Tori Umbrask, God of Ambition

Started by matter, 13-07-2015

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[spoiler]Self titled god.[/spoiler]
Tori Umbrask
God of Ambition

Character Details
Name: Tori Umbrask
Gender: Varies
Age: 986
Race: Kitsune
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Weapons: Small daggers
Armors: Clothes only
Items: Illusion type items, and potions that effect others

Weapons: Anything larger than a dagger
Armors: Any armor
Items: Heavier items

Illusions: Tori is capable of powerful illusions that effect their physical appearance and at more important times the world around them. Often used to appear invisible, distract enemies, or terrify foes with scenes that seem unreal.
Dark Magics: Tori is a demon by nature and has innate talents in various dark magics that they utilize in times when a dagger or his illusions are not enough to protect them.
Will: The single greatest tool Tori has in their arsenal, the ability to feed on another person's willpower/ambition and perform great feats through this power. Used to 'grant wishes', perform 'miracles', and to further Tori's own gain in power. This ability is most prevalent when Tori serves a master who has a great ambition, and while helping said master to accomplish their own goals they feed off the great ambition.[/color]

Master/Servant dependency: Tori's main power, Will, relies on serving a person with great ambitions to grow further. While not in close proximity their power is limited to small creations and very minor acts. Often this forces Tori to find a new master right after the other completes their ambition or it begins to wane.
Trickster: Often Tori will go out of their way to toy with someone. Using illusions and their other powers to trick the other into thinking or believing some falsehood. However Tori often is found out when they take it too far and this often leads to making quick enemies.
"Refined": The kitsune believes their self to be some kind of royal and will often scorn those they deem less than them. As well they'll actively ignore things they find revolting and will become hostile at very small provocations. (See Trickster Flaw)
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