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Name: Valdren

Character Details
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human - sort of
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Swordsman

Basic Literacy: Adequate
Magic Literacy: Proficient, but fragmented

Weapons: Was taught by his creator/summoner to wield a sword proficiently, since he showed a particular talent for it
Armor: Prefers heavy armour
Items: Items that increase his speed and strength, but above all he favours items that increase his physical regeneration

Weapons: Is not much good with weapons other than swords... most he has only read about or been told about
Armor: No real restrictions in terms of armour, but as stated he prefers the use of the heavier types
Items: Any mana-related items are useless to Valdren, since, to his master's disappointment, he cannot channel mana. He also prefers to fight without a shield

Special Equipment
- Crimson Rod
- Set of Crimson armour
- Charm of Myths

- Naive: often blindly trusts when he should not
- Socially awkward: A few years of his life were spent with only one person for company, and the rest was spent utterly alone
- Self-absorbed: is heavily focused on his own nature and situation
- Blood-lust: though Valdren attempts to resist it, he has an unnatural taste for bloody violence
- Patient: years of doing almost nothing but waiting has granted Valdren supreme patience

Valdren was not born, but made, far underground in a re-purposed tomb. He was the creation of a young mage by the name of Silvis, using necromatic techniques to make something approximating new life. Delighted with his creation, Silvis 'raised' him... teaching him of the world above, the world Valdren was never able to actually experience. Silvis was greatly disappointed when he found Valdren was unable to use magic, but contented himself with teaching him what he knew of swordplay, since Valdren displayed a natural talent for it. When Silvis' knowledge ran out, he brought back books that would be able to further Valdren's instruction, and taught him to read well enough that Valdren could understand them. Silvis' teaching was the extent of the interaction between the two, apart from Silvis' studies of Valdren, and it continued for some time.

Then, one day, Silvis left, and did not return. Valdren nevertheless waited patiently for years on end, as the lights on the walls slowly dimmed and a feeling of malice slowly crept into the air, the stone, and into Valdren's mind. The feeling slowly worsened, month by month, worming its way into Valdren's very being. Before too long, the feeling changed... or rather, evolved. The dread, the darkness was still there, but woven through it was... life? Death? It was hard to tell, but either way it felt like blood... if blood could be a feeling. Valdren stayed, alone and trapped, for many more years until he finally found a way out, into the world he had never seen.

Valdren had spent a long time underground though, directly exposed to the influence of the Crimson. To make matters worse, Silvis had modified Valdren's soul to be more receptive to magical energies. Though this had not, as Silvis had hoped, make Valdren better able to channel mana, it did make him especially vulnerable to the influence of the Crimson. It twisted his mind and body, though there were few outward signs of the change other than his blood-red eyes.


Not sure of how this fits in story-wise.

The Crimson is supposed to be a rare strain of Corruption, caused by a huge war.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.


Quote from: James Almasy on 25-03-2014
Not sure of how this fits in story-wise.

The Crimson is supposed to be a rare strain of Corruption, caused by a huge war.

Is the problem that there's no way that that maker of the spell would have designed it with the crimson in mind?