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When's the next Event?
Friday, November 18 @ 7PM CST(UTC -6)<-Click for current time in CST!

      Some basic things you should know|

[spoiler=Rules]Please follow these rules, breaking of them will result in expulsion from the event, usually by the /kill command. No items will be refunded upon death.
1.No outside items. This is so the puzzles and battles inside the event are not trivial or boring, and everyone is on a level playing field. Unless it is antlers.

2. No outside items. Seriously. I am not accountable if you are killed and drop your 30 platinum you spent your entire life grinding for. I will not hunt down the person who picked it up. I will not refund it. Unless it is antlers.

3. No, even if your character is some kind of god. Store everything, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING!

4. Please, follow the obvious rules. If there's a duel, don't intervene. If it's an RP battle, don't slap people around with your sword in the game. No godmodding, and blah blah you know this already.

In summary: Store everything unless you are a Feyori, then store everything but your antlers. Just, obviously, don't godmod or anything you wouldn't usually do in normal RP.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Preparing for the event]Hey! As per the rules above, please remember to store your outside items before the beginning of the event, if you wish to take part. Items will be provided for the event, be they movement items, weapons, or armor. Should you finish the event in one piece, you can keep these items. Also, please be in or around Safehaven(the town), if there is a large amount of players, I may not be able to TP everyone due to time constraints. And that's about it. I will give out items used for the event based on class, so please tell me what you are before the event begins. The classes are as follows: Magic, Melee, and Ranged(which is split into Gunner and Ranger).
In summary: Please store all of your items(except for your antlers if you are a Feyori, I will refund those upon death.), and make your way to Safehaven before the scheduled time. And tell me your class![/spoiler]

Why store everything?: Well, mostly fairness, but also so that enemy encounters, platforming sections, and puzzles are not broken by someone having a grappling hook and a minishark. Just to reiterate, if I see you using outside weapons/items to gain an advantage or skip ahead, I'll kick you out. If you accidentally use one and go back to where you were/where you would be if you did not have that item, that's okay. Ditto for accidentally firing a stronger bullet, etc. Just fix the problem asap.

From the first event onward, a few things to keep in mind;

Your character, if they were in any previous events, will remember what happened in those events that you attended. If you have not, please do not remember things that your character does not know. This goes the same for remembering characters, you will remember them if you interacted with them in previous events. I will not expect you to keep tabs on who you're acquainted with in these dreams, and I assume that everyone introduces themselves to each other at the start/end/somewhere in the event, regardless if they actually do, just for ease of use.


Odd things have been happening Safehaven. Most notably, the residents being much more tired than they usually are, having bad dreams that they can't quite remember. There have been many rumors about what is going on, everything from evil witches hiding in plain sight, to the water supply being poisoned. But a girl has also gone missing, something that isn't usually the talk of the town, but because of who it is, signs have been posted up, offering a pretty large sum. Nobody knows why the small Feyori is worth 10 platinum, but everyone is eager to get the money. But even if you found the girl, there is no contact information on the signs.

So between a lost girl with a huge reward and a peculiar lack of sleep, most people in and around Safehaven are feeling a certain sort of unrest. Which is certainly not helped by strange rumors of a young girls' voice crying out for help in the middle of the night, just outside the town to the west.

(ooc- Simply put, this event will take place in a dream. Yeah, blah blah cliche, but it'll tie up nicely. This is also why you cannot bring in items. I cannot talk about this subject much simply because I wish to have you discover the story yourself through Reports, but that's the basic jist for anyone wondering. These dreams will be brought on by a third party, and will happen simultaneously. Imagine it as some sort of spell.)

      Last Time on Dream Drive|

[spoiler=#1: The First Dream]Strange, awful things have been happening in Safehaven. Most notably, the insomnia and a missing girl. A hasty group of investigators is created, and they begin to investigate what exactly is going on. One morning, the group wakes up tired and confused, with unfamiliar weapons by their side or in their rooms, and meets up at the pub to discuss what the hell their dreams were about. They only remember a few details[Refer to REPORT 8], but what they don't remember is a young girl dressed in robes that envelop her in flames, who dragged them into a dream in which they were tested. They were only able to ask 3 questions of the entity, two after riddles and one after defeating the girl, sans robes.

