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Think you can help in HGN? Post an Application and We'll Review it in a Timely Manner. When applying please remember that we are looking for detailed applications presented in a readable and punctual way, if your application does not meet up to these standards, we wont entertain you. We think of this as more of a job and will not bother with people trying to get admin for the sake of power.

We are currently accepting admins for:
Stalker Roleplay
Aceon (Minecraft Roleplay)
Caphori (Terraria Roleplay)
Airena RPG

This is for applications only no posting in here otherwise

Real Name:
Gamer Alias:
Steamid: (If Applicable)
Position Applying For:
Servers You Play On?
Past Experience:
Why Should We Pick You?:

Your application can be about any position, Development, Administration, or even Sound Artist.


Real Name: Mariss Martinsons
Age: 13
Gamer Alias: |HGN|Itsjustguy
Position Applying For: Stalker RP or any upcoming RP servers.
Servers You Play On? Stalker RP, and going to on Salvation City.
Past Experience: I have hosted a build server and been a admin on a build server.
Why Should We Pick You?:I like to help the community evolve, because this is a community i feel fit in.
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Real Name:


Gamer Alias:

Position Applying For:
Stalker gameserver admin

Servers You Play On?:
All sassilizations servers , Killersservers servers , HGN's S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  server , sometimes a random server when I'm boored.

Past Experience:
For the moment I am head moderator off the shateredglass community known with sunrise , pirateship wars e.  I have super admin powers on Tiweb's build server (He has no forums) , In my past I used to be Admin on FaW's Build server (They died)
And I had moderator powers on Dark-ice (I left them and joined a new community).
I also had SA power on HGN's CSS server
I have no idea if i still have them since i'm not active on css.

Why Should We Pick You?:
Please read everything very carefully.

Well , I joined this community 9 month's ago , so that starts to count .

Here's a short background story about me and HGN ; ( allthough I'm not a good writer  :P)

When I joined the community,  people  (how do i say this ..) Well they had the wrong ideas of my personality..  So arround 8 and a half months ago .
I was in a faction with connor and he learned me how to play stalker rp on a bad /wrong/terrible way..
But I didn't know since I was new, so yes 8 months ago I got banned a few times . And I don't say that the admins where wrong at that time.  Then Connor got permed ( Good thing though.)Some weeks after that I went Inactive since I had some personal issues (irl) for a couple of months.  After that I was active on the forums looking forward to play Crussaria medieval Fantasy rp (Now changed to Oblivion Rp) . And now for almost 3 months I became a very active member on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Rp  And on forums  I just don't post often. (Only when i want something to say . not just post , post to get my postcount up.) Well , That's about all what I can say about me and HGN .

Here's a small list of things why you should pick me over somebody else ;

I know the rules and I know the difference between wrong and right.
I help players who are asking for help and information.
I won't abuse my powers since I donated (invested) allot into this community (servers) So I don't really want to take a risk to get banned.

I'm 17 years old , I'n my country u become a full adult at 18 (I become 18 at 12-12-2009)
My englisch is pretty good for a dutch guy. (That's what I think..) And it keeps getting better the more I play.
I haven't got a warning , kick or ban from any of the HGN's servers after I came back to HGN.

I rp well lately.
I Don't abuse my flags.(Just to let you know I won't abuse admin either.)

If you got any further questions , please ask them .  ;)

Thanks for taking your time.
Updated 4-09-2009

Don't mind my englisch im Dutch!


Real Name: Preston
Age: 15
Gamer Alias: Cortez Vantrila
Position Applying For: [/color]STALKER Trial Administrator.
Servers You Play On?
STALKER roleplay/Neotokyo
Past Experience: I was an administrator in three half life two roleplay servers before this
(Minedog, Shh, Hl2land) I understand the difference between the two roleplays, I've also been a roleplay veteran for three years. ( I'm also a NTSA+ for NEOTOKYO)
Why Should We Pick You?: I understand the concept of administrating a server and what it takes, I also understand who's higher then I am, and what consequences people should get when they do something wrong.

