Corvo Cinis, The Shade

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Character Sheet

Dark Sad Fantasy Music "Labyrinth Of Lost Dreams"

Name: Corvo Cinis

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 24
Gender: M
Race: Harmonious Dissonant
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Job: "Freelance"
Class: Rouge-Fighter Combo

Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Can read/understand, but lacks much ability to use
Old Language: Y
Underground Slang: Y
Origin Languages: Y
Musical Language: Y

Weapons: Thrown weapons, ranged weapons, short blades, some medium blades, physical combat
Armor: Mainly light armor, with patches of medium for protection without cost to mobility
Items: Agility and mobility enhancements, but nothing magical save a prayer or two (will define exacts later)

Weapons: Refuses to use explosives, greatswords or swords with more weight than a light broadsword, any ranged weapon with a high rate of fire or that launches multiple rounds at once. Finds them inelegant, lacking in taste, and only for those without the skill or honor to face an opponent in a fair fight.
Armor: Heavy armor or thickly crafted medium armor, as he finds them heavy and limiting.
Items: Does not dabble in magic as he sees it as "to flamboyant and attention-seeking" for his line of work.

Special Equipment
[Note: some equipment listed will be abilities. These abilities will have their physical counterparts listed within parenthesis next to the item]
Solidify Air (Cloud in bottle, Blizzard in Bottle, Sandstorm in Bottle, Bundle of Balloons [tiered progression]) - Through the nature of his people to vibrate at such high frequencies they can manipulate air particles. One ability that is formed through this is the manipulation of the particles into a denser medium to allow a brief foot placement to be made in the air, and allow additional mobility. Has been forgotten Tier 1 RELEARNED
Increase Friction (Tiger Climbing Gear and constituents) - Through the vibrations that his people's bodies undergo, they are able  to manipulate their own speed to increase the friction which they have with objects, allowing the climbing and traversing of vertical surfaces. Has been forgotten RELEARNED
Shifting Presence (Master Ninja Gear) - By further harnessing their vibration abilities, his people are able to shift their location within about a half-meter radius around themselves, making them hard to hit. On top of this, they can then use their ability to achieve quick bursts of incredible speed, allowing them to close gaps in combat or make a hasty retreat when necessary. Has Been Forgotten
Chain knife - This weapon was a gift from an old friend, and has served him well over many missions. He holds onto it in memory of those past adventures and as a blessing towards future endeavors. Currently broken REACQUIRED
Executioner's Blade (Blood Butcherer) - This weapon is a modified executioner's blade that he had acquired after first hitting blood-lust. it is the only exception to his personal rules of fighting style, and is only used when in blood-lust. locked, chained and stored away
Assassin's Light Sword (Platinum Short Sword) - This tool was a gift to him from his brethren in the Tri-Chord during his smuggling out of the city. It is a strong sword, but it is small and light, making it excellent for speed and precision.

Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: A rippling Black
Hair style: Long bangs that go a little more than halfway down his face, parting in front of his left eye as to allow vision, and the back going well down to his shoulder blades. He also bears a young man's style beard.
Skin Color: Persian
Eye Color: Dark Shimmering Blue
Common Clothes: A tan, hooded cloak that is still too big, and that's torn and frayed around the edges. Underneath, he wears a black coat and a grey shirt, with matching grey and black patterned pants made of a tough and resilient material. On parts of the coat, which is made out of a material used in light armor, are plates that guard key locations of the body, without sacrificing mobility. He wears bandages around his right eye.

