Sonja the oddball Fey

Started by Ivy_Trellis, 25-08-2016

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Character Sheet

Name: Sonja Valentine

Brief description: Sonja lost her parents when she was young, and was raised in the city with humans afterward. Her new family was involved in smuggling, mostly weapons and other potentially shady goods, and when she was a teen, she was taught how to handle a gun herself. Later on, the business was broken up, mostly by the law, and the trade taken over by rivals, and Sonja found she had to start a new life and possibly a new business elsewhere.
Now, she has a home just outside of town, where she can brew potions and craft items, as well as care for those in need, or protect them in battle. She makes frequent trips to the somewhat industrial town to the east to tinker with items, usually improving them for later sale, or for her own use.

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 24ish
Gender: Female
Race: Feyori
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Gunner/mage

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Guns and magic are her forte, but she's flexible and can generally put what she finds to use, even if she's not very good at it.
Armor: Medium armor generally, she likes to be protected, but isn't really strong enough to handle the heavy stuff.
Items: While she may not be a very powerful summoner, she has enough ability to conjure one minion, and out of the staffs she's come across, she has a preference for her hornet staff as that little extra help to watch her back and clean up the scraps that get by her shots.

Weapons: heavy melee weapons, thrown, and bows tend to be a challenge for her to wield, and she tends to keep her distance if possible.
Armor: She's not strong enough for heavy melee type armor, but generally tries to find something that'll benefit her abilities.
Items: Anything aside from her favored weapons and a backup melee weapon is generally sold for whatever profit she can get from it.

Special Equipment Over the course of my time on the server, Sonja has managed to procure a clockwork assault rifle. In character, it was created by the gunsmith, Abel, given to Val, and then obtained from him as a purchase (with trade-in). She's since tuned it up (now has the "demonic" enchant).

Greedy. Sonja is very motivated by money. If there's enough coin to be earned from the right job, you can be sure Sonja will consider it. However, she isn't stingy, and will help others get on their feet.
Flighty. Sonja is kind of all over the place and easily distracted.
Holds a grudge. While she may be a bit flighty, she gets rather pissed when somebody wrongs her, and she will remember it for a long time.
Oddball. Born a Fey, raised among humans, she doesn't quite fit into either category, most notably in that she has a preference for firearms.

Friendly and kind. Perhaps a bit overly so. From assisting the helpless to making friends (and deals) with shady characters, Sonja is nice and sweet to pretty much everyone.
Nimble. Sonja's fighting style generally involves dealing as much damage as possible from a relatively safe distance, and if that distance is compromised, she seeks to remedy that as quickly as possible.
Brave. While she's not fond of conflict with people, she finds battle with monsters exhilarating, not to mention, it can earn her a fair bit of coin as well.