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Real Name:  I'd prefer to keep my real name to myself, but you can call me Assassinator.
Age:   I would prefer to not state my age. The main point is what your opinion of me is and if you think I can handle the job.
Gamer Alias:  Assassinator1097
Position Applying For:  Stalker Roleplay Administrator
Servers You Play On?  Stalker Roleplay Server, Darkland Server, and that's really it. Other Roleplay servers aren't really as fun as Stalker. At least in my opinion.
Past Experience:  I do not have any past experience with admining servers, other then watching admins and how they conduct their business. You have to start somewhere, though. Why not with a community you love?
Why Should We Pick You?:  I have been with the community for five months and lately the server has become somewhat more chaotic. I wish to help with the problems such as when people fight others, they go back to get their gun without the other players consent. I'd also try to make at least one event every day that I am on. I would be very responsive and helpful to players and I have many of the regular players on my friendslist including many administrators. I'd love to see more players on the server that follow the rules and I can help this by creating events that everyone can participate in.

     When making decisions about punishments for others I think you would have to consider the effect it could have on the players feelings. You cannot be harsh at first because they might not even know what they are doing is wrong. An example could be such as a player runs back to his body to get his gun because he doesn't know about the New Life Rule. If an administrator hears about this and makes them feel bad by being rude and then kicking them or even banning them, the player will feel hurt and upset and not even know what he has done wrong. This is why I think it is best to tell the player what he has done wrong first with a warning.

     Being responsive is something I consider important. If a player needs a flag for something, I can take a minute of the roleplay I am doing to just set his flags and he will feel as though he is cared about, therefore wanting to stay in the server longer and enjoy his new flag. If he has to wait a long time for the flag he needs such as if he applied for becoming a trader, he will feel disappointed and think that he is unimportant. But that is the opposite, because I believe that every player counts and has something to contribute. An example would be Dutch, since he was relatively new but he was able to give us those cool faction reskins for the SEVA suit.

     I hope I have proved myself during the time I have been here capable of handling this job. I would very much love to help this community out even if it takes a little of my time to help benefit the server. Thank you for reviewing this job application - Assassinator1097


Real Name: Philip Wrede
Age: 16
Gamer Alias: klp4
Position Applying For: Stalker Roleplay Trial Administrator
Servers You Play On? Stalker Roleplay

Past Experience: I don't have any experience as an Admin to be honest, other then watching the Admins on the server solving problems, conflicts and listening to complainments. I do have some experience as a leader(I've been on leadership training programs during the summers)
and I think that a leader and a server Admin has some things in common. A leader has to look after a group, and that's what an Admin does too. It looks after the players on the server and helps them with all kinds of stuff.
Listening to them when they have a problem, helping them if another player is rude and telling players when they're doing something that is wrong or unfair. Trying to get the players on the server to follow and respect the rules while having a great gaming experience.

Why Should We Pick You?: I believe that you should pick me because I'm a very democratic person. I often listen to people and help them with their problems. I like to help people and I like to see other people have a good time. I believe that it's important that people take care of each other, and that they treat another person the way they want to be treated them selves.

I haven't been with HGN for such a long time, but I really believe that I could make a difference, that I could help the players on the server and also the other Admins if they need any assistance.

I believe that if a player needs help with something and asks an Admin for help, the Admin should put the roleplay aside for a second, and help the player as much as he/she can at the moment. An Admin should see a players need for help or guidance as priority 1. His/hers own roleplay comes last.
I believe that I'm capable of being that Admin because I don't see a players need for help as something annoying that I would have to deal with, but as something that I WANT to deal with and something that would be my job, and not a burden.
Ofcourse if a player doesn't follow the rules or is showing a bad behaviour, an Admin has to talk to the player about it, maybe kick the player or bann him/her, but it's also important that the Admin talks to the player about why he/she got kicked or banned, if the player doesn't understand why. This will help the player to not do the same mistake again.

I would like a chance to prove myself, to prove that I'm capable of being a good Admin and that I can deal with all the issues and do all the work that an Admin needs to do.
I really like this server, this whole community, and I want to be apart of it. I want to help it become even greater and I want the players to have a great gaming experience here. I want them to feel as happy and excited as I did when I joined HGN and started roleplaying here.

Thanks for your time
Best regards
"I know who I am! I'm a dude playing a dude diquised as another dude!"

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Real Name:Jonathan Gullstr?m
Age: 18
Gamer Alias: Radek Zelenka
Position Applying For: Stalker Roleplay admin
Servers You Play On?: Stalker Roleplay
Past Experience:I was one of the Head admins On the SGC servers i was with them when they were created, they have both build and rp servers, well atleast they did when i was with them.
Why Should We Pick You?:
Well.. i've been with Hgn for 4 months and i've climed from being alone in the military To being the leader of the now most active and largest Faction on the Zone.
Helping new players learn and understand the rules of the server is very important sence it not only affects their own Time on the server but also effects every one else.

