Ebony,The Amnesiac Swordswoman

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~Character Sheet~
Name: Ebony Hamara
Description: A swordfighter that has barely any recollection of her past due to events lost in said past, yet has reclaimed her title as Grace of the Aria Order.

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Feyori
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Hero

Basic: Y
Magic: N

Weapons: Swords.
Armour: Light, yet strong armor
Items: N/A

Weapons: Guns, magic weapons
Armor: Heavy armour or weak armour
Items: Artisanal Tools

~Special Equipment~
Dark Starfury: Events occurred in the months after her awakening that has corrupted her sword, giving it a violet glow.
Ally's Scarf: A green scarf that she keeps on at all times. It seems she received it from an ally that she had a close friendship with as a promise.
Leader's Amulet: A pendant meant for the Grace of the Order, one Ebony is to keep on. A reminder of her shattered past, and her new identity.

-Empathetic. She isn't your normal noble heroine, but she for sure assists others that needs it when she sees those in need.
-Tough. Ebony does not let up from a fight easily, and she can take a beating and thensome before giving up or collapsing.
-Swift. Ebony has learned how to dash with fleeting speed, and her lighter armour assists in her ability to move about quickly.

-Amnesiac. Ebony has barely any recollection of the previous 20 years of her life, and as such may not be able to avoid enemies from her erased past.
-Quick to anger. She's often pretty feisty, causing her to blow up if you get too taunting or rude.
-Oblivious. Ebony often focuses on one thing entirely, causing her to miss things others may notice.
-Weak to light. Due to events not even Ebony herself can recall, she holds a powerful weakness to light. [-10 to defensive rolls against light-based attacks]

Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash. Roll twice and use the higher value for the attack.' {ACTIVE}
Dash [Rogue] 'Move swiftly and suddenly.' {ACTIVE} [Taught]
Starfall [Starfury/Star Wrath] 'Area of effect. Stars fall on the opponents. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Gaia [Earth Magic, Blade of Grass, Thorn Chackram] 'Causes Poison.' {ACTIVE}
Blood Blade [Warrior] 'Damage self to deal more damage to the enemy.' {ACTIVE}
Improved Critical [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll grants a crit rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}

Starlight Miasma [Signature] Energy from the blade hits the enemy, following with a ram to the enemy with antlers. {ACTIVE}

Sync Skills
Cross Slash: A swift strike from both fighters in different directions. (Separate) [With Calco Geminus, and Lilac Cultellus]
Finishing Touch ~ Launched into the air, strike downwards as the other slashes forward. (Seperate) [With Calco Geminus] {Unique}
Unwavering Blades ~ The blades of the Dark Starfury and Verdant meet, releasing a damaging light. (Sum) [With Calco Geminus] {Unique}

Shrouded within a forgotten continent, there exists a once-powerful, once well-known guild of warriors, the Aria Order. Dedicated to fighting those who exploit the weak for power, the guild was renowned as one of noble warriors, led by their skilled, radiant leader-Lady Dawn Hamara. She was looked up to by all, especially her apprentice...and soon, her daughter. But misfortune would soon meet the Aria Order, as a cult of dark mages soon attacked. They killed Lady Dawn and made off with her daughter-Ebony, only a day after she was born. She would grow up with the cult, facing ridicule and mistrust from all sides except one-her adopted elder sister Jasper, who was by her side through thick and thin. At the request of a stranger, she even taught young Ebony how to use a blade. But when the two were much older, Jasper committed a serious offense against the cult, trying to aid her sister. The two were locked up and tortured for a month, until their punishments were decided. Ebony was to be killed, while Jasper was to be given a 'companion' to prevent her from making the same mistakes again. The executioner readied a spell to end Ebony's life, as another knocked her unconscious-so much so that all of her memories were wiped from her head. The spell was fired...until Jasper intercepted with a spell of her own, transforming the magic into shackles which bound around hers and Ebony's wrists. To further protect her sister, Jasper quickly sent her away to a random location with the hope that she'd at least arrive somewhere safe. And so, Ebony Hamara awoke in front of a small town with no prior knowledge to her past, determined to seek out said past with the aid of new allies and her trusty Starfury.

A year and a half passes since her awakening. Ebony is caught in the conflict of the Puppetmaster War, and to aid her allies, sets sail with the second-in-command of the very guild she was stolen from as a child, to regain her rightful title and role in the world. She is Aria Grace Ebony Hamara, heir to the guild returned.

The sky, if anything, will always be full of colour. The deep blue of day, the orange and purple blend of twilight, the night sky, an obsidian blanket with diamond holes. Even stormy skies, while grey, possess a colour.
We could learn a thing or two from the sky.