Corvo isn't necessarily anti-social, but often comes across that way due to trust issues, as well as years on the run and constant worries about his blood-lust. Although he is fairly strong, quick and smart, he lacks much desire or ability to lead, and prefers to do things on his own. He is also strictly bound by a code of honor: He refuses to fight women unless he has ascertained no possible peaceful solution and they are strictly after his life; If he owes someone a debt he will repay it double to the person who gave it to him and expects only to be repaid justly, never over; If someone saves his life, he isn't at ease until the person declares his debt void; While he is working, he will do any job as long as it is not a horrible monstrosity such as the violation of his Code; He will never attack a child; he never says more than he needs to and is to the point, as to avoid misinterpretation. His code is his law and he will never go back on his word, unless it violates the code. As such, this strict code of rules is also very limiting to how he behaves and often gets him in trouble with his employers, as their code usually greatly differs from his own. He is a kindhearted person, and will give to those in need whatever isn't a necessity for him, often dividing up his supplies to help those in need.

Notes and Exceptions
The bandages over his right eye are blessed with runes and prayers. The runes, which are woven into the fabric glow when the bandages are initially applied and when removed. Corvo receives a new bundle of bandages every week by hawk so that he never runs out. These bandages are what keep his blood-lust at bay. When the bandages are removed, whether intentionally, by wear, or are cut off, Corvo has only approximately 15 Minutes to rebind his eye before he is consumed with Blood-lust. Upon achieving blood-lust, his mannerisms and fighting style change drastically. In its initial stage, he will seek out his Executioner's Blade, and if obstructed, will try repeatedly for up to 30 minutes to acquire it. Because of this, Corvo keeps it locked up and chained as to impede his progress, giving those around him enough time to either escape or bind him. If unbound and the blade cannot be acquired, he will proceed to use his bear hands to massacre every living thing in his path for 2 days. If the blade is acquired, the blood-lust will dissipate rapidly and will cease within 30 minutes, however, in that time his actions will become much more coordinated and he has easily massacred multiple villages within this time. The best bet is to bind him and lock him away. Because of this, Corvo keeps a stash of chains and a padlock, just in case he isn't able to reapply bandages within the time, he can quickly bind and lock himself away.

Due to his time in hiding, most of the vibrations that are the unique give-away to his race have been forcefully disposed. As such, the only thing he can currently do without effort is a slightly enhanced hearing and a faint vibration in his hands that will cause any metal blade in his hands to vibrate rapidly and produce a low hum. Blades affected by this can cut through materials and flesh with great ease.

Once, Long ago, Corvo was known by a different name. among his people he was known as Hymn, and he was a lively child. Often found running around and generally making harmless mischief, he was seen as a lovable but wild child, and even though he wasn't born of the Sacred Blood, he saw no purpose to the social classes of his people. In fact, his best friend and partner-in-crime was the firstborn of the royal family. Both were constantly found making trouble for the townsfolk, whether it be stealing that morning's fresh pie from the baker's wife's windowsill, running around through the marketplace, or hitting on the girlfriends of the Warriors-in-training. When mayhem and disorder weren't their goal, they were actually very good kids, which is probably why the town let them get away with so much that they did. They spent their other hours practicing Martial Arts, working on projects of the prince's design, or relaxing by the river that ran through the edge of town.

As they grew up, their studies may have differed but their friendship did not. The prince became infatuated with engineering and the arts of mechanical and metallurgical knowledge. Hymn on the other hand became bound to service towards his country, and upon his aptitude for stealth, and combat efficiency at various ranges, he was put into service with the Tri-Chord, a branch of his government's military that was used for special ops and cloak-and-dagger style missions. as part of his training, he harnessed his vibrations to a utility, while the harnessed them for what hand-to-hand combat and ranged abilities he knew. Even with the different branches that they found themselves in, they still found time to enjoy the company of one another, and fabricated excuses to do so constantly.

Then approached the week of the Prince's coronation and recognition as the heir to the leadership of their people. The week was filled with many a festivity. fireworks filled the air and music was performed by the greatest musicians of their people, performing works of unparalleled beauty, and sounds that have yet to fall on human ears. Artisans filled the streets and everywhere there was much frivolity.