If i would get admin i would try to get an event started as often as possible, i love events and i know how many stalker rpers long for events and i think it's important that their needs are satisfied sence with out them things would get really frikin boring pretty fast.
I know we get many new players,(As one of the Faction leader i get to experience both the best and the worst this server has to offer..) Sence they all run to the town where the military is set up, and i have no problem with trying to teach them the rules even doe it might interupt my own rp( I Most often try to teach them while rping with them.. Then we both get to have a little fun, huh.. That last thing looks really gay now that i read it again..).

During my time as a leader for the military i've already trained a bunch of people, Teaching them how and when to use ooc and The Nlr and such things.
I love this community and i hate to see people that have no idea what they are doing run around and mess things up for other players, i think i as an admin could do more good then i can in my current position.
I have no problem helping others ( Thanks to my siblings..) and i love events.
Well to sum it all up.. I really like the server and i want everyone else to have as good of a time as i have on it.
I'm online Almost all the time and I live in Europe.

Thanks for reading this wedding pro... I mean application And i hope you accept me.
Sorry for my Spelling.. Dyslexia .. D:
Tom About Mili interigation
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Real Name: Joseph Mattias

Age: 14

Gamer Alias: |HGN| Dazek (Previously Deet)

Position Applying For: S.TA.L.K.E.R. Roleplay Trial Administrator
Servers You Play On?: I only play on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP and the HGN TF2 server.

Past Experience: I've owned and managed quite a few servers on Garry's Mod, and once ran a clan on CS for about a year. I've administrated a lot of other RP servers and I know what to do in a situation where someone has broken a major RP rule (DM, Metagaming, Powergaming, etc).

Why Should We Pick You?:  I've got quite a lot of experience and I'd really like to help out the community. I plan on donating on top of applying for admin. HGN could use a bit more administration in my opinion, and I would fit the role quite well. Please, consider my application. I am not here to compete for admin, just to help out.

Solid Sypke

Real Name: John

Age: 16

Gamer Alias: JF

Position Applying For: Trial Admin

Servers You Play On? HGN Stalker/HL2RP/Old Gotham/Old Redead, Reich RP, Sunrise, Gmod Tower, Paradox RP and Halcylon RP.

Past Experience: Well... I was an admin on The Zone RP for like a month or so. I think i did a pretty decent job while i was an admin on there with Silver and a few other guys like Who Dares. The reason i got admin on The Zone RP was becuase all of the current admins were  American so when people like Silver and I were on the server, there wouldnt be any admins or traders so it sorta sucked. So i managed to gather like 15 people to tell Hybrid (Server Owner) that we need some UK Admins. So after convincing him, Hybrid asked me who I think should be chosen so i chose the people who were the most dedicated and had some experience. Then on we had alot more people on the server in UK times and there were alot more events and RP aswell. I also used to be an admin on HGN, just after TZRP closed down. Now i must of been an admin for like a few days before i fucked up my chance by abusing my powers on the Redead Gamemode Silver had hosted while he gets a Stalker Server. Now this abuse wasnt that bad, I was testing my powers like noclip and godmode and there was just me and another guy left. So becuase it wasnt fair for the other guy, Silver slayed me. So i got pissed and slayed the only guy left. So Silver said i abused and took my admin. I also hosted my own Stalker RP for like a week before my internet couldnt host the server as much as id like it.

Why Should We Pick You?: Well what I have put above shows that ive had experience with Stalker RP servers and i have also played a whole range of varied RPs. Im very active on Gmod and I would say I am a very serious RPer. From my experience in all different types of RPs, i can become very creative on some RP and Event ideas which will still fill into that RPs backstory and style.

Now as most of you may think, i am not a MINGE. I would say i do troll every now and then but that is only becuase of my recent occupation at VRP. This, in theory should wear off but like i said, I do not minge at all while RPing. If i was to get admin on HGN then it would show that i can be trusted again by Silver, the fellow admins AND the people from TZRP. I have caused alot of shit while ive been on Gmod but i am doing my best to fix it.