What's the cause of all this? Me.

Why are we here? Because I'm testing you.

Why are you testing us? To make myself stronger.

These questions were the only ones answered. However, the group only remembered the words 'Testing you' from them, making their job and any other prospect investigator's much harder.

The group woke up shortly after the last question was answered.

(And Lee rolled a 99.)


[spoiler=#2: Forest Delusions]The group found themselves in a dark forest, which was seemingly underground. They fought through many trials, and eventually found themselves face-to-face with the girl from before, who they assumed to be Laume. The only things they remembered from the following questions were two details, that the person was 'Breksta, Queen of Dreams' and that she had her arm apparently blown clean off with a bolt of green energy.

(Everyone rolled really bad and got either 3 gold or 10 silver. It was rough.)[/spoiler]

[spoiler=#3: Frosty Depths]The group found themselves in a dark, ice-filled cave, and as always, came face-to-face with Breksta, again. However, she seemed weak, and had obviously cried recently. The group had to escape back out as this girl was revealed to be the true Laume, not seen until now, and Breksta came back to take over the dream. The group remembered the following:

-Laume crying, curled up on the ground in pain.
-The words 'Safeguard', 'chosen', and the phrase 'My Hope, my Will.'
-A vision of a lake so pure, not event he wind could ripple its crystalline surface.
In addition, everyone awoke with a watch tied to their arm with a strong piece of fishing line. The watch is simple, and has an engraving of the name "Laume" on the back of it, in almost-indecipherable fancy font. Like, half the thing is swirls and junk.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=#4: Fiery Dungeons]The group remembered quite a bit, and woke up pretty happy, shockingly enough. They remember the following:

-Breksta in a cage, deep in a fiery prison.
-Breksta being hit by multiple swords
-Breksta saying that Laume is her 'vessel'
-Laume, with fairy wings, smiling.
-Laume saying the rings are important and to keep them.
-Laume saying she will see them all outside of their dreams soon.

Everyone sleeps normally now, no lack of sleep.[/spoiler]

IMPORTANT: Please contact me and tell me what class your character falls into. The classes(and items, so you may ask other staff members for these items) are as follows, item ids for easy spawning are in brackets;

Ranger:?[?], x100 Wooden Arrow[40]
Gunner:?[?], x100 Musket Ball[96]

Please attempt to get these items and them only in your inventory before the event begins.

      Event Rewards|
[spoiler=The First Dream]
Rewarded to all players who participate
1x Blue Horseshoe Balloon
2x Life Crystal
Rewarded to all players who complete the event without 'dying'
1x Flurry Boots
1x Roll[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Forest Delusions]
Rewarded to all players who participate
-Diving Gear-[394]
1x Life Crystal
Rewarded to all players who complete the event without 'dying'
-Honey Comb-[1132]
1x Roll[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Frosty Depths]
Rewarded to all players who participate
-Silver Watch-[16]
1x Life Crystal
Rewarded to all players who complete the event without 'dying'
-High Test Fishing Line-[2373]
1x Roll[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Fiery Dungeons]
Rewarded to all players who participate
-Obsidian Skull-[193]
1x Life Crystal(Life Fruit if above 400hp)
Rewarded to all players who complete the event without 'dying'
-Discount Card-[854]
1x Roll[/spoiler]

Rolls are a unique drop from this event, and the rewards that you can get out of one are determined by the /roll command(thank you Von!) after the Event has concluded. The rewards currently are as follows:
[spoiler]Rolling less than 10:
10x Silver
Rolling anywhere from 11-20:
1x Gold
Rolling anywhere from 21-40:
3x Gold
Rolling anywhere from 41-60:
1x Cobalt Shield
Rolling anywhere from 61-80:
1x Shark Tooth Necklace
Rolling anywhere from 81-90:
1x Lucky Coin
Rolling anywhere from 91-99:
1x Special drop based on class.
Rolling 100:
1x Moon Stone

Special drops based on class are:
Melee: Power Glove
Gunner: Rifle Scope
Ranger: Magic Quiver
Magic:Magic Cuffs[/spoiler]

In this section, reports found by the local populace will be collected. Oddly unscathed pieces of paper have been found around the streets lately, but a few of the locals have also taken to writing up fake ones, making piecing together what's going on much harder.

