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Skills allow a character to preform various attacks or actions that they could not otherwise. Skills are classified into the following categories:
Weapon Type Skills
Class Skills
Legendary Weapon Skills
Weapon Finesse Skills
Signature Skills

Skills are also divided in that some are Active and must be manually used, while others are Passive and are always in effect. Others still are Reactive, which activate under their own specific circumstances, or Counter, which can be used in place of a regular counter-attack.

Some skills also cause statuses. The list of status effects is as follows:

FREEZE/PIN ~ Immobilize.
STUN/SLEEP ~ Loss of turn/action. Cannot be inflicted twice in a row.
POISON/BURN ~ Steady damage over time.
HAUNT ~ Take more damage when hit.
SLOW ~ -10 to movement rolls.
BLIND ~ -10 to attacking rolls.
BLEED ~ Increasingly lowers rolls. (-1 to all rolls on the first turn after inflicted, -2 on the second, -3 on the third, etc. Caps at -15.)
HEAVY ~ -15 to movement rolls and +10 to any attacks from above.
LIGHTWEIGHT ~ +15 to movement rolls, but guaranteed to be knocked back when hit.
NAUSEA ~ Cannot take an action every other turn.

In order for a character to use any skills, it must be listed that they know it in their character bio. A character can also only have a maximum of five skills prior to class promotion.
Once promoted, they can get both a 6th skill, and a Signature Skill. An example of a mage's skill list might be:

Weapon Enchant
Elemental Bolt

Most active skills can be used once per battle. Signature Skills and Legendary Weapon Skills can only be used once per rest period; even if a day passes, if the character has not rested, they cannot use that skill again until they do. 

These skills can be used as long as the character has a weapon from the specified type.

Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash twice in succession. Roll individually for each hit. Becomes four hits if dual-wielding blades.' {ACTIVE}
Power Throw [Flail/Yoyo/Boomerang] 'Throw with incredible force. Inflicts Stun if roll was 10 or more above the losing roll.' {ACTIVE}
Blitz [Spear] 'Charge forward to close the gap and stab quickly. Cannot be countered.' {ACTIVE}
Power Smash [Axe/Hammer] 'An attack with -10 to hit, but is always a crit if it lands. {ACTIVE}
Iron Rune [Shield] 'Negate the Weapon Triangle for the user when using a shield.' {PASSIVE}

Lacerate [Knives/Shuriken/Dagger] 'An attack that causes Bleeding.' {ACTIVE}
Bind [Javelins] 'Attempt to Pin the opponent.' {ACTIVE}

Rolling Shot [Pistol/Uzi] 'Evade while shooting, giving +5 to the next attack.' {COUNTER}
Spread Shot [Shotgun] 'Attempt to shoot multiple targets at once.' {ACTIVE}
Snipe [Rifle] 'A very carefully aimed attack. +20 to hit.' {ACTIVE}
Suppression [Machine gun] 'An attack that inflicts -10 to hit for the next attack of both the user and target.' {ACTIVE}

Arc Shot [Bow] 'Shoot three arrows upwards to hit the next turn. Does not work in areas with low ceilings. {ACTIVE}
Piercing Bolt [Crossbow] 'A powerful bolt that ignores shields and barriers. Cannot penetrate Sanctuary.' {ACTIVE}

Elemental Bolt [Staff] (Effect based on the element.) {ACTIVE}
Ruby Staff ~ Fire - Burn
Diamond Staff  ~ Ice - Freeze
Topaz Staff ~ Lightning - Blind
Amethyst Staff ~ Poison - Poison (Obviously)
Amber Staff ~ Earth - Stun
Emerald Staff ~ Wind - Knock back (Such as into a wall or off a platform)
Sapphire Staff ~ Water - Slow

