Darwin, The Trader

Started by RenownRecluse, 31-08-2014

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Character Sheet

Name: Darwin

Character Details
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Trader

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: Staffs, Swords, Knives
Armor: Light
Items: Dirt Staff, Climbing Claw,

Weapons: Heavy, Require high skill, Spell Books, Guns
Armor: Heavy

Rager - When battling, if Darwin is in peril, his eyes glow a bright yellow and he loses control of himself. He gains a +10 to all attack rolls at that moment.
Clumsy - Darwin isn't very sneaky. He gets a -10 to sneak rolls.
Underdog - If an opponent gets a bonus to rolls three times in a row, Darwin will gain the opponents bonus as well until the opponent's streak ends.

Unlike many other people living in Iseyu, Darwin's backstory is rather simple. Darwin was born on a farm and lived with his father, mother, and five older brothers. Being the youngest of the siblings, he was picked on the most. While many of his brothers liked working on the farm, Darwin was more interested in exploring, collecting bugs or rocks. He and his parents did not get along very often, but well enough that when he left home he could still say "I love you". Not having any plans on where to go or what to do, Darwin set off to do what he loved most: explore. Darwin walked across the land, meeting many kinds of people and many kinds of things. He eventually decided to become a traveling trader, selling and buying things he'd come across.

One day in the middle of fall, Darwin was staying in a busy city called "Yesterrock". While walking down a street populated with people, he came across a man dressed in robes with a crystal ball. Darwin walked into the man's tent and took a seat.

"Hello there, mon. How may I be at your service?" the man asked.

"Well garsh, what can you do for me?" Darwin responded.

The robed man sat silently for a bit, looking into the ball. After a minute his head sprang up, looking directly at Darwin.

"I will unlock a special power for you," he said.

Darwin gave a confused look, not knowing what the man meant.

"Every being holds a locked secret power, and for... 20 gold, I will unlock yours!"

"20 gold!? Ya gotta be kiddin' me!"

"No, mon. 20 gold or get out of my tent."

Darwin moaned, pulling the gold out of his pocket and throwing them to the man. The robed man closed his eyes and began chanting spiritual words into his crystal ball. It only took a minute for a ray of light to flash from the ball and right through Darwin's chest.

"Now get out!" the man said.

Darwin, being pushed out of the tent, left feeling quite robbed.

A few days later, a man with a hook for a hand and a gold nugget for a tooth came to Darwin looking to trade. Darwin showed him a mushroom he had found behind a garbage can, saying that it was magic and would grant who ever took a bite out of it a wish. The pirate, who was a bit tipsy at the time agreed to buy it... for 20 gold. The very next day Darwin began to pack his bags when he was confrontedby a group of pirates, along with the one before.

"That's the one!" the pirate yelled.

Darwin was grabbed by the men and a sack was placed upon his head. It only took one swing of a fist for Darwin to get knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he found himself in a cell in a room in a pirate ship. His hands were tied with a rope and he could see nothing but the gentle flicker of a candle and a knife laying beside it. Darwin reached into his back pocket, finding one single lockpick. Darwin picked the lock as fast as he could and then cut the rope with the knife. He ventured through the ship until he finally ran into a door with light glowing from under it. Darwin placed his ear to the door, listening in. Being as unlucky as he is, the door opened infront of him and he toppled over face first. Darwin was grabbed by the shoulders by two men. He had gone right to the captain's room. The captain called in two more men, giving the order to kill him instantly.

And everything went black.

And everything went red.


But when Darwin awakened, he was not dead. Infact, infront of him layed four dead pirates. And one shocked pirate captain. Darwin, unsure of what happened, told the captain to let him off the ship at the nearest place possible. At midnight, Darwin was let off the ship and onto the docks of a place called Iseyu.