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Lumina, the Journeying Outcast

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~Character Sheet~
Name: Lumina Cepel
Description: A former member of a warrior's guild who left many, many years ago in search of something dear to her.

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Warrior

Basic: Y
Magic: N

Weapons: Swords
Armour: N/A
Items: Most navigating equipment

Weapons: Magic, bows
Armour: N/A
Items: Mechanical-type objects

~Special Equipment~
Mentor's Blade: Her blade, given to her by her mentor shortly before her demise.

-Knowledgable. She knows many things, having been in many places in her past.
-Calm. She keeps calm under pressure most times, and not many things can make her angry enough to lash out.
-Strong. She doesn't tire easily, and will often fight until she collapses if she deems the situation important enough.

-Forgetful. She often forgets things, from small tidbits to key pieces of information.
-Haunted by past. Previous experiences may have toughened her, but they have also weakened her considerably.
-Careful. She's sometimes TOO careful, which means that at times, she may not trust people she needs to trust, etc.

Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash. Roll twice and use the higher value for the attack.' {ACTIVE}
Sentinel [Warrior] 'If someone attempts to move out of your melee range, make a melee strike.' {ACTIVE}
Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Unique in that it can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle.' {ACTIVE}
Berserk [Warrior] '+10 to hit, -10 to defence. User loses control and attacks relentlessely. Wears off after three turns.' {ACTIVE}
Reflect Blow [Warrior] 'Prepare for a counterattack. Critical needed for ranged attacks.' {ACTIVE}

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