Trance The DemonChild

Started by MarioTeRookie, 03-07-2016

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Character Sheet

Name: Trance

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Demon, yet he's shaped more into a human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Mage/Summoner Mix

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Hornet Staff (Since he'd probably define the Slimes as "too cutesie" and rather have more menacing things, since he wants to look "menacing" yet he's a calm and nice guy). Any Magic thing works, Staffs (Ruby is fine, but I'll actually take any) A little Extra Thing can be a rare supply of Poisoned Knives, just incase he runs out of mana ands needs some chipping damage.
Armor: Something that can benefit his class (Extra Minions, more damage due to his Magic mix)
Items: An Ivy Hook (Best of the Hooks, used to reach Higher Places so he can avoid contact with what he can assume is danger) A cloak can do nice too, helps him blend in.

Weapons: Basically anything that looks rather big in comparison
Armor: Nothing too heavy, but he'll take anything as long it gives him more protection
Items: Anything that can relate with hearts or love (Love Potions, Crimson Heart, the Panic Necklace, stuff like that)

Special Equipment
If it's not too much to ask for, Lava Charm, Due to being Part Demon, he can survive pretty long in lava, actually used to be immune to it before giving up his demon-state and becoming "human" he still has the power, but it's less effective. I would include the Obsidian Skull too, since it prevents damage from Fire Blocks, but I feel like that would be too much, so just the Lava Charm if that's alright. Moon Charm as well, hoping that isn't too much TBH.

-Usually lazy, letting his minions do all the work
-When outclassed, using his minions (Yes, Again)
-He can call anybody his friend (Which can include some.. "Evil people")

-Usually stealthy (Probably because of his dark skin and how sometimes it can blend well into the night, but in the day, heck no)
-Seems pretty much friendly to everybody.
-Tends to be loyal and dedicated, but it can sometimes backfire into his lazyness, but for the most part, loyal to his friends.

Sorry, I kinda wanted a class change, IDK if that's fine, I've been a Warrior in other servers for so long, I just wanna try out mage for once.
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