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Aceon Reborn Setting Information & Getting Started (!READ THIS!)

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Hello and Welcome to Aceon Reborn!
If you are here, you are most likely new and starting to roleplay on the server. This information is extremely important to you, your character, and your time here at Aceon. The setting information down below will make it so that you will be able to craft a proper backstory and fit well into the world being created. As this is a roleplay server first and foremost, this is very important. Please, be kind to others on the server, and read this. Knowing more will help you to roleplay well, which will make everyone else around you here very happy.

Please make sure to also read the rules!!read-this!/

The Backstory:
The setting is the world of Aceon, but more accurately the main continent, also known as Aceon. This is mainly because there is really nothing else other than the main continent, other than some island chains off the coast (at least that anyone knows about). However, you will most likely be from some of these island chains. Here is a little bit of backstory to help make understanding the setting a little bit easier.

There is an island chain off the coast of Aceon, some distance away that requires a weeks travel by boat. These islands, each of them once having different names, have been conquered by a single power. They are now known as the Novarium Islands, controlled by the Novarium Empire. (They are a power at a post-medieval level of technological advancement, meaning that they have gunpowder weapons, and are starting to explore steam powered technologies, but mainly rely on basic tools and items found in a fantasy setting.)

The Novarium Empire was once a very xenophobic, human focused, empire. They had conquered the islands in the name of humanity, and then sent a large group of soldiers and workers, known as the First Expedition, to Aceon in order to build a colony and expand their empire. They met resistance however, first with the people of Hamlet, who they promptly conquered, then with a barbarian force known as Tybolt's Legion. From there things slowly became worse as they were embroiled in a war with the Drutche Empire and the Auctus Provectum, the former an extremely powerful magic based empire, the second an extremely technologically advanced empire. Fighting a war on all these fronts exhausted the manpower of the First Expedition, and eventually they were forced to leave when the Second Cataclysm struck the continent.

It has been over two thousand years since the First Expedition, and things have changed. With time, tolerance has settled into the people of the empire, and non-humans have left their hiding places and slowly integrated with society once again. There are much fewer of them than humans, to be expected, but on the whole they are welcomed. Some people may hold onto the old prejudices however.

The Emperor has decided that enough time has passed since their last failure, another three Cataclysms have come and gone, rearranging the continent and reducing the major powers there to ash. Nothing but ruins are left of those who once opposed their territorial ambitions, and the forces that may have opposed them after the Second Cataclysm, such as the Ermorian Empire, are now also long gone.

The time for expansion is here!

The Setting:
After a week of sailing the Second Expedition has arrived on the mainland, and has quickly set up into a small colony known as Landfall. They have several objectives. The first is to expand and grow the small colony into a new and proper province of the Novarium Empire. The second is to scour the continent for the ruins of the lost civilizations of Aceon. The Drutche Empire held magic knowledge that Novarium could never dream of, and the Auctus Provectum had technological knowledge that far exceeds their own. Then there was Ermor, the largest city known to ever have existed on Aceon. The wealth and power they obtained far exceeds what Novarium has now. The Emperor of Novarium wants these things: magic, technology, and wealth. YOU, are one of several people:

1. A human colonist from the Novarium islands who wishes to make a new life for themselves. Be it rich or poor, highborn or lowborn, or even on the run from island authorities, the colony will be your new home, your new start.

2. A non-human colonist from the islands who wishes to make a new life for themselves. While non-humans now have the same legal rights as humans in the Novarium Empire, there is still discrimination and even sometimes outright hate. Perhaps a new life, free of these things, can be built on the shores of Aceon?

3. A human or non-human from an outside power/group that has travelled to/found Landfall, and wishes to join the colony. You may not have an allegiance to Novarium, or the Emperor, but the people here are well equipped, well nourished, and have a great amount of wealth. This is your chance to get in on something big from the ground up, to make a name for yourself, or your fortune. Maybe you are interested in what Novarium is trying to dig up, or maybe you are on the run from something, or exiled from your people? Landfall could be your new start as well.

4. There could be something else that I am missing. If you do not want to play as one of the three above, and have an interesting new idea, please feel free to let me know! You can contact me here on the forums, on Steam, or on Discord. If you are having difficulty finding my information you can always look here:
In fact, that might be a great place for you to post right now!

However, as of this point in time we do not have a large enough playerbase for people to strike off on their own. Staying together when numbers are light to roleplay is best, at least until our numbers grow, then people and factions from outside the colony can be introduced to the server.

Things To Do:

It is entirely up to you! So long as you roleplay it, there are so many things that you can do! These include helping the colony to grow through manual labour, mercantilism, magical/technological research, or adventuring and scouring the land for the ancient ruins of Novarium's old enemies. Being a farmer to help feed the colony, a lumberjack, carpenter, and builder to help expand it. A miner who finds huge seams of ore to make him rich, or the blacksmith who will refine and forge those ores to make tools for others to use. You could be a merchant of rare goods, a rancher who takes care of animals and sells their byproducts, a soldier who guards the colony, an administrator who keeps track of everything going on. Almost anything works!

If you are thinking outside of the box, and have come up with something cool, but don't know if it will fly, please get in contact with me! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, and even help you to get things set up.

Remember however, this is a roleplay server! Players are expected to play their role, and only their role as best as they possibly can! Please don't treat this server like a regular gather and build server. You cannot be a blacksmith/farmer/miner/soldier/mage all in one. Pick a good role you enjoy, and that can synergize with one or two others, and stick to it.