It was horrible then that this was the night of betrayal, for the Prince was not the only one in the bloodline. He had a younger brother, a black sheep, who held no other desire than to hold all of creation within his hand. This Demon brought forth ill will and pestilence upon a world that only knew of joy and prosperity. Before the Day of Arrival, upon which the Prince would be crowned, the Demon and a large series of accomplices performed a coup that of which the land had never experienced. However, being of blood relation to the Prince, the Demon could not bring himself to smite his sibling, and instead forced him into exile off of the Island, to forever wander and be alone in the world. Hymn however, bore witness to all that happened, and in the following days, even as the Demon was crowned, paraded against the heresy that the Demon spoke, speaking the truth of the events to the people of the town.

This angered the Demon, and having no such blood-ties with Hymn, ordered every mercenary, bounty hunter, scum and villany to bring forth his head. Luck would have it on Hymn's side however, as brothers-in-arms from the Tri-Chord managed to get to him first. They warned Hymn of the Demon's plan, and in haste, smuggled him to the mainland to get a head start away from the Demon's wrath. Upon reaching the mainland of Iseyu, Hymn's brothers supplied him with weapons and supplies, blessed and forged by those loyal to the true King. Further, each member left Hymn with a blessing for luck to find the King and restore him to his throne, and supplied him with a new identity: Corvo Cinis.

Corvo proceeded to wander from town to town, hiding his race by suppressing his vibrations to the point where he needed to focus to even get them to work. He drifted from town to town, badlands to badlands, wilderness to wilderness in search of his King, doing whatever work he could to get by. As time came however, a rage, a holy bloodlust built within him. Unable to control it, his mind broke and he claimed a modified and custom executioner's blade, foregoing any belief he had in efficiency and beauty in combat, rampaging and leveling all in his path.

For his sanity's sake, once again luck was on his side, for none but the unrighteous happened across his path. However, in fear  that this monster might destroy their town, the elders from a nearby monastery decided to do something to stop the flows of crimson from tainting the land. Using their combined powers, they bound Corvo and established a seal over his right eye, wrapping it in bandages and placing runes within the fabric as to contain his blood-lust, permanently staining his right eye black, and his right iris silver. Upon recovering from his condition, the priests instructed him in willpower training, and the maintenance of the seal over his eye, lest it get damaged, worn, or he need remove it. Upon thanking the priests for their kindness, they bestowed upon him the executioner's blade. Having been soaked in the blood of the wicked, washed with holy water and blessed through runes with holy sliver, they claimed it to be his in case of another breakout, to allow him to channel their power to regain his will.

Upon Leaving the monastery, he once again fell into the underground, and thus his story continues...

Points System (Based upon GURPS Style because I'm not so sure how else to do it)

6th Sense [5 Points]: can feel vibrations in the air to tell locations and movements of other entities. If blinded, takes much less of a reduction to combat.

Enhanced hearing [5 Points]: can hear conversations through walls, and over longer distances than a normal person

Mechanical Resonance [6 points/lvl;] - allows the vibration of objects by vibrating the users body at the right frequency. Adds buff to melee damage and melee speed. Higher levels allow objects to be vibrated until fractured, broken or otherwise obliterated. Buff per level: 1=+2 (to any roll regarding combat with a bladed object. This requisite can be inferred for the buff in the following levels), 2=+4 to roll, 3=+6 to roll (NEW STAT ADDED: upon making contact of his blade to an opponents [HELD] weapon, the opponent must make a safety roll of over 30. If roll fails, then the weapon must be dropped), 4=+8, 5=+10, 6=+12 (NEW STAT ADDED: can now reach enough of a frequency with objects to break them. Only works with medium sized or smaller objects of the strength or weaker than stone), 7=+14, 8=+16, 9=+18 (NEW STAT ADDED: Mechanical frequency fractures now work on objects up to (but not including) diamond level strength and objects of considerably large size), MAX=+20 (NEW STAT ADDED: can now break through diamond level strength and magical barriers.  FATALITY: Resonance now can be achieved with living objects. Enough said.)

