Pun Yakumo, The Alchemist

Started by Punisher, 21-08-2014

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Race: Inu
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Alchemist

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Staves, Swords
Armor: Cloth-tier armor.
Items: Potions, Terraforming tools (Non-explosive), Grenades.

Weapons: Rifles, grenade launchers, Bows, Heavy Melee Weapons
Armor: Any metal-based armor
Items: Any explosive items (Bombs, Dynamite)

Special Equipment
Around his neck rests a golden necklace with an amulet on it, just as gold as the chain. On this amulet rests a large crimson jewel with a faint, eerie glow. A Philosopher's Stone. This is his source of alchemical power, and relies on it for any kind of transmutation.

Shy: He is quite reclusive, and is reluctant to walk up to new people. He would much prefer for new people to come up to him, despite how nervous he would sound when he would first speak to the person.

Achille's Heel: The Philosopher's Stone is what makes him strong. If the necklace is taken from him, his alchemical ability would plummet. (If the necklace is removed from him, -40 offense rolls, -30 defense rolls. Rolls that are critical will not crit.)

Not the Best Builder: There have been times where he would be too nervous to ask for help with building things, as he doesn't feel like he has the best capability of building something he can call his house. Most of the time, he just lives with another person as a roommate, and works with them to conquer obstacles they might come across as a sign of gratitude.

Follower, Not a Leader: It is next to impossible to see him as a leader of anything. He always insists that someone else should take the lead, as he feels like so much responsibility would cause him to screw up, and upset one of his followers, which would result into a domino effect of everybody hating him.

Pretending to be Human: He feels a bit uneasy to reveal that he is half-dog. As a result, he wears quite a large wizard hat, and a large robe, complete with a cape, to hide the ears and tail. Occasionally, a dog-like sound will escape him, but he tries as much as he could to cover it up.
Left-Brained: When it doesn't come to building, he can pull a MacGyver and come up with something with whatever he happens to have on him to overcome numerous obstacles, be it a chasm, a powerful beast, or anything of the like.

Lover, Not a Fighter: He is quite peaceful, and rarely ever fights, unless someone else throws the first punch. He tries to solve things diplomatically, before anything else, if the opponent has some sort of an intelligence. (+5 Diplomacy rolls)

Defender: Being someone who wouldn't hurt a fly, he wouldn't hesitate to stick up for those he has a friendship with. A blow to someone he is friends with might as well be a blow to himself.

Ranged Combat Preference: Preferring magic over a sword gives him the advantage of being able to strike from afar, which lets him anticipate the moves of any melee attacker. (+5 defense rolls when offense is melee)

Combatitive Transmutation: Most people think that such things require magic circles to be drawn to do this. Thanks to his Philosopher's Stone, he is capable of shaping the ground around him in crude ways to pin and attack his opponent without making these circles. If he happens to feel just so sadistic, he can even disintegrate his opponent at close-range, provided their body is majorly composed of a single type of material.