Locations of Safehaven

Started by Syndraell, 18-07-2016

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Town of Safehaven

Grahams's Manor

Graham's Manor is where Safehaven was originally conceived. It serves as a Town Hall, a Court, a Dueling ground, and several other uses.

Mercenary Guild/Watchtower

The Mercenary Guild is the place to hire a traveling companion, and also serves as the main entrance to the town and a watchtower to keep watch for any threats.

Item Shop

The Item Shop sells your everyday range of items from basic foodstuffs to accessories, as well as some basic clothing articles and gear.

Bank/Item Insurance

The Bank/Item Insurance is a place to more safely store your items, and to Insure your items should you lose them.


A good place to stock up on your armor and weaponry... you better have a good sword arm.

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