Darwin, The Farmer

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Please reply, I'm lonely.                               
Note that this is a work in progress.                   
Note that the "prophecy" is just a joke.
Note that Bush did 9/11.

Darwin, The Farmer

The Prophecy                                                   

It was told 1000 years ago that a man would be destined to defeat the evil demon behemoth known as Mortzirt
the Destroyer. This man would be born with the blood of a commoner and live raising sheep and cattle, eventually
leaving his home to travel abroad and sell wares to the people he came across.  Using the wealth he would gain from his
life as a merchant, this man would settle down onto the very island we live on for the rest of his natural life. It is said
that when the monster shows it's ugly face, the man will reveal himself as... the chosen one.


Name: Darwin Reece       
Meaning: "Dear Friend"                       
Age: 24                                                       
Gender: Male                                         
Race: Human                                                 
Height: 5'7"                                                       
Weight: 142 lbs                                                 
Alignment: Neutral Good                                 
Class: Farmer                                                           


Darwin lived his childhood days on a farm with his father, mother, and three brothers. When he became old enough, he
hit the road with no specific goal in mind. Eventually he'd run into a kind lady who was willing to take Darwin under her
wing to teach him everything she knew about being a merchant. Using the knowledge he'd learned, Darwin set off to
travel around the world, selling goods and wares to any curious buyers. After making enough money, he made the
choice to move somewhere he could settle down. Hearing rumors of a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean, Darwin
packed his bags.

Present Day

Darwin lives on a cute little sunflower farm on the island of Iseyu. He had it built when he sailed there and has been
living there ever since, selling his flowers to anyone interested. He'd like to say he's completely content with his life,
spreading soil in the sun at day and smoking tobacco in front of a lit fireplace at night, but a small piece of himself wants
to believe that this is not all that life has to offer. He seeks adventure.


Dirt Rod: A unique tool with the ability to move dirt through the air. Only used in battle to distract opponents by
flinging dirt at them, or to build dirt walls to work as defense. Completely useless if there is no dirt in the area.
Magic Missile: A magic staff that fires controllable bursts of energy. Given to him by his merchant tutor long ago,
this weapon has amazing speed to make up for what it lacks in power.
Climbing Claws: A pare of claws that aid users in climbing vertically up walls. When used in battle, they can work
to surprise opponents with close combat swipes.

Perks & Curses

Spotter: Darwin's very perspective. +10 to rolls having to do with finding things.
Baby Faced: Although in his twenties, Darwin has kept the face of his early teens. +10 to rolls where youth benefits, but
-10 to rolls where Darwin's maturity is questioned.
Clumsy: Darwin is horrible on his feet. -10 to all stealth rolls.
Rager: When in combat, if Darwin gets into severe peril, his eyes will glow yellow and his True Power is activated! +10 to
ALL attacks, but Darwin cannot stop fighting until either EVERYONE around him is dead or he himself has fallen.

The Curse of the Rager

On Darwin's travels as a merchant, he came across the small village of Irophac. While scoping the streets for customers,
he bumped into a small fortune teller's tent. Curious, he walked in, not knowing what to expect. Inside was a mysterious
robed man sitting behind a crystal ball. He said to Darwin that for only a few pieces of gold he would unlock Darwin's
"true power". Having plenty of gold to throw away, he accepted, not realizing the horrible mistake it would be. Taking
the coins, the psychic looked into his crystal ball and spoke in a language long dead. The ball glowed for a minute and
then it was done. Darwin did not feel any different, but none the less believed that the medium truly did give him some
"true power". He left the tent and went on with his day. As he slept that night, a small stirring brewed inside him.

A year passed and Darwin had long forgotten about his time with the fortune teller. He was selling goods near a small
harbor town the people called Uyesi. A bearded man with a bandanna over his head came up to him and told him he'd
like to browse his wares. Something about the man rubbed Darwin the wrong way, but before Darwin could act, a sack
was thrown over his head and the last thing he remembered was a large shock of pain from behind him. When he
awoke, he found himself tied up by the wrists and the ankles and on board a small ship with the light of the moon his
only way of seeing. On the verge of panic, Darwin's kidnappers spoke to him. They told him that a friend of theirs had
asked for Darwin to be kidnapped because Darwin's son owed him money. Darwin told the criminals that he had no son
and that they were mistaken. A bit skeptical, the lead man shined a light on the merchant boy. "You napped the wrong
man you fools!" he cried. "Throw him over!" The two goons grabbed Darwin and started trying to drag him over to the
edge of the boat. Darwin wrestled with the men, doing anything he could to stay on the boat. He was putting up quite
the fight until the men started beating him, kicking him, weakening him in any way they could. The existing light
started growing dim, and it seemed as if Darwin's life had come to an end...

When Darwin awoke there were three dead bodies in front of him. His hands were no longer bound, but instead covered
with blood and shoved into the eye sockets of what was once a living, breathing man. Darwin jumped back, terrified and
confused. He backed away and collapsed, laying on the cold wooden floor of the boat for hours trying to figure out what
he had just done. Attempting to block the event from his mind showed to be difficult and he was only able to do it while
he sailed the ship back to land. He docked the ship just as the sun was coming up. The ship was then set aflame and
sent out to sea, and Darwin never spoke of the event again. Nightmares clouded his sleep.
Darwin was a murderer.

As time moved on, more murders happened. Thugs, muggers, anyone looking to harm Darwin found themselves dead.
Flash forward to present day and Darwin has gotten better at pushing the curse down before he loses control. But it is
not gone. Darwin has searched both far and wide for a cure and it seems like he may never find one. Darwin's only hope
for now is to avoid getting into any fights. But in a world like this, that seems very bleak...

Darwin's Theme

Gunman Clive OST - Into the Woods


10/10 would Darwin again
I'm not an asshole, I just play one on TV.

Put me in coach I'm ready.


Updated with The Curse of the Rager story. So spoooky.


The Chosen One hath come.


Is Tristram written into Darwin's backstory you sick freak?
I'm not an asshole, I just play one on TV.

Put me in coach I'm ready.


Quote from: bastidon on 07-08-2015
Is Tristram written into Darwin's backstory you sick freak?

Absolutely not Tristram was a gangbangin' finger-lickin' disgrace ta roleplay n' humanitizzle as a whole n' I would never even consider referencin his ass at all eva.