Sveyr Rofinn and Mir, The Red-Headed Rogue and his pet bird.

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Name: Sveyr Rofinn

Character Details
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Scout (Ranger/Thief)

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: No

Weapons: Daggers, Bows, and light throwing weapons.
Armor: Leather
Items: Movement enhancing items

Weapons: Large melee weapons, complex ranged weapons, any magic.
Armor: Anything heavier than leather would slow him down
Items: Defensive or magic items

Special Equipment
Platinum Watch - A finely crafted watch that used to belong to his older brother. Tells time to the minute.
Mir - A homing bird that lives in his home and provides him messages. If you see Mir flying around, you can use her as an opportunity to hire Sveyr's services.
Smoke Bombs - A tool Sveyr uses to escape a sticky situation.

Freerunner - Can hop up and down buildings, or climb up cliff sides as if it were second nature.
Sneak - Can hide decently well from unknowing eyes.
Cook - Cooks mighty good food, for some reason.

Sleepless - Despite a cheery demeanor, he's haunted every night due to his time in the Undercroft.
Jumpy - Flinches excessively at the slightest touch.
Whimsical - Often never serious about the adventuring life he lives, even when he should be.

Sleight of Hand

Sveyr is like many other orphans forced to live in the Undercroft, with one significant exception; He's reached adulthood. In a place full of disease and suffering, and full of people more than content to spread it, few make it as far as Sveyr has. Part of his success in survival are due to his older brother, Gowas, his childhood friend, Raven, and his own determination to reach the surface world. The small band of misfits kicked, clawed, and bit their selves a stake in the land down below, and have became an effective cog in the machine of the underworld. An expert knife fighter, Gowas maintained a steady flow of income through fighting in the pits. Raven and Sveyr took theft and smuggling jobs from black market dealers to earn their living. And for a while, they managed to find peace with their lot in life.

Until Gowas' title of champion was taken from him, along with his life.

Today, Sveyr and Raven have escaped their stony prison and continue to do what they're good at. Along with Mir, a small white bird Sveyr nursed and trained from a young age, the rogue trio lives on in spirit. Since arriving on the surface, Sveyr has buried most of the painful memories of the Undercroft as best he can to maintain a charming demeanor. And it seems to work, as he seems much happier now that he's rid of the place for good. The jobs taken up above provide an adventure suited Sveyr's skillset, and he's happy to take any job from any friendly face.

If you have need of almost anything, don't hesitate to call upon Sveyr. Just make sure you have the coin to back it up! And maybe some feed for Mir.
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