Real Name: Preston
Age: 14
Gamer Alias: CortezV

Position Applying For:
Half Life 2 Trial Administrator.

Servers You Play On?: HL2RP

Past Experience
I was the NTSA+ of Neotokyo and the team Manager, I was a Trial Administrator on Stalker until I quit, and I've had past experience on Shh RP, HL2Land, and Minedog, as an Roleplaying Administrator, TA - SA experience.

Why Should We Pick You?
I've played Half Life 2 RP sense Gmod 10 came out, I know the Canon, I have a good grip on the Timeline, and the most important, I understand the concept of the Roleplay that were conducting,
I've had experience as a Civil Protection Officer, a member of the AirExchange, COTA, and I lead a group called Anitfa, not only that but I currently lead The Liberation Movement, and I was an Officer in the Union Division of Training at TnB, We trained the Recruits proper breaching, formations, interrogation, checkpoints, sweeps, searches, ect. I'm pretty active on the forums I check them everyday if not every 20 - 30 minutes.
At Minedog, I was stubborn, I would of banned a noob for just not using proper grammar, but I've learned from my past mistakes and I took on new leads at Half Life 2 Land and came out on top, I made it to SA there before I quit.

Thom's Law
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Real Name: Damien Scott Miller
Age: 14
Gamer Alias: Scott Miller/Scout Miller
Position Applying For: Trial Admin
Servers You Play On? STALKER Roleplay
Past Experience: I've administrated my own server, and a build server back in GMod 9 that was pretty popular.
Why Should We Pick You?: I've been playing GMod for a long time, since GMod 8. I have a lot of experience in administrating servers, and am always playing. I can be a bit of an ass, but I'm not going to kick people for no reason, or disrespect my authorities. I've been playing on the HGN STALKER RP server for about 4 months, and have been in HGN for every single day. Often times I will go on, and the Admins will be unresponsive to questions, AFK, or just not on. I can definitely help change that, I browse the forums 3-4 times a day, while I do not post unless I see fit, I do keep myself up to date on everything going on. I believe I would make a good addition to the administration team. Oh yeah, and I am a big donor for the server, and the position will help me help you help us all.


Real Name: Kenny Morris

Age: 15

Gamer Alias: Chaos

Position Applying For: Forum Moderator

Servers You Play On? ApocalypseRP , S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP, anything HGN, eGO servers on fps games.

Past Experience: ApocalypseRP I am a Head Admin. It's currently down for development.

Why Should We Pick You?:
I'm good at monitoring forums and on the forums I can be EXTREMELY active. I can watch a bunch of topics for long periods of the day. I have past experience,  I am very active, and I have been here for a long time. I'm not really known but just because I don't talk to everyone all the time doesn't mean I can't be a good admin. I will not abuse my powers and I will listen to other admins. I can check the forums almost any time. I can roleplay good, and I have rped for about one year. And I made my app easier to read :p


Quote from: Chaos on 09-09-2009
Real Name: Kenny Morris

Age: 15

Gamer Alias: Chaos

Position Applying For: HL2 RP Trial Admin (Whenever it comes back)

Servers You Play On? HL2 RP, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP

Past Experience: Prestige RP

Why Should We Pick You?:
I have past experience,  I am very active, and I have been here for a long time. I'm not really known but just because I don't talk to everyone all the time doesn't mean I can't be a good admin. I will not abuse my powers and I will listen to other admins. I can check the forums almost any time. I can roleplay good, and I have rped for about one year.

It isn't coming back.

Bl★ck Star

Real Name: Jan-Michel van Beek
Age: 14 (soon 15)
Gamer Alias:[HGN-DJ]Cloud
Position Applying For: Stalker Trial Admin
Servers You Play On? Every HGN server
Past Experience: Joined around CHristmas last year, was admin in a few game clans like Css Wc3 and so on,Squad Leader on the NS server
Why Should We Pick You?: Cause iam well known in HGN and iam always friendly and nice to everybody and wan to help HGN

I got Support of Raydark,Akira,DarkAngel,Afro,Qbit,Nikolaz,CortezV,Bto

Strelok Holmes

Age: 19
Gamer Alias: Cole train, Killer_Pretzel , Cole and his Killer Pretzel and for CSS, Sgt.Bubba
Position Applying For: Stalker RP trail admin
Servers You Play On? Stalker RP
Past Experience: I've had a few admin positions on Gmod, dark ARRRG PEE!, spacebuild and even strayed path on zone script. Enforced the rules heavily and wasnt very liked by minges for doing so. As for other games, those would include call of duty (1 to 4), First Strike (BF2142 mod) and a DM and a PCDM(player whom can jail rule breakers till server reset!) on NWN (Quiet foo'l)
Why Should We Pick You?:   Besides my past experence as an "admin" and I've been on HGN for about five to six months, well known and have a large past of RP experence.  Besides those things, i havnt the foggest.

