Sevall of The Forest

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Character Sheet

Name: Sevall

Character Details
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Half Dryad
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Arch Druid - His powers of nature are unmatched and even other druids don't stand a chance against him. He can control the plants around him and even manipulate wood to his needs in a combat situation. His unrivaled skill has put him in the highest order of druids even though he's so young.

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: Yes
Woodland Literacy: Yes
Elven Literacy: Yes

Weapons: Anything natural.
Armor: Anything natural.
Items: Uses his cloak and a few things but usually doesn't need anything more

Weapons: Can't use anything made of metal.
Armor: Can't use anything made of metal.
Items: Anything to heavy or metal will not be used.

Special Equipment
His Rose - Sevall's Rose is probably the carries thing he carries around with him. At a command he can enlarge it into a deadly and poisonous sword or dagger, other times he'll extend it as a whip of thorns to ensnare enemies.

Manipulate Nature - Sevall can control all plants and living nature to his will at a moments notice as if by instinct. This makes him a horrible threat in a densely wooded area.
Wood Control - Controlling wood of living trees is one of the hardest things a druid can do and most spend their lives trying to do it. Sevall can do it at a whim and is responsible for most of the giant trees that dot the landscape. He often will use trees around him to grow larger or even sprout acorns instantly. This can be used as just utility and sometimes defensive though it's harder to pull off to use as defensive as it's slower than most things.
Moon Magic - Though he doesn't know it himself Sevall contains the ability to shift himself to take on aspects of animals to enhance his self. These changes will last as long as Sevall wants though the more dramatic ones require him to be under the moon to accomplish. This ability is very much unexplored and may allow for even more to be accomplished...
Divine Nature - Sevall has a link to the Divine that only he and a very select few know of but almost anyone or anything with a link to the gods will be able to feel his link and most will act respectful while others might be spiteful. This ability doesn't affect anything else besides Sevall's age, which seems to remain at a fixed point.


  • Young - Sevall is still a child in almost all respects and will often act foolish or impish if it's what he feels like at the time.
  • No Metal - Sevall can quite literally not use anything metal for armor, weapons, or anything kept on a person. Even things as simple as silverware he won't usually deal with though they aren't off limits.
  • Undecided - Sevall has yet to solidly believe in anything for the good or evil and has done some acts of both in the past. His undecided nature usually has others manipulating him to their wills.
  • Teenage Boy - Need I say more? He likes to think himself a ladies man and a white knight at the same time though usually he ends up just being foolish. This weakness of his has led him to be manipulated by girls time and time again and probably will for a long time.

Sevall has had a long backstory for someone so young. Originally he was raised by his mother who was a Dryad (Nymph bound to a tree). She taught him most things he knows about natural magic, but the second he was sixteen was forced to send him away as males can not become dryads and most males born to dryads are abandoned earlier than he was. She left him with the name of his father and where he could find the man, Caphori. So that's where Sevall went. He eventually arrived and was immediately involved with multiple things including having his knees broken by a Paladin of Syl. He also helped bring a being of pure hate and destruction into existence only because it was female and acted friendly with him. Then one day something happened, a new guild moved in. These men who came from a xenophobic nation and thought all magic users where demons captured Sevall who was just curious at the time. When he told them of his diving nature they shipped him off to their country for "testing". Sevall wasn't seen for a year and after that he refused to speak of anything that had happened and has blocked many memories from himself. The biggest thing he remembers is his cousin Tas who he protects fiercely to this day.
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