Lanaya, The Siren

Started by Lassie, 07-07-2015

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Character Sheet

Name: Lanaya

The monster in the water, beauty on land.

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Siren
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Water Elementalist

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Bare hands (magic, not fighting), shortswords, sickles, tridents, water related staffs and books.
Armor: Leather / Wool chlothes out of the water. Also robes.
Items: Magic accessories, mostly related to water element.

Weapons: Bows, reapeters, firearms, everything related to fire and molten.
Armor: Heavy armors, molten armors, everything heavy. She doesn't wear any armors.
Items: Werewolf, too heavy and fire related accesories.

Special Equipment

♦ Neptune's Shell - Her family necklace. It emits a powerful energy, glowing while chanting a spell. It's also a source of water.


She can't stay near fires for too long or she will dry.
She needs to drink very often when out of the water.
Very weak mentally and physically.
Easily breaks down.
Slower on land.
A few touches of fire can dry her out.
She will die without water.
Easy to beat on land.
A little intrusive.
Kinda hates criticism.


Too friendly.
Very fast in water.
Resistant to diseases.
Very beautiful and convincing.
Sings very well.
Very hard to beat in water, especially very deep oceans and seas.
Peaceful person.
Can speak with fishes.
She can refill blood in someone's body by transferring it from the other body.
She can chant with her bare hands. Doesn't need any magic tool to do that.
Doesn't like to drink alcohol.
She can resist cold due to siren trait.
Her hearing is amazingly good.
Cares about others, even strangers.
Excellent at making dyes.