(All of these reports are public and can be seen by stopping by the notice board IC. Go ahead and use them in your RP, they're all IC!)

Report List
[spoiler=Click here for Reports]

[spoiler=Report 01]Research into the populace of this town has concluded that as unique as they all are,
they are much like everyone else when grouped together, boring and bland. All I must do is
find a weak link, one who stands out even less from this homogeneous, loud crowd.

-Notes: This was the first Report to have been found blowing around the town. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 02]One that stands out is a young girl who lives in Safehaven.
I think she's the perfect target for my knife, too-- the two should
really meet out west, where nobody lives.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 03]I think that I might just haunt the church on the cliff though, many people
claim that a ghost is already there, so why not give them a REAL reason to be scared?[/spoiler]


[spoiler=Report 05]The time will be 7pm, late enough that everyone will be in their homes or at the pub.
Then I'll make my move, they won't sleep very soundly with this concoction in their water supply! Then
I can make my move on the bank later this week.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 06]I've been many places, but this one is definitely the worst. Everywhere I look,
all I see are boring people, trying desperately to be unique. Especially those two brothers!
Wait, are they brothers? Anyway, what's up with that color scheme?! [/spoiler]


[spoiler=Report 08*TRUE]Many residents awakened groggily this morning, even more than usual. The team of ragtag investigators, including JoJo, Ebony, Lee, Sonja, and Vondus Khyr, among others. They all deduced that they had similar details in all their dreams last night.

-The words "Testing you"
-A girl who bears at least a passing resemblance to Laume, the lost Feyori girl.
-Said girl locked in a duel with someone, or in the case of Vondus Khyr, remembering fighting the girl, armed with a spear.
More updates to follow, as the situation changes.

(Note: This Report was unlocked after #1: The First Dream was completed on August 26, 2016. It refers to events that took place IC, and as such, is very trustworthy as a reputable source. As such, it has been marked with *TRUE.) [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 09*TRUE]Only a few of the residents attended and talked about the odd dreams they had again, the exhaustive roster of the group being Ebony, Trance, Calco, and Sonja. The gloomy weather weighed heavily on the group, as they confirmed the details that remained consistent across their dreams:

-Someone called 'Breksta, The Queen of Dreams.'
-Ebony getting smacked by her own sword.(Though nobody else remembers or thinks this is important)
-'Breksta' getting hit by a green bolt of energy.
More updates to follow, as the situation changes.

(This report was a small summary of #2: Forest Delusions which was completed on October 8, 2016. These events took place IC, and are reliable information.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 10*TRUE(?)](Submitted by Ebony who found it in one of the Feyori Village's small libraries, the following was found in a very bright pink book, with the word 'Breksta' written on the cover in pink glitter-like ink. This book looks like a joke, and has only one page that has writing in it, about halfway through about 2000 blank pages, on page 1234.)

Hey there, reader! You found this page! Congrats! 

          The concept of a 'God of Dreams' is prevalent in most cultures.
This is mostly due to dreams being a world of the unknown to many
a dreaming townsperson. Of these gods, Breksta is one of them.
She is seen as a beautiful and really cool god who deals in being the best ever.
She is, by all accounts, not seen as a bad or evil god at all. Many legends
suggest that she steals nothing from sleeping people and is seen as
the cause of really sick dreams and general having a good sleep each night.

(This book is obviously tampered with, with red blocky letters over a handful of words. It is submitted into evidence anyway.) [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 11]
Dark Times for Safehaven?

Preliminary reports suggest yes, in the coming
days, people will probably be exhausted. On
the matter, one resident remarked "Aint nobody
got no sleep, son!" in response to the recent


[spoiler=Report 12]
Roots have been found underneath the church on the cliff,
after many sleepless residents conducted a public inquiry
on the subject. Many of them, 34 to be exact, are now spending their time
fixing the holes they dug outside the landmark.


