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Character Sheet

Name: Ulfrik (not that guy from skyrim you animals)

Character Details (Optional)
Age: Approx. 30
Gender: Male
Race: Feral Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Berserker

Basic Literacy:  N
Magic Literacy:  N

Weapons: Axes and Hammers
Armor: Light armor; however he is too poor to afford any
Items: none

Weapons: Swords and Bows, any type of skilled weapon.
Armor: Heavy armors, such as those worn by knights and fighters
Items: Anything that restricts his movement.

Special Equipment



1. Wild: He is not accustomed to human contact, many of his actions seem strange.

2. Insane: Not entirely of his right mind, he spends time conversing with the voices in his head.

3. Trustworthy: He has no knowledge of Evil and is trusting to anyone who hasn't wronged him. Regardless of how they may seem or what he has seen them do.


1. Agile: His movements are swift and silent, especially good at climbing trees, and moving through the wilderness.

2. Animalistic: When he fights, which is rare, he fights to kill. Additionally, his sense of pain is dull, small injuries will not slow him.

3. Fast: Goes along with agile, but Ulfrik can outrun almost anything. This also includes that he has excellent endurance and can run for long periods of time.


         Ulfrik was never a normal person, in fact he spent much of his childhood in the woods. His family squatted in the woods by the city of Diamas. He grew up there to be a strong woodsman, he would spend his days chopping trees and collecting firewood. He would then take that wood to sell it. When the city of Diamas fell under attack by a rival city state, he joined the volunteer corps and turned his axe on humans, instead of trees. Diamas lost the war and the entire city was taken, all of the surviving soldiers were enslaved. Ulfrik was one that survived, and spent several years in solitary, because he killed the Rival Kings nephew in battle. When he was finally allowed out, he had been driven insane. He ran from the prison almost immediately, and ended up living in the wilderness for years. He would gather his meals by killing and eating local livestock raw. This is why many of the locals called him the wolf-man, although he is not actually a werewolf or anything even remotely similar. (His body has just ajusted to eating raw meat.) Eventually he was driven from his woods, by the locals; they stuck him on a boat and sent him to Iseyu.

(not great, but I thought he needed an explanation, as he would not be able to give one IC.)
Terraria Name: Davos and Viscera