Trance Murdoc, Crimson Mastermind

Started by MarioTeRookie, 15-07-2015

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Name: Trance Murdoc

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Demon ( He was born with no Wings so.)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Summoner

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: Fiery Greatsword, Arkhalis, Hornet Staff, and Crimson Rod
Armor: Bee Armor (The Full Set)
Items: (Nothing here, I'll take whatever I can get)

Weapons: Anything Long Ranged
Armor: Any armor that increases magic attacks, or reduces mana cost
Items: (Nothing here, sorry to dissapoint, :c)

Special Equipment: (Nothing, Trance isn't really good with Family History as he would never get anything from any of his family members, nor does he have any luck with gaining special powers to make himself different from others, just a Normal Civilian with an attitude. so has others do his bidding)

-Cockyness leads to his greed and possibly lead to an easier attacking on his weak spots
-Any Material that is related to a heart
-Being outsmarted- he has an IQ of a Standard Person, so if somebody who has a much higher IQ than Trance could easily try and manipulate him to work for them.
-Sneak Attacks- Trance is a type of calm person, he plans out his attacks before he digs right in, if somebody interrupts him while he's thinking of a plot to ruin others, he could easily be defeated.

-Minions are reliable and will seek after any target that comes in Trances Way
-Defense- His Minions protect him, along with his Armor for some good resistance to others attacks
-Planning ahead of time, it's a better idea than just running in without a plan.
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