*some examples of thing to do/roleplay as. This is not an exhaustive list, as I said above if you have something new and interesting in mind please let me know. I can and will try to accommodate people who have written backstories to help them be what it is they want to be. These are just concepts I came up with.

-Advanced Careers-
*There is no ranking system for this group, only information.*
Scholar - A man of books, scrolls, and tomes. Can be a historian, a linguist, a researcher and more. This person is usually independently wealthy from another enterprise or form of income.
Collector - Independently wealthy from another source of income, this person collects rare items, books, plants, and even animal samples. They can either show these things off, or use them in a multitude of studies.
Banker - This person does everything a banker would do, from helping people to deposit their money, to handing out loans (only to special cases), and more.  Must be extremely trusted to acquire this job.
Librarian - Could run a public library, and can tend to private libraries and collections if allowed by the owner. They could be civil servants, working for the government. If a citizen requires anything from a book or tome, to extensive research done on a topic, this person will do it.
Explorer - Independently minded, they survey the surrounding lands for resources, the most important being old ruins.

-Colonial Forces/Administration-
Governor - General of the local armed colonial guard forces and commander of the garrison.
Captain - Second in command of the colony. If there are multiple people with this rank, that effect is nullified.
Census Taker/Bureaucrat - Assistants to the Captain and Governor. Keeps track of the population of the colony, the resources coming in from the homeland, food supplies, material lists, expenditures, and possibly even a tax collector if the colony grows large enough.
Watchman - A soldier in times of war, but primarily a guard. They patrol the town, the walls, and the roads, guard the citizens, stop crime, and train for any coming conflict with local natives.
Scout - A guard in training. These warriors practice their skills in sword fighting, archery, firearms, and more, while performing scouting missions for the colonial administration.
Conscript -  When war is growing dangerously close to the city, citizens of the colony such as merchants, artisans, labourers, and more will all be given arms and armour, trained as quickly as possible, and sent to fight along side the garrison.

*There is no ranking system for this group, only information.*
Merchant -  This person sells all sorts of miscellaneous goods, from dyes, to fabrics, to plants, to tools, what ever he can get his hands on. A sort of pawnbroker if you will. May not encroach too heavily on any other trades areas of selection.
Blacksmith - A craftsman of weapons, armour, and other metallic goods. He may own a shop in the city, or work for the garrison, and is sanctioned to sell metallic items.
Innkeeper - An Innkeeper can own anything from a shack with a few extra rooms, to a full sized apartment block. They collect rent, and may also sell food and drink on the side.
Barkeep/Tavern Owner - Sells food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages (some of which may need to be RPed). When in this profession it is good to get to know the local guards, in case of brawls.

-Basic Careers-
*There is no ranking system, only information.*
Farmer - A common farmer. Though their job is menial, their task is important. Without a large supply of food, people would not be able to spend the time specializing in other tasks. Can create a farm on the outskirts of the colony. May farm animals, or crops, and sell the items to merchants.
Miner - Someone who works in the mines far below the colony, and far far away. They sell the mineral resources they find to merchants, like blacksmiths.
Fisherman - What else? They fish. They then sell these fish to local produce merchants.
Lumberjack - They cut wood.  Yes, they chop down trees, and sell the lumber and saplings to merchants who deal in that sort of trade. Could also be carpenters and professional builders for hire.

Again, these are only ideas, be what you want to be, so long as it is not several different things combined into one. This is a roleplay server, play your role.

Additional Information:

Building Rights:
The main purpose of Aceon is roleplay. Remember, this is not a building server. Yes, being able to manipulate the world around you is important, but what is also important is that new people integrate into the server. Not being able to build for a few days, focusing on exploring Landfall and roleplaying there is a great way to start. This is also a way of ensuring the  safety of the people already playing and roleplaying on the server. Many people like to join servers just to destroy what others have made, so this is a precaution to try and ensure nothing bad happens, without using a Whitelist, which generally doesn't normally work anyways.
BR is currently disabled until the player-base grows, please check the Applications section on this for more details.

Remember, while on Aceon there are only a few certain races that you can play as, and they are listed here:
If you wish to play as a race not located on this list, there is an Application form that you can submit to try and get your race made official on Aceon. If you get accepted, not only will you be able to play as your new race, but others will as well! Race applications are open!

As of right now, the only faction/settlement is Landfall. Applications to create new factions are currently closed. However, this is only the case until the server has more people playing on it. This is a roleplaying server, and the only way to roleplay is with each other. If everyone is out on their own starting and building their own factions, there won't be any roleplaying going on. Once we have more people, Faction Applications will be opened up. Then people will be free to join and roleplay in these new factions.
The application form is here:

Magic Use:
Magic is extremely hard to use in Aceon now. If you wish to be a magic user, you will need a fantastic backstory, and a pretty detailed description of what powers you will use, and how you will use them. This requires great maturity and responsibility. More information can be found in the application thread, which is currently open.

Administration, World-building, & Rules Enforcement:
There is currently a very small admin team here at Aceon Reborn, and we are looking for competent, qualified individuals with previous experience as Operators/Moderators/Admins. Roleplay experience is also highly important, as is your ability to help build this world, and make it fun. Applications are currently open, but please keep in mind that this is probably the hardest application to pass.

If you are denied any of these applications, be it BR, Faction, Magic, Admin, or Race, please do not rage or be upset. There are always other times and other chances. If you are immature or inappropriate I can assure you, there will not be any more chances.

Now that you have read through all of this, looked at the rules, and perused the different threads and the forums, it is time to get started on joining the server and roleplaying. Here is everything you need to know about connecting to the server.
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