Magic Barrier [Tome] 'Create a magic shield based on the element of the tome. +15 to defense to the user's party for 3 turns, but can be negated by an attack of the opposite element.' {ACTIVE}
Guided Strike [Magic Missile/Flamelash/Rainbow Rod] 'A weaker attack that cannot be dodged.' {ACTIVE}
Refraction [Beam weapons; Aqua Scepter, Vilethorn, etc] 'A beam centered on one enemy, but with splash damage to surrounding enemies.' {ACTIVE}
Mana Burn [Magic Gun] 'A special shot drains one of the target's skill uses. Cannot drain a Signature or Legendary Weapon Skill.' {ACTIVE}

Blaze [Fire Magic, Fiery Greatsword, Sunfury] 'Causes Burn.' {ACTIVE}
Frigid [Ice Magic, Ice Sword, Frostbrand] 'Causes Freeze/Pin' {ACTIVE}
Arc [Lightning Magic] 'Splash damage to surrounding targets.' {ACTIVE}
Drench [Water Magic, Muramasa, Blue Moon] 'Causes Slow.' {ACTIVE}
Gale [Wind Magic, Flying Knife] 'Knocks back, such as into a wall or off a platform. {ACTIVE}
Gaia [Earth Magic, Blade of Grass, Thorn Chackram] 'Causes Poison.' {ACTIVE}
Radiance [Light Magic] 'Causes Blind.' {ACTIVE}
Void [Dark Magic, Light's Bane, Dark Lance, Shadowflame weapons] 'Causes Haunt.' {ACTIVE}

In order to use a class specific skill, a character must, obviously, be the specified class for it. They must also have it listed in their bio as specified previously. Some exceptions may apply, such as if a character not of the class is taught the skill by someone who could be considered a master of it.

Dual-Wield [Warrior/Rogue] 'Use two one-handed weapons at once. Allows a second strike with -10 to hit.' {PASSIVE}
Reflect Blow [Warrior] 'Prepare to dodge an attack and counter it. Critical needed for ranged attacks.' {ACTIVE}
Sentinel [Warrior] 'If someone attacks an ally, attempt to hit the attacker. Not guaranteed to succeed.' {REACTIVE}
Rage[Warrior] 'Grants +5 to hit and -5 to defense. Wears off after battle.' {ACTIVE}
Berserk [Warrior] 'Grants +10 to hit and -10 to defense. User attacks closest enemy, or if there are none in range, ally. Wears off after three turns.' {ACTIVE}
Blood Blade [Warrior] 'An attack that deals greater damage, at the expense of hurting the user.' {ACTIVE}
Improved Critical [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll grants a crit rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}
Pugilism [Warrior/Cleric] 'No penalties for fighting bare-handed. (Characters without this skill get -10 for it.)' {PASSIVE}
Cover [Warrior/Cleric] 'Roll to block an attack meant for an ally. If it 'fails', take the hit instead. Can be used up to three times per battle.' {REACTIVE}
War Cry [Warrior] 'Draw the attention of one opponent, forcing all of their attacks to target the user for 2 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Improved Counter [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll allows a counter rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}

Traverse [Ranger/Gunner] 'Move easily in rough terrain. Cannot be Slowed.' {PASSIVE}
Track [Ranger/Gunner] '+20 to tracking rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Search [Ranger] '+15 to search rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Trapper [Ranger] '+15 to rolls involving traps, usually disarming.' {PASSIVE}
Instinct [Ranger] 'Cannot be sneak-attacked. A would-be sneak attacker instead gets -5 to their roll.' {PASSIVE}
Putrid Shot [Ranger] 'The user fires an arrow with a horrid scent. Inflicts Nausea if it hits.' {ACTIVE}
Silver Arrow [Ranger] 'An arrow that, if it misses, doubles back for a second hit with +5.' {ACTIVE}
Hyperfocus [Ranger] 'Grants +20 to hit for the next attack. Taking any hit will interrupt it.' {ACTIVE}
Set Draw [Ranger] 'Ensures that the user's next attack or skill hits.' {ACTIVE}

