Remilia Scarlet; The Thief

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Name: Remilia Scarlet

Character Details

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Thief > Rogue ~ Remilia is a Rogue who breaks into people's homes and businesses to "borrow" their valuables. She fights by using her bow to keep out of an opponent's range, firing at and piercing vital organs and tendons to impair and damage the opponent.


Basic Literacy: (Y) or n
Magic Literacy: y or (N)

Weapons: Daggers, Bows, Katanas
Armor: Light armor
Items: Smoke bombs, Throwing knives, lockpick set

Weapons: Greatswords, Warhammers, Battleaxes, Magic Gear/Spells
Armor: Heavy armor
Items: Heavyweight objects

Special Equipment

Corrupted Bow: Remilia's bow fires devastatingly powerful arrows at insane speeds.


Extreme Arachnophobia: Remilia becomes immobilized by fear when in the presence of spiders.

Pride: Remilia is very prideful of her skills, and doesn't take well to being put down or criticized.

Small body: Due to Remilia's size, she cannot reach high places without climbing or jumping up to reach them. She also cannot lift or carry extremely heavy objects.

Corruption: If Remilia does not make a kill often enough, her mind corrodes and fills with the Dark, and the Shadow of Old slowly takes her free will away.


Agility: Remilia moves VERY quickly about, darting from one position to another. This is a key element in her battle strategy, as well as a great boon in making getaways from bad Thefts.

Deft Fingers: Another key ability in her repertoire, He natural deftness assists her in picking locks, giving her a small bonus to lockpicking rolls.

Small body: Due to Remilia's small size, she doesn't weigh very much and has a lighter footfall, making her far more quiet and harder to detect. She can also fit into small spaces, such as ventilation shafts, and is a much smaller target for archers and bladesmen to hit.


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