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Started by Leone_Secare, 15-07-2015

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Character Sheet

Name: Leone Secare

Character Details
Age: Looks to be in late 20s or early 30s
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Vampire/Dhampir
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Spellsword


Skin Color: Pale white
Eye Color: Light yellow
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'3

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y
Demonic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Swords of all types, ranging from light to heavy. Higher specialization in the realm of rapiers. Another specialization is dark-based magic.
Armor: Light armor with little to no weight. Usually dark-colored and covering all skin.
Items: Items that increase mobility and strength.

Weapons: Little to no training in ranged weapons, but with some skill in the use of throwable weapons. Awful at light-based and nature-based magic.
Armor: Extremely heavy armor that lessens mobility or clothing that exposes too much skin.
Items: Unneeded and/or unecessary objects and items for a swordsman and a vampire.

Special Equipment
Morsuque Leonis - An enchanted silver-tipped steel rapier able to pierce through most metals and flesh, but not bone. Forged by a friend, enchanted by himself.

Aversion to Sunlight - As a half-vampire, he is not too affected by sunlight, but his body is still quite sensitive to it. It makes his skin irritated, and with strong enough sunlight focused at his eyes, makes him temporarily blind.

Blood Demands - While not as severe as pure-blooded vampires -- it's not needed to sustain his life completely, he still has a small lust for blood that, on rare occasions, can get out of control. He can still eat and drink what humans eat to slightly offset this.

Frail Back - The specific vampire breed which lies in his blood gives him great physical attributes in other areas, but makes his spine and back slightly weaker than that of a regular human. It's basically a weakpoint.

Weakness to Fire - Even with vampiric regeneration, wounds from flames will take twice as long to heal.

Easily Distracted - Leone is easily distracted by sometimes even the smallest of things or faintest of noises, could be due to his heightened senses.

Physically Capable - As a half-vampire, he has greatly increased physical strength, speed, and senses.

Inclined to the Dark - Years upon years of studying dark magic has basically made it an innate and reliable element for him to base and use spells with.

Cover of the Night - His vampiric nature allows him to hide in the night or dark corners with great ease.

Unaffected by Holiness - His half-vampiric nature disregards the usual vulnerability to holy symbols, holy water, and the like.

Caphori - Leona Reinhardt
Iseyu - Lyssa Velidrei (MIA), Leona Reinhardt, Lynnethe Myrith
Leikell - Leona Reinhardt, Leone Secare
Safehaven - Silveria R.

I still don't have my bloody Caphori award.

Also, yosakoi.