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{As the icon states, this is still a WIP (work in progress).  If you do decide to read this, though, it is highly suggested to select one or two of the Theme Music (located at the bottom of the post) before reading.}

Name: Jeung Hidekazu (Hidekazu Jeung in western countries)

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hometown: Hyunei 
Alignment: Neutral - Good
Class: Warrior Monk

---Height: 5'9" (176.29 cm, to be exact)
---Skin Type: Asian (Fair) 
---Hair Color: Dark blue, medium length hair with half-parted bangs to reveal one eye.
---Eye Color: Violet eyes, seems to swirl and swivel
---Base Clothing:
~ The Traveler Garb: Comprised of a orange shirt with darker blue symbols from his native language, a blue vestment patterned with enchanted silk to look like flowing water (just like his father), and a pair of cyan wide bottom pants with mythical beasts and symbols that can only be seen under the light of a blue moon.  The clothes are made from an enchanted silk that keeps the clothes clean and dry while providing comfort through any weather (an Issan secret craft).
~ Blue Warrior of the Setting Sun:
~ The Blood Moon Spirit: Corrupted under the influence of the Blood Moon, Hidekazu gains a large amount of muscle mass after taking off his Gi.  Under his Gi is a set of body armor and matching gauntlets and shoulder pads colored with fresh blood, befitting of a barbarian after a massacre.  His pants are loose and sleek despite his body mass and he wears a pair of spiked red boots with silver linings that makes blood slip off like water.  His band's armored heart-shaped insignia shrinks and grows a bunch of orange feathers said to be from a mythical beast from the desert kingdoms.

Shiussei: Native Language
Basic Literacy: Yes (Studied literacy of many other foreign languages)
Archaic Literacy: Moderate
Magic Literacy: Yes
Mythic Literacy (Elven, dwarven, etc.): Moderate
Demonic Literacy: Moderate
Draconic Literacy: Moderate

Weapons: Exotic Weapons (Boomerang, disc, shuriken, chain knife, etc.)
Armor: All armor types (enchantments make them lightweight)
Misc.: Speed and maneuverability boosters

Weapons: Magic (regional magic compatibility issue)
Armor: Heavy Armor, armor he can't reshape to fit under his clothes
Misc.: None.  Life's experiences and the teachings of his parents made Hidekazu versatile.  The only restrictions are his personal preferences.

Behavioral Notes:
Much like his father, Hidekazu prefers using ranged melee weapons, but the teachings of his mother has made his skill with weaponry more versatile.  Hidekazu aspires to be like his father, so there are great similarities between the two.

Special Equipment
- Master Ninja Gear : Equipment built based on Hidekazu's home country's design.  The blueprints were left behind by his father.  [ Crafted ]
- Moon Stone : Following in his family's religious beliefs, Hidekazu has reconnected with his father's sect's cosmic entity, the moon, and now grows stronger at night.  [ Hidekazu has not advanced in his religious practices as of yet ]
- Sun Stone : Following in his family's religious beliefs, Hidekazu has reconnected with his mother's sect's cosmic entity, the sun, and now grows stronger during the day.  [ Hidekazu has not advanced in his religious practices as of yet ]
- Celestial Stone : Reaching cosmic enlightenment after great study and training with the two Grand Sects, the Celestial Stone is formed from the icons of the Grand Sects.  [ Hidekazu has not reached cosmic enlightenment ]
- Lucky Coin : Hidekazu once carried an enchanted coin given to him by one of his lovers to bring Hidekazu good fortune.  Sadly, a scuffle at the docks with a band of pirates whom Hidekazu had crossed at the port countless times forced Hidekazu to leave his coin behind in order to escape.  [ Still lost ]
- Frozen Turtle Shell : Somehow managing to find and improve a synchronicity between the western and eastern magic energies, a powerful shield is formed around Hidekazu when his life is seriously threatened.  [ Still researching the compatibility of regional and world magic types ]
- Discount Card : Deciding to use his old connections and communication skills, Hidekazu regains his knack for trade.  [ Still keeping low ]
- Cutlass : There have been rumors that somewhere in Iseyu, a treasure Dao (Chinese Broadsword) has been seen switching hands between murderers and unfortunate merchants.  Rumors tell that the sword is cursed and attracts those with evil hearts when it isn't wielded by an appropriate master.  Tseune wishes to claim this sword in order to free the blade from the eternal curse that has claimed countless lives, and Hidekazu wishes to help in the search.  [ Still in circulation ]
- Dao of Pow : Crafted after being blessed with some of the knowledge of an Enlightened Monk, a weapon of the balance reaches the hand of a deserving warrior.  [ Has not been given the "Gift of the Enlightened Ones" developed trait, requires a strong tendency to the Neutral alignment ]

Notable Traits

=============={ Passive Traits }================================================================