[spoiler=Report 13]
"Run some test and I'm sure we'll
find out what's wrong" one
researcher said three weeks ago.
Where's the results, bub? Or are
you actually the cause of it, huh?


[spoiler=Report 14]
Deep things you can talk about with
people around you to pass the time:

1. Why are we alive?

2. Is there any life but us out there?

3. What is sentience?

4. If A.I can have sentience, how do
we reconcile the fact that we may be
a byproduct of a very similar race of
beings inquiring the same way we are
who created us to test their theory, and
in the same way they did we will complete the
cycle again and our lives are meaningless
outside of this task, making an endless
chain of beings created by other beings,
until one day, we just all die and nothing
ever changes?



[spoiler=Report 15]
In other news, slimes are an ever-present threat
to your life and always will be! Read after the break
to find out some ways to protect your family!


[spoiler=Report 16]
All residents of our fair continent have answered 'yes' when asked the
question 'are you suffering from a lack of sleep?' Nobody knows what is
causing this strange epidemic, but we urge people to stay hopeful, and
report any strange dreams. Your help is appreciated.


[spoiler=Report 17]
Of the twenty residents asked, 18 were fearful of a composite sketch created
of a possible slime-eyeball hybrid(the two others just laughed at the possibility
of a slime and an eyeball mating).  Results jumped up to 20 out of 20 when we
added skeleton arms to the fearsome beast. Is this the dark future of Safehaven?
Keep reading to find out!


[spoiler=Report 18]
Us all, falling down
Into the cold, without a sound.
Another dream, another day
When will I be able to go away?


[spoiler=Report 19]
It's obviously just a prank.
I mean, did you SEE that pink book?
Absolute balderdash. I bet it's the damn
Feyori, poisoning us with their magic deer
magic and making up dumb stories!


[spoiler=Report 20]
Down by the water, on one of many sunny days
Half past noon, basking in the sun's rays

The water like small crystals, all o'er the lake,
Little did I know it was all incredibly and simply fake.

The water was warm and made,
On that cold, sunny day.


[spoiler=Report 21*TRUE]
Another strange dream, another meeting at the local pub between many members of Safehaven.

The group recalled the words 'Safeguard', 'My Hope,' and 'My Will' as well as 'chosen'. Everyone found that they had the same watch, almost eerily similar in every way. They lamented that Laume seemed sad, but decidedly noticed that Breksta did not play a part this time. Ebony departed to possibly read more into the mysterious pink book found in the Feyori village, and the meeting ended.

[spoiler=Report 22*TRUE]
(The following is the book in Report 10, but after Ebony decoded the words behind the red text and wrote over the words once again, with the truth underneath the red letters.
The 'Queen of Dreams', Breksta. 

          The concept of a 'God of Dreams' is prevalent in most cultures.
This is mostly due to dreams being a world of the unknown to many
a dreaming townsperson. Of these gods, Breksta is one of them.
She is seen as a dark and malevolent god who deals in death.         
She is, by all accounts, not seen as a redeemable figure. Many legends
suggest that she steals souls from sleeping people and is seen as
the cause of night terrors and general nightmares.

[spoiler=Report 23]
It is complete, my love. Finally, my greatest invention is finished.
On this day, the world will finally know peace.

Forever Yours,

[spoiler=Report 24]
This so-called Investigation Group don't know what they're getting into.
If it's true, how are they supposed to fight a god?! And what will we all
do, just stay here and let it all happen to us? I'm catching the next boat
that comes upon on our shores, that's for sure.

[spoiler=Report 25]
When I was young, my father told me many stories.
Some true, some truly incredible. One was of a young
boy, and though I cannot remember his name, his heart
was much unlike the magic he had an aptitude for.

[spoiler=Report 26]
Interview With Elderly Resident of Safehaven

I remember Breksta, yes. Well, the stories, at least vaguely.
These whippersnappers, I think they're all getting whipped
up into a frenzy over nothing. I haven't been losing any
sleep recently, that's for sure.

