James, The Viking

Started by Syndraell, 25-03-2014

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James, Biological Son of Captain James Morgan.

Character Details
Alignment: Neutral Good

Basic:No, Can Read Rune.
Magic:Minor (classified as Runes)

Weapons: Wooden Bow, Bastard Sword.
Armor: Leather and Iron (Viking Stylized), Viking Helm
Items: Mysterious Cape (gives some resistance from the cold winds)

Weapons: Crossbows, Magical Weaponry,Mechanical Items, Guns (?)
Armor: Seems to be attached to his current armor, prefers light armor otherwise.
Items: Unknown. Doesn't like magical/Evil items. Seems to have a knack for strange things.

Special Equipment
None as of yet.

Cautious-Likes to make sure things go the right way.
Survivalist-Knows his surroundings well enough, can camouflage himself if needed.
Brawler-Can hold his own in a fight.

Flirtatious-Likes women a bit too much
Alcoholic-Drinks more than necessary.
Mage Hater-Really doesn't get along with magic users.

Not much is known about James, as most of his earlier years are shrouded in mystery. He shows up in some records of attacking Imperial Caravans and Hit-and-Run Attacks. Seems to help people who are in need, as the Empire itself has been in a steep decline of freedoms in the past thousand years or so. So it's no surprise that he loathes the Empire and the Royal Family, And has been doing anything within his power to prevent the empire from taking the last bastions of free will away from the people.

Currently, he has been Involved in a movement against the Empire, pushing back it's borders and evacuating people from towns under their control. Searching for old maps that might provide a new land for people to escape to.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.