Scavenge [Gunner/Rogue] '+10 to search rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Grenadier [Gunner] '+5 to rolls involving explosive weapons. Allows the use of certain other skills.' {PASSIVE}
Trigger Happy [Gunner] 'The user fires their weapon rapidly. +20 to hit, but the user is unable to use guns until they spend a turn to reload.' {ACTIVE}
Disarming Shot [Gunner] 'A specially aimed shot that can disarm an opponent. -5 to hit.' {ACTIVE}
Vacuum Bomb [Gunner] 'Sucks any airborne opponents to the ground, even if it misses. Requires Grenadier.' {ACTIVE}
Self-Destruct [Gunner] 'A massive explosion that hits all allies and enemies within range, including the user. Never misses. Requires Grenadier.' {ACTIVE}
Clinger Bomb [Gunner] 'Attach a bomb to an enemy that detonates on your next turn. The enemy can use their turn to remove it. Requires Grenadier.' {ACTIVE}
Roulette Shot [Gunner] 'Fire a shot of a random element dependent on the number rolled. Guaranteed to hit unless 0-10 is rolled.'

Weapon Enchant [Mage] 'Temporarily enchant a weapon with a specific element.' {ACTIVE}
Memorize [Mage/Cleric] 'Store a charge of any skill or spell to be used later. Can only be used in battle, and the effect ends after battle.' {ACTIVE}
Dual-Elemental [Mage] 'Combine two elemental effects. Things like Fire/Water will not work.' {ACTIVE}
Drain [Mage/Summoner] 'Drain life from the enemy.' {ACTIVE}
Assimilate [Mage] 'Drain magic from an enemy to restore a skill use. Cannot restore legendary or signature skills.' {ACTIVE}
Absorption [Mage] 'Absorb a magic attack into healing.' {COUNTER}
Reflect [Mage/Cleric] 'Reflect a projectile attack back at the opponent.' {COUNTER}
Gravity [Mage] 'Create a field of either increased or decreased gravity. The field will dissipate after 4 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Hex [Mage] 'Inflict a random status dependent on the number rolled. Guaranteed unless 0 is rolled. Rolling 100 allows you to choose.' {ACTIVE}
Transference [Mage] 'If an ally has to charge for a skill, grant the charge for them.' {REACTIVE}

Stealth [Rogue] '+10 to sneak/hide rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Trap Sense [Rogue] '+20 to rolls specifically when checking for traps.' {PASSIVE}
Sleight of Hand [Rogue] '+10 to thievery rolls, and similar rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Sneak Attack [Rogue/Ranger] '+15 to attack on an unaware target. Becomes -5 if the target has Instinct.' {ACTIVE}
Flee [Rogue] 'Escape from battle without difficulty. Does not require a roll.' {ACTIVE}
Dash [Rogue] 'Move swiftly and suddenly. The user can either attack immediately following with a +5 to their roll, or not attack and have +5 for their next dodge.' {ACTIVE}

Sanctify [Cleric] 'Heavily damage an undead enemy, or outright banish them with a critical.' {ACTIVE}
Purify [Cleric] 'Remove negative status effects on an ally. Can be used multiple times per fight.' {ACTIVE}
Sanctuary [Cleric] 'Create a protective barrier over the party, protecting from all attacks for two rounds. Takes a full turn to become active after use. Melee crits can break it.' {ACTIVE}
Ray of Light [Cleric] 'Smite an enemy with a beam of holy magic that never misses. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Restoration [Cleric] 'Heals everyone on the field- ally and enemy alike.' {ACTIVE}
Status Guard [Cleric] 'Grant a blessing to an ally, instantly negating the next status ailment that would be inflicted on them.' {ACTIVE}
Blessed Spear [Cleric] 'A lance of holy energy is hurled, inflicting Blind to the main/middle target and splash damage to adjacent enemies.' {ACTIVE}

