Ekina Aravaras, Frozen Mage

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Character Sheet

Name:Ekina Aravaras

Character Details
Age:28(Looks older(Around mid-30's) though)
Alignment:Chaotic Good

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons:(Please refer to the list of magic Ekina is able to preform lower on this page)
Armor:A robe, or a dress. It depends on the day. She has enchanted her skin, so it is slightly harder and cold, so she can easier research ice and the properties of Frostburn without damage to herself.
Items:Any magic spell excluding anything related to Fire or Darkness, with enough time.

Weapons:Swords, non-magic weapons any larger than a dagger, bows, chakrams, any other magic item that is not the ones listed above.
Armor:ANYTHING heavy or thick, especially metal.
Items:Anything that does not befit a mage, or is related to fire.

Special Equipment
Mostly listed below in the Magic Spells area, but Frost Armor that is only there so that she can produce Frostburn with attacks. Others:

Fuzzy Carrot: A result of her needing to explore the world away from the manor, she created a being of snow and ice, capable of keeping her cold and slightly more powerful away from home.

Hates anyone who uses steel to fight over their own minds, believing them to be barbaric. On the flip side, trusts mages very easily, and has a high opinion on any mage from the get-go.

Unwillingness to Change
Believes that she is practically perfect, in every way. Does not think that people can just change without a major trauma befalling them.

Holds grudges, even over petty things that nobody else would even bat an eye at.

Hates Metal
Metal buildings make her skittish, and more crabby than usual.

Heat Sensitivity
Cannot bear the sun or heat, becoming agitated and weak when exposed to it.

Once she has the idea that she can do something, no matter how big the task may seem, she will do anything to accomplish it.

Speaks her Mind
Whatever she wants you to hear, you'll hear it without fail. This gets her into a lot of trouble and creates many long-lasting enemies.

Proficient in Magic
Can tell you most everything about Magic, including theory and practice.

She may be incredibly vain about her skills and appearance, but is very realistic in what she can and cannot do.

Magic Medic
Is able to treat some magic related injuries by slightly enchanting the patient's body, driving out the opposing force, though this treatment is often painful and takes energy from her, the patient, and a lot of time.

Strong Moral Compass
Usually does the best thing that benefits the most people, and is generally kindhearted, hating slavery and murder.

Magic Spells

In order of difficulty, easiest to hardest.{+} shows that Ekina owns the item or can produce the magic presently. Item names displayed in Red cannot be used at this time.
Wand of Sparking
{+}Snowball-Deals no damage, it is only an annoyance and melts, as well as evaporates, rather quickly-
{+}Halo-Useless and only a show of magic prowess by messing with air temperature to produce the mirage of a halo of ice over her head-
{+}Ice Mirror-Actually just a mirror made from ice, uses it to fix her hair every now and then.-
Gem StavesThe Ruby Staff is very weak when used by her,But the Sapphire and Diamond staves are much stronger
Aqua Scepter-Not very strong inside Aravaras manor, due to having to keep the water from freezing-
Water Bolt-Not very strong inside Aravaras manor, due to having to keep the water from freezing-
Magic Missile-Deals no damage, only serves to light the way-
{+}Ice Blade-Cannot be used when not within 20 blocks of Aravaras Manor-
{+}Ice Rod-Significantly weaker, and blocks created barely hold up outside of Aravaras Manor-
Nimbus RodWater does no damage, just a show of manipulating air pressure and condensation-
{+}Frost Staff-Weaker outside of Aravaras Manor, but due to modifications to the staff, still usable and dangerous-
{+}Ice Wings-Cannot be used outside of Aravaras Manor, and even then only for a short amount of time before they become stiff and immobile.-
Ice Sickle
North Pole


Lore(OOC unless you're a mage or another well-red person who has stumbled upon these documents)

Ekina's Research Notes

The Properties and Principles of Magic and Mages
[spoiler]The principles of what us mages call our calling, Magic, are a subject that I have been interested in
for quite some time. Commanding the forces of nature is what is generally meant by Magic. Creating rain,
freezing a lake, making a palace out of the lake, these are all acts of magic. Igniting air to create fire, loathsome
as it is, is also magic. Magic is not created, nor does it come from nowhere, it is created through a medium and
willpower, will to change what is taking place to what is not. It is a very complex act, one that not just any
common brute can replicate with a wand and a wish. It is born into our very souls, I believe, and cannot be easily
taught without any natural talent. People who can and cannot create acts of magic with a medium are very
different, even as toddlers and even if they do not use their natural talent. They are driven towards knowledge,
where humans with no talent for magic are usually drawn to conquer, to rule.

The Frostburn Phenomenon
I have encountered a most unlikely phenomenon today, whilst testing the properties of extreme cold. I am very
lucky that I had enchanted my skin beforehand, so that the pale blue flame that suddenly burst from the ice
silently did not spread to my body, and most likely engulf it in the blue flames. Lowering an object to
temperatures lower than a certain threshold causes this phenomenon of blue, freezing fire to burst from it,
freezing anything it comes into contact with in short order. I do not know the exact temperature, and this
phenomenon is very dangerous indeed. Maybe I could try to infuse some of it into my already enchanted skin,
but too much could easily kill me.


There will be more lore and items, and I will update this page to reflect such.