- Versatility : A natural talent for various activities allows one to learn various skills with fewer disadvantages.
- Royal Training : Given intense training saved for nobles and people of great potential or wealth, one is well-trained in various skills.
- Wise Parental Care : Raised by strong, talented and caring parents, one develops better in body and mind, but takes in more traits from their parents.
- Lineage of Creators : Born in a long line of builders, architects, artists, and others who create, one carries a certain talent for creating things in some form.
- Religious Practice : A trait often developed from those who live in a nation with strong religious ties, various skills and behaviors are trained and/or shunned by the practicioner.
- Foreign Magic : Filled with the might of foreign magic, one is highly attuned to magic but becomes unable to use magic from other realms without some sort or external medium such as a staff or spellbook.
- Martial Artist : A trait which shows the user is adept at Martial Arts.  Makes one much more effective at close combat.
- Architect : A trait which provides a greater understanding and ability with construction and design.
- Musician : A trait which shows that one has skill in musical arts.
- Philosopher : A trait which shows that one is a philosopher.

=============={ Personality Traits }==============================================================

- Capricious : A personality trait that makes one's behavior more varied and unpredictable.
- Generous : A personality trait that makes one more inclined to give and provide, expecting little or nothing in return.
- Thinking Man : A personality trait that makes one more likely to enter a state of deep thought.  While good for the spirit, it also greatly distracts one from physical dangers.
- Coward : A personality trait that makes one more inclined to avoid confrontation.  Though this initially hinders one's ability to act, great feats may be achieved when the fear is surpassed, temporarily replacing the "Coward" personality trait with the "Courageous" personality trait.  Also tends to make one prefer fighting from afar than up close.  Can be worked into the hidden trait, "Heroic."
- Spiritual :
- Good-humored : A personality trait that makes one more friendly.
- Strong Mind : A trait which maintains one's sanity and mental clarity.
- Self-conscious : A trait that makes one more concerned about one's public image.
- Curious : A personality trait that makes one more... curious.  Tends to put one in more danger than the average person, but is often quite rewarding.
- Busybody : A personality trait that makes one far more likely to get in other people's business.  Born from the Curious personality trait.
- Errand Boy : A personality trait that makes one more likely to do things for others.  Can be worked into the hidden trait, "Heroic."

=============={ Developed Traits }==============================================================

- Foreign Religion : A conditional trait showing that one follows in a foreign religion.  This often causes trouble in realms where the religion isn't prominent.
- World Traveler : A conditional trait showing that one has been to many exotic places and had many experiences.
- Loose Hands : A conditional trait that sometimes causes one to have the "Butterfingers" and "Showman's Hands" traits.  While great for parlor tricks and certain techniques requiring more dexterous hand work, it can also cause one to drop things when one is not concentrating.
- Repressed Rage : A conditional trait developed from years of repressed anger.  When unleashed, one has increased physical prowess, but can lose control if not properly trained.  One of the [Repressed Sins] type traits.
- Controlled Lust : A conditional trait developed from repressed lust and a strong mind.  Lust is regulated and controlled.  One of the [Repressed Sins] type traits.
- Blood Moon Spirit : A conditional trait formed from strong ties to the moon and a [Repressed Sins] type trait, one develops an alternate personality during the blood moon.  The alternate personality will take form around repressed emotions and will linger while fulfilling the desires of one's repressed emotions.
- Lonely : A conditional trait derived from one's personality.  One becomes weak alone, but when one is aided by others, one gains greater willpower.
____________________________[ Temporarily on Hold Here ]_______________________________________________________________________________________

~ Biography ~

                                                                                In the Homeland...

  In a time and place beyond the scope of most, there was a kingdom that surpassed many of the great limitations of man, connecting the souls and worlds of alternate realities.  It was in one of these interconnected lands that a baby fated to be a hero of the people was born with the Oath of Shi'Chauhuan, making the baby a housing place for the fallen souls of other souls connected to the child.

  Being bound by the demanding power of the Oath of Shi'Chauhuan, the baby was raised to be pious and taught The Way of Peace.  Carrying charm and skill equal to heroes of myth, the baby grew into a man whom was as good with the ladies as he was in battle and as a working man.  Hundreds of generations later, his family line can be found in countless worlds in number.  This man is Hidekazu's ancestor from the Age of Imbalance, a time of chaos with records lost in the ever-growing archives of Chenka Shi'Nojiie.



    A human from a land far to the east, he was raised to learn the arts and beliefs of two famous families: the Jeung family and the Essei family.

    His journey sent him back in time by 18 years, where it is said that many future tragedies to his family will begin.  When he arrived,

"Augh... my father is so going to chew me out..."
"I'm no saint, but I won't be ashamed about what I do!  I know I'll never be like my father, but I'm still better than you!"

Theme Music:

{This is a work in progress.  If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post.  I could use the experience.}
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