[spoiler=Report 27]
Some people called him crazy after his invention caused
widespread destruction, while others called for his execution.
They just don't understand they did it to themselves.

[spoiler=Report 28]
This whole thing is a prank by the 'investigation group' that meets at the
pub every now and then. They've been spreading these stupid lies, like
they all woke up with the same watch tied to their arms with fishing wire?
You have to be stupid to fall for this stuff. And they have that creepy mage,
he must be the one messing with the water supply or casting a spell on us!  [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 29]
I do not condone his actions. He went about everything wrong,
and did just as much bad as he did good. But that does not mean
the good he did is erased from history. You must not hold it against
him, and I am writing you so that you may forgive his transgressions.


[spoiler=Report 30]
Have you ever went to bed, and woken up what
felt like seconds later, only to see the sun rising
outside? Oh, how I love that trick.

Always in your dreams,
-Breksta, Queen of Dreams

[spoiler=Report 31]
(Found as a torn-out page of the book mentioned in Reports 10 and 22)
Breksta, Queen of Dreams(cont.)

Breksta is usually seen depicted with a large weapon at her side, a sword
with a blue blase and an unusually long hilt. The name of this weapon has
been translated as many different names, but the prevailing one is Entrain.
In folklore, this weapon was stolen from the previous Queen of Dreams,
Nerem. Entrain is said to possess many abilities, including the power to
halt aging, conduct magical energy into razor-sharp blades, and even kill
gods, as this is how Breksta is said to have usurped the title of Queen. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 32]
Many years ago, there was a great temple, constructed to honor the forest.
Althrough he actual existence of a temple or its layout have been lost to
obscurity, the legend survives as a testament to humanity's ongoing
respect for nature. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Report 33]
BREAKING: Elderly Residents become less fatigued!

Maybe the only perk of being an older resident of
Safehaven, many elderly residents are beginning
to sleep normally again, reporting no loss of sleep
and no fatigue during the day outside of what was
normal before the emergence of these reports. It
should be noted that those experiencing the
'Unique-shared' dreams of the Investigation
Group are still seemingly affected.

[spoiler=Special Report(Glossary)]
Investigation Group
-The group of residents that started to
experience the odd 'Shared-unique' dreams
and wake up to find odd items and weapons
in their homes afterwards.

Shared-Unique Dreams
-A dream where the contents are seemingly
shared between any number of people, and
the contents are unique to that night. This
term was made to discourage and disprove
the rise of many early reports of 'weird' dreams.

-A central flow of information found at the heart
of Safehaven, made to filter out false and
misleading information while attempting to get
to the root of the fatigue problem. Residents are
urged to report any suspicious papers or incidents
happening in and around Safehaven, and to help
curate and trim out any overtly false Reports.

-According to the Investigation Group, the person
responsible for the kidnapping of Laume and the
fatigue of Safehaven. It is not entirely clear who this
person it, but they go by the same name as an
ancient god of sleep and death.

-The girl who went missing around the time the people
of Safehaven began to lose sleep. She is believed to be
involved with the incident.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=report 33*TRUE]The group woke up from a shared-unique dream again, and met at the pub, obviously. They discussed that they now have two rings, one that is hot and one that is cold. They theorized that Laume may be able to communicate outside of the dreams. They notice the weapons that were in their rooms when they woke up, katanas and the like. The group rejoiced that they woke up happy, and felt a bit rested. A sense of optimism is shared through the group for the first time since the start of this mess.

Ebony said "we can only dream" in response to Calco saying "we can only hope". Then she walked out.

What a nerd.[/spoiler]


Please, feel free to reply below with suggestions, questions, speculations or even just observations!


New updates, including:

-Date and Name of new Chapter.

-Yes, I'm calling them Chapters now. It's easier that way.

-Some things about the new chapter:
--Frosty Depths is entirely Puzzle and Platform-based. There will be no PvE or PvP. This is not a permanent change for all new chapters, but a deliberate change for this chapter.
--This chapter will have moments where you might want to pull out a pen and paper, for sure. Expect to be challenged, and not be able to brute-force your way into completion.
--This chapter will have a lot more story to go along with it.
--There will be actual danger that is: a) not me putting mimics and being cheap whilst forgetting that they're hardmode enemies, or b) traps you can't see coming.

