Jethro Gallay Hill

Started by Jethro, 05-07-2015

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Character Sheet

Name: Jethro Gallay Hill

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon (Memory Lost)
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Artificer
Height: 5'9

Basic Literacy: Yes.
Magic Literacy: Yes but cannot perform.
Dragon Literacy: Not at this time.
Elf Literacy: Little to none.

Weapons: Compact Sniper, Different Variants of Bombs, Worn Pistol, Small Daggers, Broken Hero Sword given to from a deceased friend.
Armor: Rarely equips his long range cloak armor underneath his trench coat for certain missions. Usually no armor protection underneath.
Items: Maneuvering gear built to fit and enhance dodging capabilities. Jet pack allows the user take flight. Specially issued scope to increase long range capabilites.

Weapons: Unable to wield staffs and perform spells. Maneuvering gear largely restricts sword fighting abilities.
Armor: Dislikes heavy armor due to the weight. Prefers to wear no armor.
Items: Water greatly weakens a dragon, leaving it vulnerable to attacks.
Form: Unable to shift back into a Dragon at will due to memory loss.

Special Equipment
-Form Shifting "One of the last, limited, magical ability a dragon can preform to disguise itself from others."

Dragon Perk
Weapon: Steel melting fire exerted from the mouth. Armor tearing talons.
Armor: Sturdy reptile like scales.
Item: N/A

Dragon Restrictions
-Underbelly exposes a valuable weak point.
-Slow ground movement speed.
-Fire breath causes extreme dizziness and fatigue for a short period of time.

-Close to short range fights are dangerously weak.
-Usually caught without any type of armor protection.
-Strangely, highly attracted to shiny objects and likes to hoard them.
-Not fond of oceans and sharks.
-At random, mind becomes corrupt and filled with rage causing unnecessary actions.

-Intelligent: Thinks before acting. Tries to view the whole plan before putting anything to work.
-Marksmen: Has insane accuracy capabilities with his rifles, especially in long range combat.
-Pain: Able to withstand an immense amount of damage due to high pain threshold.
-Mechanical: Enjoys tinkering with machinery to either improve or just to create a new work of art. Happily accepts requests to upgrade or even make weapons and armor for his fellow friends.

~Work In Progress~


*Hopes Derrick gets to befriend Jethro and the pair of them get destroyed by a farmer with a pitch folk in close quarters*