Bond [Summoner] 'Heal a summoned familiar. Does not require a roll.' {ACTIVE}
Sacrifice [Summoner] 'If the Summoner is about to take fatal damage, the Familiar will intervene with its own life. Familiar will not be re-summonable until the beginning of the next day.' {REACTIVE}
Pact [Summoner] 'If a familiar falls in battle, immediately start the cast to re-summon it on the start of your next turn.' {REACTIVE}
Co-operation [Summoner] 'An attack made along with your familiars. Roll attacks for yourself and for each familiar in your service.' {ACTIVE}
Soul Denial [Summoner] 'Negate the user's Soul Element when attacking.' {PASSIVE}
Synchronization [Summoner] 'Allows the summoner to perform a base-class Sync with their familiar of the same class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}
Spirit's Stand [Summoner] 'The user summon's a physical manifestation of their soul element to attack. +15 to hit. Can only be used when weakened.' {ACTIVE}
Reverse Polarity [Summoner] 'The user attacks with an odd sphere of magic. Bonuses and penalties for rolls are reversed for this attack.' {ACTIVE}
Dispel [Summoner] 'Removes any and all current buffs or enhancements on an enemy.' {ACTIVE}

Roulette [Jester] 'Conjure an unavoidable ball of magic that hits a random target, whether they be ally or foe.' {ACTIVE}
Dazzle [Jester] 'Throw out particles of bright, blinding dust towards an enemy. Inflicts blind for a turn should it succeed.' {ACTIVE}
Spook [Jester] 'Preform a frightening act that haunts a target if it succeeds.' {ACTIVE}
Distraction [Jester] “The user dodges an oncoming attack and redirects the damage to an ally.” {REACTIVE}
Encore [Jester] 'The user applauds the target’s last attack. This bars the target from using any skills for the next 2 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Boring Joke [Jester] 'The user tells a long-winded and unfunny joke. Enemies that hear out its entirety are inflicted with sleep for 1 turn.' {ACTIVE}
Putrid Rush [Jester] 'The user covers themselves in a horrid-smelling perfume and grabs a nearby sharp object, attacking a target with said object. Should the attack hit, the target is inflicted with bleed for 5 turns, and if it misses, the target is inflicted with nausea for 3 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Laughing Gas [Jester] 'Throw a canister of laughing gas at an enemy. If they inhale it, they’ll be inflicted with -10 to all rolls for the next 2 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Sucker Punch [Jester] 'Approach an enemy and pull a feint attack. If they dodge, follow up with an unavoidable attack afterwards.' {ACTIVE}

Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle, but the effect only stacks to +20.' {ACTIVE}
Dodge [ANYONE] '+5 to dodge rolls. Becomes +10 for melee attacks if the character is a speedy class such as Rogue.' {PASSIVE}
Retaliation [ANYONE] 'When an ally suffers a critical hit, immediately get a free attack on their attacker. Can be used twice per battle. Does not trigger when an ally is counter-attacked.' {REACTIVE}
Style Swap [ANYONE] Allows for a character to change their weapon-triangle based fighting style in the middle of battle if they possess a Dual-Style weapon. Takes up two skill slots. {PASSIVE}

Fleet Foot [Freelancer]: Allows a character to move themselves wherever they wish in the turn order sequence once per IC session. {ACTIVE}
Keen Senses [Freelancer]: +10 to listening rolls [such as overhearing people] and sight rolls. {PASSIVE}
Silver Tongue [Freelancer] : +10 to lying and/or bluffing success rolls. {PASSIVE}
Judge of Character [Freelancer] : Can tell the basic alignment of a character just by looking [only if they’re Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic, and not if they’re true Neutral, Good, or Evil] {PASSIVE}
Rest [Freelancer]: Instantly heal and recharge skills as if they rested. Obviously does not recharge itself without proper rest. {ACTIVE}
Emergency Counter [Freelancer] : If Flee is exhausted/unlisted and a roll to escape fails, your foe’s next attack on you will fail. {REACTIVE}
Support [Freelancer]: Give up your turn to provide two actions to an ally on their following turn. {ACTIVE}
Desperation [Freelancer] : In a moment of hopelessness, attack your foe brutally and deal considerable damage. {ACTIVE}

These are passive skills that allow a character to use a weapon type they normally cannot. For example, a Warrior with the right Finesse Skill may be able to also use guns. Potential tri-classing is also technically possible this way, such as by giving a Ranger/Mage access to Warrior weapons through this means. Please note, however, that it only allows a character to use the weapon itself and the ability to learn the weapon type's skill, not class skills. Also note that each of these take up two skill slots instead of the normal one, so use them wisely.

