Veri, Bloodthirsty Thief

Started by Chespinlover23, 09-09-2016

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~Character Sheet~
Name: Veri Sateileva
Description: A thief with a painful past and a bloodthirsty streak [and a red colour scheme].
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Evil [I guess?]
Class: Thief

Basic: Y
Magic: N

Weapons: Bows, throwing knives
Armour: Little to no armour, light armour
Items: Lockpicks

Weapons: Magic and swords
Armour: Heavy or lots of armour
Items: Forging tools

~Special Equipment~
None at the moment.

-Stealthy. Veri, being a thief, needs to move from A to B without drawing attention to herself.
-Prepared. Veri will always have a dagger in her hand when she opens a door or an arrow nocked if footsteps are heard.
-Dedicated. Once Veri sets her mind to something, it gets done, no matter what.

-Bloodthirsty. Her penchant for fighting and blood-spill can sometimes get Veri into some sticky situations.
-Open to herself. Veri talks to herself a lot about her plans, which can mean that others can overhear her, and put a stop to them before they even take place.
-Troubled. On the outside, Veri seems to be a ruthless woman with no care for anyone, but deep down, she's very scarred by her past.

As a young girl, Veri's family was robbed by two men. The men gave Veri a choice: Become their apprentice, or watch her family be slaughtered. Veri chose the former, wishing for anything other than her family's death.
Years passed, and Veri had forgotten about her family, instead thinking of the two men to be the only family she knew. She had become an accomplished thief, and was soon ready to leave the two men and begin her career of thievery, but the men had one final test for her: Kill her remaining family, and then she could go free. Veri did it without question, but only after she had done it had she realized, shocked, that they were her blood relatives.
A bounty was soon placed upon Veri's head, and she had no choice but to leave and go elsewhere.
Where was that elsewhere? Safehaven.
Since then, Veri's been nothing but ruthless, attempting to cover up the pain and in doing that, going back to the only thing she knew: stealing.
The sky, if anything, will always be full of colour. The deep blue of day, the orange and purple blend of twilight, the night sky, an obsidian blanket with diamond holes. Even stormy skies, while grey, possess a colour.
We could learn a thing or two from the sky.