Lloyd Garmadon,the golden spinjitzu master

Started by LLOYD700, 21-07-2015

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Character Sheet

Name:Lloyd Garmadon
                        Character Details:
Alignment: Neutral Good

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Light swords Ranged Weapon
Armor:Light Dark
Items:Ninja gear

Weapons: Any Heavy weapon
Armor: Any Heavy armor
Items: Any Item that well slow me down

Special Equipment
Master Ninja Gear

Dark Magic:Can't Contain the Dark magic well be possessed
Suspicious:Won't believe anyone so easily or trust a teammate so easily no MATTER what
Un stealthy:Any heavy armor or anything heavy his body slows down and his stealth moves fade
Jealousy And Hatred:Hatred and jealousy consumes him so easily in front of women
Elemental power:Well be weekend after using his Elemental powers if he uses it 2 times any elemental power well die
immature:Loves to play around has a brain of a 13 year old

Master ninja:Becomes one with the dark in night and master at light swords most of all a katana
Elemental Master:Has the power to 4 elements Ice Lightning Fire Earth
Kind:Shows kindness and loves people he trusts he is welling to risk his life for them
Fast Reaction:Can react to things fast and acts fast
Yoyo lover:Knows how to fight with a yoyo