Weapon Finesse - Warrior [ANYONE] 'Allows one to use Warrior weapons no matter their class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}
Weapon Finesse - Rogue [ANYONE] 'Allows one to use Rogue weapons no matter their class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}
Weapon Finesse - Ranger [ANYONE] 'Allows one to use Ranger weapons no matter their class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}
Weapon Finesse - Gunner [ANYONE] 'Allows one to use Gunner weapons no matter their class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}
Weapon Finesse - Mage/Cleric [ANYONE] 'Allows one to use Mage and Cleric weapons no matter their class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}

Certain weapons, classified as 'legendary weapons', have skills of their own. They can also use the regular weapon skills, for example, a Starfury would be able to use both its unique skill and the regular sword skill.

Starfall [Starfury/Star Wrath] 'A meteor shower rains onto opponents. +5 to hit. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Gleaming Feather [Phoenix Blaster] 'A shot fired into the ground that surrounds the user in protective a ring of flame, granting +10 to defending rolls while within it.' {ACTIVE}
Soul Gauge [Onyx Blaster] 'An umbral blast that dispels all buffs and enchantments to the target.' {ACTIVE}
Demonic Origin [Night's Edge/True Night's Edge] 'Release a demonic fire that locks the target in single-combat, making them unable to flee or attack anyone other than the user for 4 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Great Saber [Phaseblade/Phasesaber] 'Temporarily extends weapon length, adding +5 to hit.' {ACTIVE}
Legend [Excalibur/True Excalibur] 'Summon energy swords from above to strike the target. +10 to hit. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Steel Crescendo [Magical Harp] 'Lightly damages enemies within a radius, and heals allies in a larger radius.' {ACTIVE}
Piercing Light [Gungnir] 'A piercing attack through all enemies in a line.' {ACTIVE}
Absolute Zero [North Pole] 'Summon a blizzard to slow and blind opponents. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Beacon of Purity [Paladin's Hammer] 'Gather holy might into the hammer, and hurl it with incredible force, knocking back the target. +5 to hit.' {ACTIVE}
Terra's Wrath [Flower Pow] 'Gradually drain health from an enemy for 3 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Corruption [Scourge of the Corrupter] 'An evil attack that inflicts Poison and Haunt.' {ACTIVE}
Radiant Void [Terra Blade] 'A combination of Radiance and Void; both Blinds and Haunts.' {ACTIVE}
Bladed Wings [Sky Fracture] 'Fly through an opponent, dealing damage while moving and granting the user +5 to their next dodge roll.' {ACTIVE}
Thunderstorm [Sky Dragon's Fury] 'Call down the wrath of the skies to stun all opponents in the area. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Heavy Divide [Breaker Blade] 'Smash the massive blade into the ground, causing a damaging quake to all grounded enemies.' {ACTIVE}
Sword Beam [Enchanted Sword/Beam Sword] 'A blade of energy sent out from the sword, capable of hitting foes at a range. +5 to hit.' {ACTIVE}
Kiss of Death [Death Sickle] 'A delayed attack that hits hard two turns later.' {ACTIVE}
Dragon's Breath [Flying Dragon] 'An attack that does more damage the weaker the user is.' {ACTIVE}
Earthquake [Golem Fist] 'Causes a quake that freezes all grounded enemies. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Bubbline [Xenopopper] 'A shield of bubbles surrounds the user, popping upon taking damage and hurting the attacker. {ACTIVE}
Mirror Pulse [Pulse Bow] 'Fire a rebounding arrow that has four chances to hit once.' {ACTIVE}
Ward of Winds [Tome of Infinite Wisdom] 'A brisk aura surrounds the wielder, giving them +10 to defense with no penalty for 3 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Soulfire [Brand of the Inferno] 'A fiery aura surrounds the wielder, giving them +10 to hit with no penalty for 3 turns.' {ACTIVE}
Arrow Storm [Daedalus Stormbow] 'Shoot a mass of arrows skyward, causing one to rain down every turn until the end of the current battle. -5 to hit for each arrow.' {ACTIVE}
Iocane [Poison Staff/Venom Staff] 'Inflict a potent venom that poisons and stuns for two turns.' {ACTIVE}
Frenzy Vines [Chlorophyte Warhammer/Chlorophyte Shotbow] 'Release vines from the weapon to Freeze/Pin an opponent for 3 turns, inflicting Poison as well with a critical hit.' {ACTIVE}
Soul Splice [Spectre Hamaxe] 'The wielder gathers lost souls into the axe, unleashing them into a powerful attack that Haunts, and can also Blind with a critical hit. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Darksand Reminiscence [Ankh Shield] 'An orb of pure malice is fired from the shield, causing the target to have -7 to all rolls for 3 turns.'

