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Character Sheet

Name: Derrick

Character Details (Optional)

-WIP = Sheet prone to change!-

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Unknown
Class: Steampunker

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: No

Weapons: Most weapons with a trigger.
Armor: Mostly clothes, trench coat and sometimes medium armour.
Items: Wrench, wires, cogs and other tools of the trade.

Weapons: Unable to handle anything which involves bashing in close-combat and magical weaponry.
Armor: Heavy and light armour.
Items: -WIP-

Special Equipment



Easily Afraid; Trembles with fear by pretty much anything he can't see with his own eyes.
Easily bought; Has a serious weakness for free food.
Too Trusting; Doesn't expect anyone to betray or harm him.
Useless in close-quarters; Will pretty much lose every fight within hand-to-hand combat. -100 to all Meele rolls.
Shy; He's awefully shy and tries to remain quiet when surrounded by strangers.
Cowardly; Will happily flee from combat or threats he deems hopeless.
Heavy Drinker; Sure loves a drink! Pity he can't hold a single pint.

-WIP- More to come!



Cunning; Through his own weakness in daily life, he's managed to learn his own way of survival through life.
Strong Body; Long shifts of working on mines, from building and heavy labour has left him with decent body strength.
Engineer; Processes incredible resourcefulness with gadgets and spending many years through practice with traps, along with countless other devices.
Empty Stomach; Always hungry.


This is a really nice start! Interesting character, can't wait till he's fleshed out and I get to roleplay with him.


Cheers. Looking forward to finally roleplay again! Intending to finish the profile tomorrow with a lot more weaknesses. Make 'im weak and let little sod grow stronger through interacting with people.


Short Story

Notebook Entry 004;

After spending many a day travelling, I finally stumbled upon a village of sorts and what a strange sight to behold! Some of these buildings looked as if they were ruins yet somehow still had people living within. The weather here is staggering! One moment it's fine with a slight bleeze... Then all of a sudden, snow, thick and heavy snow. The wind piercing through my feeble clothing like a thousand glass shards.

It was cold. Far too cold for me, yet with some luck, I managed to stumble upon a tavern of sorts and quickly entered the building only to find it just as freezing as the outside. I quickly paced over towards the bar before taking a moment to peer around inside. A stranger figure was sat down at a table, one who I'd later call " Herald Poston " who serves the " Iron Khan ". Having no such luck with everything that happens in my life until this point.. I felt something odd run down my spine...

Many hours later I would become known as ' Thrall ', a title given to me by Herald Poston and I find myself greatful for a more polite naming of slave. Only after meeting with this one, I would get that mysterious feeling down my spine. Perhaps it's my fate to serve others? I can't disagree with the logic of this feeling. Me in command over others? That could never happen!

I don't know. I need to rest, it's being a very long day.