Silveria Reiss

Started by Leone_Secare, 20-07-2016

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Character Sheet

Name: Silveria R. Reiss

Character Details

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Fighter
Job: Blacksmith of Safehaven


Skin Color: Light brown
Eye color: Green
Hair: Light red, long
Height: 5'11


Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Some literacy. Further studying required to cast spells.
Native Language: Aviranean, Y


Weapons: Heavy melee weaponry, may it be swords, axes, hammers, or other similar things.
Armor: Heavy armor, armor with maximum physical protection.
Items: Anything increasing combat skill (offense & defense) and some to increase her mobility.


Weapons: Low proficiency with bows, firearms, boomerangs, anything ranged. Requires further training if to use magic.
Armor: When it comes to combat, light armor is not preferred. Shields are not for her, either.
Items: Items which she perceives as unnecessary to carry inside or outside of battle.

Special Equipment

Burnt Scarf: After the Second Conflagration of Aviranea, not many buildings were kept intact nor lives kept safe. Silveria, only an adolescent girl, managed to escape her burning home and kept with her only a burnt scarf and spare gold to survive being homeless. As it is one of the only things that make her remember her childhood and family, she is always seen wearing it or carrying it around. It also provides her comfort and calms her nerves down when she wears it.
(+5 to defense rolls in RP, Worm Scarf in PvP) [If possible]


Stubborn - If she sets her mind on something she wants to do, she will try her best to do it and most likely nobody can stop her.
Secretive - Tends to keep details of her past to herself.
Protective - Almost always willing to keep all people close to her safe, even possibly laying her life on the line if she feels the need to do so.
Nosy - Naturally curious, she tends to stick around and eavesdrop or perhaps even cross certain boundaries just to see what lies beyond. Could probably land her in a dangerous situation, but luckily hasn't happened. Yet.
Fear of Falling - Not necessarily afraid of heights, but rather the possibility and effects of falling down from a height. She tends to get nervous around the edges of cliffs and other high areas.


Hardworking - Yes, she's stubborn, but you bet she does everything she can to the best of her abilities.
Strong - Doing mercenary work for most of her life, carrying heavy armors and weaponry, and now working at a smithy leads to having a fit mind and body. Can deliver and take quite a punch.
Cheerful - She may have had a difficult past, but she thinks positively and spreads it to others as well.
Observant - Even if she's slow in combat, Silveria's observant eyes and quick thinking allow her to avoid enemy traps and also sometimes notice things other people might not be able to.

Caphori - Leona Reinhardt
Iseyu - Lyssa Velidrei (MIA), Leona Reinhardt, Lynnethe Myrith
Leikell - Leona Reinhardt, Leone Secare
Safehaven - Silveria R.

I still don't have my bloody Caphori award.

Also, yosakoi.