Some characters also have their own skills unique to them. These are usually based off a special item, ability, or part of their story.
Signature Skills can usually only be used if the character is a promoted class, though some exceptions may apply.
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Reply #1 on: 06-10-2017
Once two fighters gain a sense of trust in each other and each other's abilities, they can combine their respective skills for a combo attack.
Synchronized Skills, or Syncs for short, are the result of a duo using their respective abilities in conjunction with each other for a new, more powerful result.
However, there are multiple restrictions to this art.

-Syncs can only be used by two who have fought alongside eachother many times. (No exact number decided)
-Similarly to signature skills, moderator approval is needed for a duo to gain access to them.
-Certain duos have Syncs unique to them, but, like the above, mod approval must be given for it.
-Syncs do not count as actual skills, therefore they do not take up skill slots.
-Each Sync can be used once per battle, similar to most skills.
-If a character is a hybrid class, they are not able to preform a Sync by themself. (For example, a Warrior/Rogue would not be able to use Pincer, but they still could if they are able to use Syncs with another warrior or rogue)
-Syncs must be listed on at least one of the two character bios of the ones using them, as well as who it is used with.

In addition, the exact effect of how these abilities are rolled can differ between them
Separate- Each of the two attacks are separate and can be blocked/dodged/etc individually.
Sum- The sum of both rolls is added up and used.
[X] only- Only the specified class rolls, while the unspecified one does not.
No roll- Self explanatory; a roll is not required for it to succeed.

WARRIOR/WARRIOR ~ Cross Slash: A swift strike from both fighters in different directions. (Separate)
WARRIOR/ROGUE ~ Pincer: The rogue attacks from behind while the warrior strikes from the front. (Sum. Rogue gets +5)
WARRIOR/RANGER ~ Misleading Shot: The ranger fires as a distraction for the Warrior to make an attack. (Warrior only. +15)
WARRIOR/GUNNER ~ Misleading Shot: The gunner fires as a distraction for the Warrior to make an attack. (Warrior only. +15)
WARRIOR/MAGE ~ Draining Sword: The warrior's weapon is enchanted with the ability to drain life from that it hits. (No roll)
WARRIOR/CLERIC ~ Brilliant Blade: Enchanted with holy light, the warrior's weapon becomes the bane of the dead. [+20 to attacks on undead] (No roll)
WARRIOR/SUMMONER ~ Beast Shield: The summon takes 3 turns’ worth of damage for the Warrior. (No roll)

RANGER/RANGER ~ Arrow Rain: A volley of arrows is sent up by both rangers, striking from the sky. Can't be used with low ceilings. (Sum)
RANGER/GUNNER ~ Crossfire: Both shoot from opposite sides of the target. (Sum)
RANGER/MAGE ~ Enchanted Volley: Using magic, the arrow is guided to its intended target. (No roll)
RANGER/ROGUE ~ Improvised Arrow: The ranger fires a weapon borrowed from the rogue. (Ranger only. +15)
RANGER/CLERIC ~ Heaven's Tears: Arrows imbued with light are shot, inflicting the opponent with Blind if hit. (Ranger only)
RANGER/SUMMONER ~ Hell’s Barrage: The summoner imbues a rain of arrows with darkness, inflicting Haunt to those who it hits. (Ranger only)