Crussaria=Wiglaf Grimshaw(Grimshaw of the Iron Hand), The Corpse Brigade:Alive


Real Name:
Arthur Hutchinson
Gamer Alias:
|HGN| []Doom[]
Position Applying For:
Administrator (Admin)
Servers You Play On?
HGN Stalker RP,Sometimes my friends servers,and a few other servers I don't really care for its name. (Like tf2)
Past Experience:
I made my own server that's not from any Valve's games.Tt was from "Unreal Gold." I played Unreal gold for about 5 years on my server then played other games. Then I got admin on GMod on Carl's Atomic RP Server then changed game modes and etc...
Why Should We Pick You?:
The reason why to pick me is because I have alot of RP Experiance,Alot of admin experiance,and few other stuff...
I know most of the CakeScript Commands on Stalker rp I also know not to Ban Abuse,Kick abuse,etc. I know never to abuse for anything no matter what.
Arthur 'Night' Hutchinson - ALIVE
Anne 'Savior' Gerris - ALIVE
Coroner - ALIVE
'Crazed' - ALIVE


Real Name: Donald Ciota
Age: 24
Gamer Alias: [TLS] Stalker [F]
Position Applying For: Administration (More Specifically STALKER server returns/flag SA)
Servers You Play On?: HGN S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Role-play
Past Experience:
I personally have had 7 years of administration experience, ive managed everything from clans, CSS community servers, HL2DM servers, Crysis servers, and am currently managing my own clan as one of the founders of [TLS] The Last Survivors Gaming Community (http://www.thelastsurvivors.com/viewpage.php?page_id=3 Founder A.Soldier). Personally i have never managed a Role-play server and i hope to add it to one of my many experiences as an administrator.
Why Should We Pick You?:
I believe that i should be considered for administration because i know that it is a job, you dont become an admin to just muck about and have some shannanagains because you have some flags and can get better things then everyone else. The job of an administrator is to pedestal the community and put the community first rather than your own personal needs (whatever they may be). I do role-play as an extension of my own personal self and it benefits my job as a State Trooper because i learn how to talk correctly and get the patience to listen to others and overall make my life easier. I am applying for the position of SA because in my own personal belief, the SA's are over stressed and need some help with the flooding of refunds, idiots, and other retarded requests, and i normally see them Online but never in game. Whenever i do see them on they always seem to be stressed out and are constantly bugged about refunds and then NEVER do them. Unfortunately that is their job and if they dont like it step down and have some other people have a shot.

As a server administrator (if selected) i would be on almost daily, minus the time were i have to manage my own community and WORK. When i would log on i would announce that i would be doing refunds and if you would like your lost items refunded you must have a Photograph in good overall condition and to use the /ar and i will contact you when your next in que. The main reason i do this is because refunds are normally sparratic and if SA's want to be less stressed they should pick three to four times of the day were they can sit down for about 30 minutes to an hour and just do refunds and everyone wont spam OOC "D: i Lost my Fort12/Suit/Artifact due to Worldspawn/inventory bug/server crash". But giving items is just one cut of the pizza, you also have to look at the circumstances and not gjust give stuff out because they lost it and i would require a screenshot of WHEN they had the item and a CURRENT picture of their inventory so i can personally time stamp the individual and see if his Refunds are constant or actually based on server issues.

As of current while on the server i play as a Bandit/Bloodsucker/Merc(Coming Soon! >=D) and whenever i see a new person running around kind of lost i just dont abuse their newness and take the 300 rU's that they already have and run off all skampy. I ask them if they are new to the server and would like some tips and ill show them around OOCly were all the faction bases are and what classes there are for the server. I also direct them to the forums if they have any other questions and normally they disconnect, register here, and then are RP studs when i see them again. I love helping people and always try to see the best in people but dont take my kindness as weakness cause ill rip your heart out if i have to. Thank you for reading my application and i look foward to being contacted if i meet the criteria for such positions if available, until then ill keep donateing whenever i can and be on the Stalker server.

