Fenrir, The Exiled

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Character Sheet

Name: Fenrir

Character Details
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human-hybrid
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height : 6'1"
Hair: Long messy White hair
Eye Color: Light Blue
Class: Wild Monk - His attunement to nature has taken on a physical form within him and he often will fight hand to hand using unnaturally sharp claws and his teeth. He commands aspects of a wolf but fights to hide them and will often try to rely on his small spear or bow to keep people away. He is more than lethal though in close range and wouldn't hesitate to bite someone's throat out.

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: No
Wolf: Yes

Weapons: His (clawed) hands, spears, and bows.
Armor: Cloth only.
Items: None.

Weapons: No close range weapons
Armor: Can't use any besides cloth.
Items: None.

Special Equipment
Claws(aka tiger-climbing gear) - He will often take on claws on his hands and feat when forced into close range, these lethal instruments will shred through most metal like a can opener.

Natural Affinity - Fenrir likes the forest and it's inhabitants but follows the laws of dominance and will kill only to eat.
Ice Affinity - The one thing Fenrir prefers over the forest is the tundra. It is his natural habitat and he can fight in icy terrain better than he can in normal terrain. He can't slip on the ice due to his claws which he uses to his advantage.
Blood Rage - When bloodied Fenrir will enter a state where his survival instinct kicks in and he will force into close range where he'll attack and shred with his claws at his enemy with more power and speed than normal. This can also cause a flight mechanism and he'll attempt to get away unless forced into a corner.
Wind magic - Something not even Fenrir currently knows is of his current affinity for wind magics. Through his life the wind has lead him to safety and food and he hasn't thought a second of it. This magic will eventually be available to him, if someone points it out and helps him develop it.


  • Broke - Fenrir doesn't know how to handle money and is usually broke because of it, he usually can't save for anything expensive and has just learned of gambling...
  • The Heat - Living in the cold all the time has made Fenrir very vulnerable to heat. He also has a deep seated fear of fire.
  • Bloodlust - Being linked with a wolf has it's disadvantages, one of which is causing a bloodlust sometimes that is nearly uncontrollable, nearly.
  • Liar - He lies a lot, specifically when it comes to his name. This gets him into trouble a lot.

Fenrir's backstory is complex and he doesn't like talking about it himself but he's called the exile because he was the only one ever exiled from his home. The atrocity he committed there is something he'll never talk about unless forced to. For the most part he stays to himself but he gets into lots of trouble for assuming things and will has now wedged himself into a home owned by someone else. Perhaps one day he'll open up and talk about who and what he is, but that day hasn't come yet.

GURPS Character Sheet: http://matter.webuda.com/fenrir.html/
GURPS Character Creator: http://brentnewhall.com/games/gurps_4e.php#
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Character Sheet

Name: Sevall

What the fuck is wrong with you?
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  • Liar - He lies a lot, specifically when it comes to his name. This gets him into trouble a lot.

Oh really?  No kidding?
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Character Sheet

Name: Sevall

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Liar is a trait. I see what you did there
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