Matthew Nolan, Guardian of Light

Started by Nopamine, 14-07-2015

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Character Sheet

Name: Matthew Nolan

Character Details
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Mage

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: See Magic Spells below.  Can also use shortswords/phaseblades/phasesabers for gathering alchemical ingredients or when mana is low
Armor: Plated greaves for defense (anywhere between copper and platinum), Enjeweled robe (amethyst to diamond).
Items: Magic improving accesories, grappling hooks.  Basic tools (pickaxes, axes, and hammers anywhere between wood to platinum).  Potions made through alchemy.

Weapons:Melee weapons not covered above, ranged weapons that require ammunition, darkness-based spells
Armor: Anything above platinum that does not improve magical ability.
Items:Movement-enhancing accessories, drills, chainsaws, and combination of the basic tools (hamaxes, etc)

Magic Spells ((
  • means currently owned))
    Magic Missile
    Diamond Staff

    Special Equipment
    Fuzzy Carrot: Has had this magically enhanced pet rabbit since his youth.
    Band of Regeneration: The first magic item he successfully crafted. Meant to supplement his less than stellar constitution.

    Gullible: Always willing to believe in the good in others, often takes a person's word as truth unless he's been told otherwise.
    Stubborn: Once he sets his mind to something, he will seldom be persuaded against it.
    Annoying:  Will often ask twenty-or-so questions before agreeing to do something.  Always wants to know what's going on.
    BEES!: Childhood phobia of any type of bee or wasp (Hornets, other jungle-based flying death monkeys.) Will run away if he encounters one (or many)
    No darkvision: He cannot see without a light source.  Is paranoid about keeping a plethora of ready-to-use torches on his person.

    Loyal: Always willing to lend a helping hand to a friend in need.
    Semi-Reliable: Will help a friend with any task so long as he agrees with it.
    Determined: Rarely gets discouraged in a crunch.


Sorry buddy, most people don't get to mess with Hard Mode items until a server admin decides that they've been around long enough to be trusted with that stuff. The server also never goes into Hard Mode so you won't be able to naturally obtain them as we like to make it possible for new people to join and not be slaughtered!
Make me...


I wasn't paying attention to where items could be obtaimed normally, sorry.  I already edited the offending items from my spell list.  Let me know if there's anything else I need to change.