GUNNER/GUNNER ~ Breaking Bullets: Both gunners fire; the first shooting to weaken any armor, the second to pierce it. (Separate)
GUNNER/ROGUE ~ Target Practice: The rogue marks where to aim with their own body, moving at the last moment to hit the intended target. (Gunner only. +20. Crit failure results in Rogue taking damage)
GUNNER/MAGE ~ Blaster: A magically-enhanced shot that explodes on contact, dealing splash damage to surrounding targets. (Gunner only. +15)
GUNNER/CLERIC ~ Debilitating Fire: A magically-enhanced shot that makes the target weak to magic for 3 turns if it hits. (Gunner only. +10)
GUNNER/SUMMONER ~ Amplify: The summoner focuses their energy onto the shot fired, strengthening its force. (Gunner only, +15)

MAGE/MAGE ~ Arcane Blast: Combine magic to cause a large explosion, hurting friend and foe alike. (Sum)
MAGE/ROGUE ~ Smoke Strike: The mage conjures smoke, giving the rogue a chance for a sneak attack. (Rogue only. +20)
MAGE/CLERIC ~ Moonlight: Combining light and darkness, damage all enemies in a radius while healing nearby allies. (Sum)
MAGE/SUMMONER ~ Wild Element: Imbue the summoner’s familiar with an element specific to what it relates to [wind for flying familiars, water for aquatic familiars, etc] (No roll)

ROGUE/ROGUE ~ Thievery: While one rogue distracts, the other steals from their target. (Sum)
ROGUE/CLERIC ~ Sneak Flash: A flash of light provides an opportunity for a sneak attack. (Rogue only. +20)
ROGUE/SUMMONER ~ Phantom Onslaught: An attack that strikes fear into the foe using dark illusions created by the summoner, giving +10 to dodge to the party for the next 3 turns. [Sum]

CLERIC/CLERIC ~ Heaven's Light: Heals the entire party if successful. (Sum)
CLERIC/SUMMONER ~ Divine Guardian: Combining their abilities, the Cleric and Summoner call forth a heavenly emissary who either does an area-of-effect attack or a party heal before leaving. (No roll for the heal, Sum for the attack)

SUMMONER/SUMMONER ~ Ritual: Sacrifice the next two turns of both characters for a large-impact attack. [Sum]

JESTER/JESTER ~ Ultimate Show: “Both Jesters begin a 5-Turn Long Show that distracts all enemies, with the distraction becoming stronger with each passing turn. (Begins as -5 to enemy rolls, and ends as -25 to all enemy rolls).” (No roll)
JESTER/WARRIOR ~ Power Trick: “The Jester redirects ALL current debuffs to the warrior. For each debuff, the warrior gains +5 to their rolls for the next 3 turns.” (No roll)
JESTER/RANGER ~ Tricky Volley: “The Ranger fires 5 arrows into the air. Afterwards, the Jester enchants all arrows with debuffs depending on what they roll.” (Jester rolls to enchant arrows, Ranger rolls for actual attack)
JESTER/GUNNER ~ Shrapnel Bang: “The Jester throws a makeshift Shrapnel Bomb into the air which the gunner shoots. Sharp objects rain down for an AoE attack afterwards.” (Sum)
JESTER/MAGE ~ Elemental Trick: “The mage fires a magic bolt of their element that the Jester enchants, reversing said element’s strengths and weaknesses. (i.e. Water would be weak against fire but strong against Lightning).” (Mage rolls)
JESTER/ROGUE ~ Parlor Trick: “The Jester distracts an enemy while the Rogue conceals themselves. On the Rogue’s next turn, both the Jester and Rogue will attack said enemy.” (Sum, Rogue has +10 to attack)
JESTER/CLERIC ~ Trick and Treat: “The Jester and Cleric combine their magic powers, creating a haze that both poisons and haunts enemies and gives allies +10 to all rolls for the next 2 turns.” (No roll)
JESTER/SUMMONER ~ Familiar Performance: “The Jester enchants the Summoner’s Familiar, enhancing its next 3 attacks with a status effect.” (No roll)
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