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It's 2 am and I'm writing the general idea down so I remember in the morning. Major overhaul to come, punk.
Character Sheet

Name: Vrach

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 11? 220? I don't know yet man.
Gender: Male...? It's a rock.
Race: Golem (God this just makes me sound like a prick)
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Construct

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: Large weapons that require little coordination.
Armor: Unarmored
Items: Defensive items large enough to be wielded by Vrach.

Weapons: Ranged weapons and conventionally sized weapons.
Armor: All
Items: Any items that increase magical talent and any movement speed related items. 

Special Equipment
Anchor- Vrach swings around a reclaimed Anchor from a sunken ship.
Control Rose(Placeholder name, because it's awful) A small, golden flower with the following inscription, "Whomever holds this flower, holds the will of the Golem in their hands". This artful artifact seems to wander, and never stays with the same master forever. It could be in one's possession for years, and leave unexpectedly. OOC: The Rose can be stolen from any player, so long as it is properly RPed and either consensual or the thief wins an opposed roll. Should a dispute arise, I will determine who keeps the Control Rose. (Even though I'm basically a lamp)
Vrach stands incredibly tall, and weights a considerable amount. Most doorways are inaccessible, and many weapons and tools built for human hands are inoperable for Vrach. As a result, it is almost impossible to hide or move at any speed that could be considered "quick".
Lack of Motivation
Without direction, Vrach is merely a large rock, and a directive is required for him to do even the most mundane of tasks.
Vrach is subject to the whims of whomever holds his control artifact at the present moment, he will either work with specific instructions, or work in the way he judges best to accomplish a broad goal.
Intellectually Inept
Vrach has no cultural understanding, any sort of education, or any ability to gel into society as a whole.
Horrifying Visage
Vrach was carved in such a way as to appear scary or frightening, and this can serve as a hindrance. 
Being carved of hard rock, he is subject to the pitfalls of actual rocks, and while he might fare well against a blade, the far more common mining instruments might prove fatal. Conventional healing would not be effective for Vrach.
Mana Deficient
Vrach lacks the ability to utilize or conduct raw mana flow.

Great Strength
Being of such size, he is able to accomplish feats of strength unthinkable by man.
Vrach is resistant to the dangers of the mortal man. Disease, confusion, and blindness are a some of the many physical ailments that Vrach unaffected by.
Living Sculpture
A skilled Mason might be able to alter the make up and appearance of Vrach.
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