Kimiko; The Nekomata

Started by SakikoMiley, 16-08-2014

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Theme (If anybody even gives a shit xD):
Apparitions Stalk the Night

Character Details
Name: Kimiko (No last name)
Age: Undefined
Gender: Female
Race: Nekomata
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Nekomata ( Twin Tailed )

Basic Literacy: Y or n
Magic Literacy: y or N

Weapons: Claws, magic infusions, basic to mid-level melee spells
Armor: None
Items: None

Weapons: All others
Armor: All Armor
Items: mechanical or otherwise technological

Special Equipment

Nekomata Claws: Kimiko's claws can tear through even spectral forms! (Can attack ghosts or other incorporeal beings )
Cat Eyes: Kimiko can see in the dark. (No loss to detection rolls in darkness)
Cat Nose: Kimiko can tell who was nearby her location since a certain period of time by smelling them.


Ignorance: Kimiko is very new to the world, and even the common tongue. This leads her to many wrong conclusions, and often confusion.
Curiosity: Kimiko gets into things she really shouldn't just to see what's going on, or what's inside something.
Armorless: As Kimiko does not wear armor or use a shield, attacks landed hit her much harder.


Reflexes: Kimiko has the reflexes of a cat, giving her an advantage in perilous areas, and even dodging attacks. ( +15 to dodge rolls, negate fall damage )
Danger Sense: Kimiko's hair rises on the back of her neck when a potential threat is nearby. ( +15 to detection rolls )



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Basic Literacy: y or N

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Now that I see you put a theme to your character, I feel as if I should put on mine as well.