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Leona Reinhardt

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on: 10-04-2014
"I was taught my craft at the dawn of pain
You may not like my methods but you'll surely know my name
I just think incendiary thoughts and my hands burst into flames
A few moments later and you'll never be the same" ~Cranius

Character Sheet

Name: Leona Reinhardt

Character Details

Age: Unknown. Looks to be 23.
Gender: Female
Race: Human (?)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Spellsword> Spellknight> Vanguard


Skin Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Green, left eye blind, covered by hair.
Hair Color: Scarlet
Height: 5'9


Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y
Old Language: Y
Demonic Literacy: Little to none
Elven Literacy: Medium-high.


Weapons: Swords of any sort, and fire/non-elemental magics.
Armor: Can use medium to heavy-types of armor. (Iron/Lead and above)
Items: Anything that increases her power, mobility, and defense.


Weapons: Low proficiency in bows, guns, and other elemental magics.
Armor: Light armor is not preferred by Leona.
Items: Items she perceives as unecessary, she doesn't carry.

Special Equipment

Singing Brand - A large greatsword imbued with the power of fire. An old weapon she used in the land of Caphori. Can be summoned through her powers. [Reforged through the use of Goros's Hellforge and Mythril Anvil]


Emberspark - Leona can summon a spark of flame in her hand to light something on fire, warm herself up, or cauterize wounds. Her sparks can be as small as a marble, or as big as a glass bottle. This ability is the base of her fire spells.
Heat Sense - Another ability due to the testing she underwent, Leona can slightly sense heat signatures through at least a wall in order to check if there's anyone nearby. This will not work on the undead (or similar to the undead). Once she catches a whiff of yours, it'll stick to her mind and know it's you.
Spark of Ice - Through placing a Frost Core inside of an odd structure in the frozen underground, Leona has gained an odd power of frost coursing through her veins, imbuing her weapons with the power of frostbite.
Aether Storage - A self-taught ability after reading through several spellbooks in Lyssa's library. Leona can store a single item in a small dimension to be easily grabbed in an urgent situation. She normally uses this to store her signature sword.
Rebirth(?) - An ability unknown to Leona, as it just happens. In a near-death situation, her soul turns into crystallized flame (takes form of a necklace), along with some her physical body. The only thing that would be left behind would be a pile of ashes, and scraps of her clothes. She returns to the corporeal realm after a span of a week to a month depending on the severity of the experience. This cycle can only be broken by magical means, therefore no such physical force can interact with the crystal, other than picking it up and transporting it somewhere else. Side-effects afting being "reborn" include weakness, dizziness, body pains, and prohibition of magic use for several days. (to increase the pace of healing)


Arrogance - While not easy to see in her, she believes she can take on most challenges without help.
Temper - While not short, her temper can be very dangerous and can land her in fights. (When active: -15 defensive rolls, +5 offensive rolls)
Loner - She doesn't like being around people, but if she has to be, she will be.


Loyalty - Make her a trustable friend of yours, and she'll be there to back you up.
Strength - She can pack quite a punch, and can take them equally as hard. (+15 to offensive rolls, +5 to defensive rolls)
Helpful - She might not be attracted to groups of people, but she will try to lend a hand whenever she can.

6 months, 4 weeks, 10 hours, 30 minutes, 10 seconds. That is how long I've been tortured and experimented on in that "laboratory". More like a dungeon, really. Drafted into an "experiment for the better of the kingdom", I've been cut, injected, stabbed... mutilated would be a better word for all that I've been through for half a year, really. They, the kingdom, were trying to find out how to create enhanced soldier in order to defeat, or at least fend off, the opposing countries. We were already losing many good men in the war, and even more so with these experiments. Tens of thousands lost due to body alterations and such. People who managed to live through it ended up dying  after several months, anyway. Their first successful experiments worked, and they worked well. They were indeed super-soldiers. Fast regeneration, strength, agility, and so forth. The problem? They were still kept in the laboratories as lab rats on how to improve. All of us hated it.

That's when the final straw happened, as well as their biggest mistake. They injected a special essence into me. The essence, the spirit, of a fire elemental. It left me in burning agony for days. Every minute, I thought I would spontaneously combust, or die from heat and dehydration. I was regularly fed with cold water and bread, but it didn't help. However, several weeks later, I learned to control the heat. Adjust it to be cooler or hotter at will, eventually ending up with me expelling flames out of my hands, not requiring the use of magical energies such as mana. This prompted me to try and make an escape. I did not know my capabilities, but I sure as hell had to try.

That day, was the day. At exactly midnight in the laboratory, I decided to do it: one attempt, if you fail, all will be lost. I prompted the nearest guard towards me, and I knocked him out with a straight punch to the face. In classic infiltration style, I grabbed the keys and wore the uniform. I exited the cell and replaced the guard inside. The escape was now, and it was real. Fire spewed everywhere, and nobody except the other tortured souls were spared. The entire laboratory was burnt down by a single woman they had recently experimented on. The smell of burnt human flesh and cloth spread throughout the facility as I slowly walked out in the guard uniform. I went back to my house for a final return: I took money, food, and anything else I needed to survive in the outside world. Being taught lessons about swordplay and blacksmithing, I felt prepared to leave my birthplace. I considered myself a criminal; an exile. But on the other hand, I felt I forgot one last thing before my leave. I've slain several of my countrymen throughout my escape, many of them innocent. Just given orders by the king to do their job.

That was my final mission.

Simply put, I killed the king. A horrible death by slow fire. Burnt my way through the palace at nightfall to gain access into his sleeping quarters. I would rather not go into vivid detail... I may have killed many innocent people, but at the least I have saved many other souls from the same fate as mine. The fate of being a specimen for nearly every day in their lives. I left the country a week later, with many bounty posters putting a huge sum on my head. I've escaped many rough situations, but I eventually landed in the land of Caphori, which would be my home for several years. However, it all changed when I woke up soaked in ocean water right beside a port. Yet another adventure for me, I guess.

With the limitless potential of the powers of fire injected into me, as well as having the side effects of being impervious to the test of time, or simply put: aging, I guess doing good to others once again should be the last thing I do before my inevitable death.

Goodbye, Aviranea.

Hello, Iseyu.

Meet Leona.

Theme [If you care, lol.]

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Caphori - Leona Reinhardt
Iseyu - Lyssa Velidrei (MIA), Leona Reinhardt, Lynnethe Myrith
Leikell - Leona Reinhardt, Leone Secare
Safehaven - Silveria R.

I still don't have my bloody Caphori award.

Also, yosakoi.


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