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Character Sheet

Name: Davos

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 27
Height: 6'4"
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Fighter

Basic Literacy: Illiterate
Magic Literacy: Illiterate

Weapons: Deft with Swords and Daggers, Mild ability to shoot (not a sniper, but he can shoot)
Armor: Heavy, or none. He is either in full plate or in clothing.
Items: Melee weapons, which he has in his inventory. Nothing worth noting.

Weapons: Magic, and/or complicated weapons
Armor: none, however he does not use light armor
Items: Magic weapons, etc.

Special Equipment
-Trusted by his father to carry the family weapon, however Davos does not use it, because its not his style.
-An Anchor, a small anchor attached to a rope that he swings like a flail.

-Hotheaded: Quick to argue, and quick to fight.
-Unintelligent: A nice way to put it; Davos is not very smart, and is often easily fooled.
-Proud: Often to proud for his own good; he will never turn down a challenge.

-Strong: Davos is a very large man, often able to stand over his opponents. He is incredibly strong from years of physical labor. Not one to lose easily in a fist fight.
-Crafty: Although not intelligent, Davos is able to quickly think of ways out of situations, additionally in combat he uses every means necessary to win.
-Zeal: When Davos is tasked with an objective, he will carry out said objective quickly and enthusiastically
Terraria Name: Davos and Viscera