past experiences and general life:

- Good Communication
- Respect to All Members/Staff
- Good Decisions (Hearing Two Sides to a Story)
- Assisting People in a Friendly Manner

I think these skills are very useful when it comes to a Administrator role and I believe that I have these skills when I play on any server even if I do not hold a staff rank. I really am keen to get this server up and running which includes bringing in a player base to go with it. I will be committed to the server and the events that role around it be it advertisement (player base/groups/facepunch threads), development (searching for content and help to design new content) and being a active member of the Star Wars Roleplay Admin Team.

I have been around HGN since January 2012 and I have met a great punch of people during my time with HGN. I have grown good friendships with many of the members and Administration Team and have a good laugh with Serious Roleplay in mind. I have been on and off the community since 2012 due to exams, coursework and general bits and pieces (Family Related). However, I am just about to finish my GCSE's and move to college which means I will have lots of spare time to put towards the community and the servers that HGN provide. I am hoping that I will have a chance of obtaining the role as Trial Operator for the Star Wars server and I really hope you can trust me in helping with the server and grow bonds with existing and a new player base.

My skills and quality's will help me achieve the role as a Trial Operator and I hope you allow me to have a chance at expressing them more with the HGN Community and helping the server which is known as 'Star Wars Roleplay'. My Timezone is GMT and I am from England.



Real Name: James Coulson
Age: 16
Gamer Alias: |HGN| Pvt.Rarr
Steamid: (If Applicable) STEAM_0:0:6095977
Position Applying For: STALKER Trial Admin
Servers You Play On? SRP,FORP When it was alive.
Past Experience: Been an Admin on a Hl2Rp server for a while and on PERP Server, Nothing Really Special.

Why Should We Pick You?: I think that I could handle being an admin and help set atmosphere on the Stalker server as I have become familiar of the story over my years of playing the Stalker games. Also, I reckon I could help make a few more events on the server (Well for the EU Side Because I'm not up for staying up at 1 in the morning.) I have been an Admin before you know all the Usual stuff, listen to both sides of the story and the rest of it.


Real Name: Evan Thornton

Age: 17

Gamer Alias: |HGN| Zithra

Steamid: STEAM_0:1:616470

Position Applying For: Star Wars Trial Operator or Server Admin

Servers You Play On?: I played on FORP for two years before it went away.

Past Experience: I was a TO on FORP before it was shut down, and I have assisted in administrating communities in the past, most notably "Fretta Gamers" which had nearly 300 players before shutting down. Other smaller communities have also been administrated by myself as well. Not all of these have been on G-Mod. I have also operated Team Fortress, Minecraft (a server will well over a thousand players), and World of Warcraft guilds.

Why Should We Pick You?: Being an administrator, supervisor, operator, or any other similar title is no game. Nor would I consider it a reward. More than anything, it is a placement of trust in someone's hands to help bring a community to the best it can be. I believe that I posses the ability to do such a thing. I want the HGN community to succeed, and I think that my friendliness as well as my steadfastness will show to be a valuable addition to the team. I want to tackle problems and fix them and help maintain the good name of HGN.
RIP FORP Characters
Andrew Erics  Wastelander
Evan Thornton  Brotherhood of Steel
Tyler Williams Trader


Real Name: Logan Wayne

Age: 15

Gamer Alias: Blazer232

Steamid: STEAM_0:1:35149487

Position Applying For: Star Wars Roleplay Trial Administrator

Servers You Play On: Currently, just HGN's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplay server.

Past Experience: Was trial for a while at End of Society, trial also at Invictus Gaming Community (Small scale), was Operator at, "Roleplay Tavern," formerly known as, "The Brink Gaming."

Why Should We Pick You?: I feel that I know enough about Star Wars, considering I've been obsessed with the films since my father introduced them to me at around age 3-4 (Speaking of, May the Fourth be with you. :P). I also feel that I've had enough administrator experience, even if most of it may be trial (usually the community wouldn't last long enough for me to obtain a full admin position) admin experience. I often times will place my duties as admin/operator before my roleplay should I find it necessary enough, and when not busy, will fly around in observer, searching for someone to assist.

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[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Real Name: Christian Tague[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Age: 16, will be 17 on June 17[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Gamer Alias: ccrusher1[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Steamid: (If Applicable): [/font][font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]STEAM_0:0:53071254[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Position Applying For: Development (SRP)[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Servers You Play On?: SRP, and the VoltageGaming PERP server.[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Past Experience: Coder for ProjectFatality DarkRP server. Also Coder for a WorldScript server.[/font]
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]Why Should We Pick You?:[/font] I'm friends with some of the SRP admins, and am very kind unless somebody tries to make me mad.  Plus, since I know how to code, I can help fix bugs, and add new items such as guns, or whatever is needed. It just really depends on what's wanted I guess. I hope you at least give me consideration. I love this server, and want to help it in any way that I can.


Real Name: Bryan Sivelle

Age: 17

Gamer Alias: Minivan

Steamid: Ulitimo

Position Applying For: The Most Useless Manager

Servers You Play On: Terraria

Past Experience: I have beaten the all the gyms and every elite four and every champion in every Pokemon game. The truck, in fact, does not have a Mew behind it. The space shuttle, Endeavour is 122 feet long, with over 2.5 million parts. A Californian Condor, contrary to its name is only found in the Grand Canyon with a population of less than 250. Cheech is the one with the beanie: Chong is the one with the glasses. A Galaxy Note 4 can be purchased with 4g or 3g. 11 people died during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, it was estimated that 35 people would die, 1 person for every one million dollars spent. The bridge's original colors were supposed to be black and yellow hazard stripes. The j in emoji is not silent.

Why Should We Pick You?: I understand stuff, man. I have not researched, this is my personal database of knowledge.


Real Name: Dev
Age: 24
Gamer Alias: devinci
Steamid: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050549274
Position Applying For: Admin
Servers You Play On? HGN Stalker Roleplay
Past Experience: 11+ Years of RP.
Why Should We Pick You?:
I've been around the block a few times.
Dedicated and long time player, and personable member of the community, committed to creating stories, roleplay, and becoming apart of the team if applicable and I fit in.