Seron Despana, the Sun Elf

Started by Syl, 20-08-2014

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Character Sheet

Name: Seron Despana

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 143
Gender: Male
Race: Elf (High Elf/Sun Elf, more specifically)
Alignment: Neutral good
Class: Evocation/Invocation Wizard

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: He can summon a large sword of fire, and also has a large repertoire of spells at his disposal, usually spells of destruction.
Armor: None, other than the robe he wears from time to time.
Items: He has good knowledge and can easily use most magical items, as he has studied the arcane arts most his life.

Weapons: He cannot use any metal weaponry larger than short swords efficiently as he is not very strong. He is not proficient in any ranged weaponry.
Armor: He cannot wear any plate, chain, scale, basically any metal armors.
Items: He cannot use any throwing knives, explosives, or the like.

Special Equipment
Gloves of Flame Affinity: He wears some gloves which boosts his power and usage with flame and heat spells.
Dagger of Spiders: He is in possession of a very powerful dagger which bends to his will, but unlike most other powerful weapons, has no will of it's own. It grants him control over spiders, and has some spider figures on the hilt he can fling at people which bite them with a terrible paralyzing poison.
Flaws? He has no flaws!: He is very confident in his abilities, almost too confident, and thinks himself above most other people.
Weak: He is not the strongest of people. Not to say he is frail, but he has not spent a life of common labor, and has very little muscle tone.
Racist: Though he attempts to hide this one, he looks down on all races that are not elvish in nature.
Strong-Willed: while he is cocky, he also has quite the powerful will.
Calculating: He likes to think things through, and in a battle he has the ability to assess and properly act according to a situation.
Intelligent: He is actually quite a smart young elf (143 not too old for an elf) and he knows quite a bit about the world, it's history, and all that other cool school stuff.

Seron lived his life in a forest, with his fellow elves, and was raised to believe elves are better than every other race. He spent most of his life under the tutelage of a great wizard in his forest village, and grew greatly in his time there, as he ended up being a wonderful student. He eventually found out his master had nothing left to teach him, and on that day, set out to find his own adventures. He eventually joined a group of adventurers, and although they were very powerful, they met there match on one faithful adventure wherein the group raided the last part of a dungeon they had found, yet little did they know this was also the burial tomb for the powerful lich, Arkam Greeth. As they took the items, they were slaughtered on their way out the door, Seron only escaping with his life, through sheer luck with a panickly muttered teleportation spell. He was brought out, and has been fleeing from the lich, but what he does not know is that the only reason the lich follows him, is because he has stoled from the lich. He took the lich's personal dagger that day in the tomb, and the lich will not stop until it is returned, no matter what remote corner of the world Seron flees to.