-Expect a huge dump of Reports this Friday(Oct.14) to supplement me not doing a chapter that week. Reports, though they might not look it at first glance, are important!

-And as always, remember that this Event storyline is shaped by you, and I'm always accepting ideas on rewards, gear for in the event, and anything else! Feel free to reply in this topic! Things that will be shaping newer chapters that have happened recently include:

--The group being really cautious! I love this one, as it means I can try harder to sneak trap you all!
--Me mudering everyone with Mimics. Will never happen again. Those affected were not docked anything.
--Writing out clues in signs that are around the area! Happy you all read these last time.
--Knowing exactly what you remember after the event to make after-event RP really simple to glide into. The post will be updated pretty much right after the event ends, as I will have the modification ready to post(with minor tweaks based on what may happen) on the forums, here.

Have a great day, everyone!



-Added name of new chapter and date. Sticking to this bi-weekly schedule, and hope to have a batch of reports again this next Friday(the 28th of October), but Uni is kinda burying me under essays and such at the moment, so it may not be possible. I will try my hardest!

-Two new reports (21-22) that detail the happenings after the chapter concluded, including a rather interesting reconstruction of Report 10, fixed by Ebony. Hmmmmmm

-This next chapter will heavily focus on PvE and Platforming, and, well, I think you can get the gist of it from the name.

-I once made a claim that I would be making this event have something like 12 chapters, but I found that it's better if I have one major 'reveal' in each chapter, and just go forward like that. Therefore, the number's been reduced by half, and I expect it to conclude on the 2nd of December(With events on Nov. 4 and 18 being 4 and 5, and the one on the second of December being the final chapter.)

-Everyone needs to roll better, will look into upping your luck collectively a little more with some tweaks.

-This next event will have actual real armour(suck it USA, I spell it with a U. CANADA WINS)sets given at the start, I just don't know what quite yet. I think this'll allow me to spawn in some stronger enemies for you to deal with. This will please me almost as greatly as watching you buuuuurn

-As always, if the times that the event is on do not work for you at all, please contact me! I'm sure we can all work out an acceptable time so that everyone can make it.

-Also post here with your impressions or questions, this thread is lonely.


Hey again, another little out-of-character post!

For the next event, I'll be combining every type of challenge seen in other chapters, and melding them into one seamless big 'dungeon', which I expect to be much longer compared to the other chapters. Puzzles will play a part, as well as PvP and PvE battles and platforming.

Sadly, with the announcement of another Terraria patch soon(on the 15th), the date of Nov. 18 for the event seems a bit implausible and it will be a total mess if we try to pull that off.

So, the event has been moved up to November the 25th.

Reports will be uploaded later tonight(or possibly tomorrow afternoon, depending if they need more editing) and next Friday, on the 18th.

This time and day is subject to change by the events of the poll that is presently running to determine what is best for everyone(only 4 people have voted, including myself.)

This event will definitely have armor as starting gear at the start, I apologize for not implementing that last time.

By this new estimate, the final chapter of Dream Drive will be on December 9.

Again, this chapter will take much longer(my estimate is 1.5 hours+) than previous Dream Drive chapters, so factor that into your vote in the poll


I apologize, everyone. Tshock is still not updated, and I have not put up the reports because they have turned into a collection of short stories over time. Uni is beating me down with 2 papers, along with weekly assignments. Everything is a pretty big mess over here! But I can tell you kinda how the reports are coming along, so I'll focus on that.

These new reports will span Laume's entire life, and her fathers' life as well. I'm keeping him a secret until release, but I think you'll enjoy him as a character. It's tough to call them reports, because they're more of a collection of diary entries and letters between three characters. It'll be a long read.

Again, I am sorry for this massive string of delays. I appreciate your patience as we move forward.


Life happens... I'm sure you can poke your nose in on the temporary one, though. I've been doing a few projects on it.