Thanks for Reading my Application!


Real Name: Preston Smith.
Age: Fourteen.
Gamer Alias: CortezV
Position Applying For: Stalker Trial Administrator.
Servers You Play On?: Stalker Roleplay Server.
Past Experience:
I've had past experiance on many different servers, most counting Half Life Two roleplay, My experiance came from,
Hl2Land, Shh, Minedog, and many others, I helped lead a few Different groups at TacoNbanana, I lead a small Rebellious group known as Anti-Fa,
people really seemed to like it until we decided to screw around Friday night at 4:00 AM.  In Minedog, I lead Overwatch and was a RDA, but unfortuntly there roleplay server was shut down, Hl2Land I was a Basic Administrator, I quit after a few weeks, left for Shh, There I met Zaki, or back in his time Assassin, He duped guns, got me banned, a few months later I came back and had some really overpowered Combine Assassin used for Secret spec ops missions, But yeah, thats most of my Experiances of Adminship in Roleplay.

Why Should We Pick You?:

I was a Trial Administration for Stalker a few months back but stupidly gave it up for Neotokyo NTSA+, I'm currently a ventrillo administrator, and I also have experiance in the Admin business, so give into consideration about me.

My recommendations.

Thom's Law
"Nothing can not produce something. If there was ever a time when there was nothing, there would STILL be nothing."


Real Name: ----
Age: ---
Gamer Alias: ThY/Thyeagle

Position Applying For:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Trial Admin.

Servers You Play On?:
Used to play on my own, Now only HGN. Or others I admin.

Past Experience:
Im previous steam admin of:

Why Should We Pick You?:

I'm an experienced admin, Sorry to boast. Allthough I admit my own mistakes. I am determined, and an exprienced member of the HGN comminity. I have great friends here. I have my mistakes, and my troubles with members/administration. But nothing serious.  I will join HGN, Most admins I have seen on recently is two. At the most, Ive seen and sorted out so much minging/trouble/edrama within the past weeks. Many support be being admin, And CNG says "You have what it takes to be TA" I admit my mistakes, I am not perfect. But i will try my best to be. I also require some powers to control Bloodsuckers. It isnt as easy as you think, and if not controled right. Can be one of the most mingy "Factions". I don't like to apply/ask for admin, As it seems i only want it for the power. I really only want it, because I'm allways seeing problems on the server. And no admin willing to be on at the time, Ive reported and sorted out many cases privatly with admins. (Excuse f my grammer isn't perfect, Never has been) I'm actually often mistaken for an Admin, And many ask me for refunds and equipment. And lost, I think i have contributed lots to the comminity, (Eg. Donation)

I won't try make my app stick out, Via colours and thank's. As I see this as just begging for extra attention.
(Thanks, Sorry for the wall of text.).


Week long ban for + Support in this thread.


Real Name: Shawn Redshaw
Gamer Alias: Tunddruff

Position Applying For: Global Mod
Servers You Play On?: Forum related.
Past Experience: Im an SV, I lead freedom. I have since June (offically)

Why Should We Pick You?: I am a dedicated member to the community. I am working on models (kinda on hold due to over working my brain and causing me to be tired everyday this week), I would script for HGN (dont know how) and dont plan on leaving HGN soon.

You should pick me for many reasons.
1) I am known. If you are in HGN, no doubt you have heard of me.
2) Good experience. I have been an admin (On and off for dumb reasons) since I THINK late January
3) Im always on the forums, and willing to assist. With anything.

I sure as hell hope this doesn't turn into a +support area D:
Im not telling anyone I am posting this, so don't spread it if you are reading it. THIS IS AN APP THREAD.

Short, but to the point. If I don't get it w/e Ill make a better app later. If I do get it, I will be remove trolls and mingbagery that occurs in many places.... And the often spellcheck


Real Name: Blake Tutor

Age: 16

Gamer Alias: Dutch

Position Applying For: Stalker TA/Development
Servers You Play On?: Stalker RP.