Throwing weapon mastery [10 Points]: +10 to any throwing of a weapon/object

Master reflexes [20 Points]: (In-Game-Item: Black belt) Becomes harder to hit with any kind of weapon. Constantly appears to be vibrating and shifting without moving. Light ripples across hair and eyes with a rippling effect similar to water. Gets a permanent +10 to dodge or saving rolls.

Elemental of the Wind [20 Points]: (In-Game-Item: Tabi) One of the reasons primitive native tribes used to refer to his people as Wind Elementals, Gains the ability to move without regard to wind resistance, allowing quick dashes to be made, closing distances or opening gaps in fractions of a second.

Solidify Air [50 Points]: (in game item: bundle of balloons) Allows him to vibrate the air molecules along with dust and other particles under his feet to allow movement and dodgeeven while in mid air (NEW STAT ADDED: allow him to make a dodge roll from an attack, even if he is in midair)

Ethereal [50 points]: (in game item: obsidian lava walking boots) He can stand on any liquid or block, and suffer no damage, his body vibrating at a frequency with which makes the material seemingly ignore and/or solidify beneath his feet.

Bloodlust mode skills:

NOTE: Bloodlust is a mode where he changes personality into a killing machine. when it happens, he has a total of 15 combat moves before it wears off, regardless. Give a +10 to combat rolls during this mode, and after it is done, he will pass out. Later skills may stack upon this base +10. If clarification is necessary, please ask.

PRIMARY SKILL (Must be attained before any other skills in this category can be achieved):
Righteous Fury [100 Points]: Now holds decent mental control when bloodlust is activated. Give +20 for duration of bloodlust.

Judge [5 Points]: counts as 2 of his bloodlust combat moves. Immediately binds the target in chains that cannot be removed by target.

Jury [15 Points]: Counts as 6 turns. Sweeping attack. Allows up to 5 people within melee range to be attacked for damage. Have recipients who receive damage from this attack make a saving roll of +60 to see if they are knocked windless for 3 turns.

Executioner [45 Points]: attacks a single person. unless target rolls a difference of +/- 15 from character's roll, deal critical for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

4 Horsemen [60 Points]: vibrate so fast it seems you are in 4 places at once. remove 5 turns, then lasts for 5 turns.

*Other skills may be added or subtracted. Open project. Please submit any helpful criticism :)*

Promotion Level 1
Acquired skills:
6th Sense
Mechanical Resonance (lvl 1)
Master Reflexes
Elemental of the Wind

knows locations of entities, though not status (cant be snuck up upon when active)
+2 to rolls when using a blade
+10 to dodge or saving rolls
can move without regard to wind resistance (covers short gaps in milliseconds wrather than seconds)

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Updated all except back-story
(will come back to that later)

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Edit: added a (admittedly long) backstory


Quote from: Kokkaku Kishu on 09-10-2013
the Prince's inauguration

Shouldn't it be "coronation"?


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Quote from: Kokkaku Kishu on 09-10-2013
the Prince's inauguration

Shouldn't it be "coronation"?

Coronation would be right.

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Quote from: CoolFeerman on 15-10-2013
Quote from: Kokkaku Kishu on 09-10-2013
the Prince's inauguration

Shouldn't it be "coronation"?

Coronation would be right.

Thanks guys for that catch.


Corvo? Like dishonored Corvo

He doesn't have magical abilities so its not bad.
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Corvo? Like dishonored Corvo

He doesn't have magical abilities so its not bad.

Yeah I realize it seems like a reference, but it isn't. It just so happens that the Latin for Raven is Corvo, and I realized it would seem like a reference the moment I saw that as the only option that rolled off of the tongue as a name.

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Finished Sheet :D

(might add some music later we'll see)

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Hm.  I didn't have time to read through the whole thing in depth in my fit of insomnia, but from the stuff I've seen, I approve.  This'll give me something to read for fun later.

I'd also like to say that the stuff in the Point System is rather intriguing.  I've been wondering for a few weeks if I should apply a similar thing to my characters.  I look forward to seeing what happens with this character of yours...
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I've also thought about doing the point system if the combat system gets a little more static.
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