Sekras, the Mage of Lost Time

Started by Remnant, 14-07-2015

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Character Sheet

Name: Sekras Eltaor

Character Details

Sekras was a state mage in his nation from a distant time. After unfavorable events that occurred during a war, he now inexplicably finds himself in his younger body in an unfamiliar land. Since Sekras was not gifted in magic from birth, he has lost his many bodily fortifications and modifications required to easily make use of the majority of the spells he is capable of. He still possesses extensive knowledge of alchemy and can still use magic through the use of magical devices. His body is also of the age when he most frequently used a bow. Despite his appearance, his mind and attitude are that of a 76 year-old.

Age: 76
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - Individualist. Generally unconcerned with the workings of society but can be urged to act towards evil or good purposes with the right motivation. Values freedom and own interests as opposed to law but does his best to appear otherwise.

Class: Mage

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Magical devices, bows, crossbows, explosives, flails, and yo-yo's.
Armor: Robes and other magic-boosting armors.
Items: Alchemic creations.

Weapons: Magical tomes, throwing weapons, spears, swords, and guns.
Armor: Melee-boosting armor, Ranged-boosting armor.
Items: Most wings, most pickaxes, most axes, most hammers.

Special Equipment



Unprocessed Magical Body - Unable to use magic in its raw form. This means that he can not conjure spells from tomes or manipulate wings using magic . He requires a magical medium to cast spells and can only fly using technological devices like jet packs and hover boards.

Low stamina - Although he may possess more stamina than the average mage due to his young body, Sekras is unaccustomed to activities that require a considerable amount of movement. Because of this, he is unable to use pickaxes, hammers, and axes for building purposes. He can, however, use drills, jackhammers and spectre-tool variants due to their convenience and lightweight.

Pessimist - Underestimates the capabilities of peers and never expects to be the recipient of kindness. Generally expects situations to take a turn for the worse possible outcome. Will not challenge enemies under unfavorable conditions.


Knowledgeable - Still has about 70 years of knowledge of the world's workings at his disposal.

Smug - Given his true age, he will often gloat on his life's achievements while looking down on those younger than him.


Magic Channeling - Is able to channel mana through objects that he touches, allowing him to make use of flails and yo-yo's during combat.

Alchemy - Is able to combine ingredients as well as materials to form things of greater use.

Future Sight - Occasionally receives visions at random, but has limited success in changing the future he sees.


- Surviving - Although Sekras is curious as to why he ended up in his current form, gathering clues is not a priority. Sekras is confident that, given another 70 years to work with, he would become even more powerful than he was before. He also shows little concern for what happened to his nation and fellow comrades after the war. In order to survive the situation at hand, Sekras plans to gather magical devices and alchemic ingredients in hopes of boosting his suitability in his unfamiliar environment.

- Capitalize - As Sekras disfavors law, he would like to climb to a position in which his actions, whether good or evil, have little consequence. In order to reach this position, Sekras believes needs to amass a large sum of money in order to rise above the ranks, but currently hasn't the slightest clue where to start.

- Enhance - Sekras would eventually like to fortify himself in order to reduce and eventually eliminate his bodily restrictions. He currently does not know where to start as many of his previous modifications were done with the assistance of his highly experienced mentor.

**Still a major work in progress but I thought I'd make an effort in starting this!


I like the restriction a lot! It limits you a lot in regards to certain Role Play stuff but makes for some great flavor. When the mage's tower is up and running you'll be a welcome addition there. (Assuming the archmage isn't completely insane...)
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