Eirkash, The Ranger

Started by Syl, 13-07-2014

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 "An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A Ranger practices until she never gets it wrong."

Name: Eirkash Bourdet

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Ranger

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: N

Weapons: Bows, Short Sword, Knives
Armor: Studded Flexible Leather, a cape
Items: Any Sharp objects, or many items in a room. Eir is a master of improvisation.

Weapons: Heavy Weapons, Anything magical
Armor: Any Armors Heavier Than Leather
Items: Magical Items

Special Equipment
Eirkash has a bow that is exceedingly well crafted, it is a long bow with an extremely heavy draw weight, but Eirkash can use it because he has spent most of his life training to use it.
Eirkash also possesses a rangers cloak, which is a staple piece of equipment in his order. Looking at him while the hood is pulled up makes him shimmer and shift around, blending in with the environment around him.
Stubborn: Eirkash is a little stubborn at times, and has trouble admitting he's wrong.
Loyal to a fault: Once Eirkash has sworn a ranger's oath to serve any man, he must do anything that that man says, and serves him faithfully until his own, or his lord's death.
Magical hatred: Eirkash has a specific dislike for all things magical, and dislikes ever relying on magic, and will go out of his way not to.
Tactical mind: Eirkash has been trained to command troops in battle and has a good grasp of battle tactics.
Sharp reflexes: Eirkash's reflexes are honed to a very keen edge, and they have saved his life many a time
Bow skills: It is said Eirkash can shoot another arrow coming straight for him out of the air, he is a master bowman who has trained his entire life.
Sword skills: Eirkash has also been lightly trained in the art of swordplay.
Stealthy: Eirkash has been trained in the art of moving silently and stealthily, and can practically disappear anywhere, especially in the wilderness.