Past Experience: TA App- Nothing notable.
Dev App- Tons and tons of skinning, minor map mapping, concept art (all unreleased)

Why Should We Pick You?:
TA App- I may not have any major experience, but I believe that I do have what it takes. I have decent enough relations with most of the community, and I'm willing to help out wherever it's needed. As far as time able to devote is concerned, I do have school, of course. Not to mention that other video games consume quite a bit of my time, however, I have been more active as of late. I regret to say that I probably won't receive the position, but if I do I'll try my best to help guide the community in a better direction, of course, everyone says that.

Dev App- Once again, I haven't particularly have been accredited for my skinning skills, but I believe it's up to par. I can also map, but not particularly good, and I can draw quite well. My very basic knowledge of mapping allows me to know what can, and can't, be done in the Source engine. This allows me to collaborate with the mappers to produce an all around better product.

also purple is sexy, and goes well with yellow.
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Real Name: Justin Norona

Age: 15

Gamer Alias: [HGN] Rebel [Lemming]

Position Applying For: Trial Admin

Servers You Play On? Stalker RP, The Commies Build!, Benny's Gmod server.

Past Experience: I've been an admin on a few ZPS servers along with like 6 Garry's mod servers. The 2 build servers listed above and a few past ones. i've been an admin on servers for a total of 4 years.
Why Should We Pick You?: I may not be the best admin, but i love setting an example and helping people. Usually i would help a new person understand how to role-play if I'm not to busy, or help them understand the rules. i admit, i was kicked a few times for Screwing a round on my first month here. but I've matured since then and i try to help the community in any way i can. I've donated, Helped new people, Act respectful towards admins and players and am a friendly type of a person. i dedicate most of my time to the HGN community to make it better in any way i can. Most of the admins know me and i rarely get any complaints about me.

And as stated above above, No +supports pl0x.

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Promising Young admins.


Real Name: Channing Davis
Age: 20
Gamer Alias: Lucidius (lucid for short), Cass.
Position Applying For: Forum Admin/Super Mod/Moderator of Developement and General
Servers You Play On?: N/A
Past Experience: Owned many forums, admin'd on a few.
Why Should We Pick You?: Because most of the Admin's i've seen can't do their job, and just end up bickering amongst themselves, or not doing anything.

I'm on the forums _alot_ because I don't have the time for SRP currently, or much of anything else. I also check every thread when it's posted in as long as the forum applies to me so I can see who's being naughty and who's being nice.

I'm a pretty good admin if I do say so myself when it comes to forums. Not so good @ server administration admittedly, i'm more of a peer mediator when it comes to that stuff. But all in all I think the forum needs a mod who does something.

Also I head my own developement topic in this forum so i'de like to clean up the spam in it (because barely anyone reads that section anyways, and out of the admins who do nothing is done about it).

Anyhowl, PM me with details on the Application processing.

Notes: For positions it goes High Priority want -> Low Priority want. If I don't get the highest (which is expected), then the next requested position, so on so forth.

At the very least i'de like mod of the Developement forum. People like Hostel, Torch, Tund, etc have a right to a spam free enviroment, where their developing juices can flourish.

Please check out my other suggestions for PS2. Click 'Like' if you agree!

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Real Name: Max Byrde

Age: 17

Gamer Alias: |HGN| SmirnoFF

Position Applying For: STALKER RP Admin

Servers You Play On? Only the STALKER server at the moment.

Past Experience: I've been admin on a Gmod stranded server, and two DarkRP. I also have alot of Counter strike: Source experiences but that's a whole other thing.

Why Should We Pick You?: I have a great patience along with good cooperation skills.

I have alot of RP server experience as i were admin on both those servers for atleast 2 months each before i quit gmod for a while, only to comeback later, seeking a new server that need my expertise.
Under those months i learned a hell of a lot more RP then i've done playing as the regular user.

Alot of seems to belive that i only apply for to this position due to the fac that they think im lusting for power.
How wrong they are..
The only reason EVER, that i apply for admin-ship on a network, is because i want to make their servers better and more fun for everyone, trust me, those who say others lust for power, are usually the ones that longe for it the most. Just a little advice.

Even though i have not been with HGN for too long, i already know that this netowork is my call. I make up for my losses with determination and enthusiasm. Not to mention that im one of the few that truly masters team work.

So if you want an admin that knows what he is doing, and does it with enthusiasm, determination and ofc.. humor :), then pick me.

If you still feel that yo don't want to accept this application, fine with me. Just remember that ill always be here, waiting for a chance to prove myself. Just get in touch with me when you need it.
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