Oltham, the Azure Archer

Started by VonXeno, 07-09-2014

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Name: Oltham

Character Details
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Archer

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: Longbow
Armor: Cloth
Items: Grapples

Weapons: Firearms, complex magic spells, large melee weapons
Armor: Full heavy armor
Items: None, yet

Special Equipment
Magic Quiver

Bowman - Can operate a bow at an intermediate level. (+5 to using bow and arrow)
Agile - Nimble enough to avoid oncoming projectiles. (+5 to dodging ranged/magic attacks)
Hunter - Can track targets, and is adept at slaying creatures. (+ 5 to tracking)

Unarmoured - All that stands between him and a blade is cloth. (-10 to blocking physical attacks)
Claustrophobe - Doesn't like cramped spaces. (-5 to indoor actions)

Backstory: Coming soon.
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