Calco, Corruption's Bane

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NAME: Calco Geminus

Basic Description: A warrior from a faraway land known as Arcagus. At one point he was a wanderer, travelling from place to place in search of purpose and answers, with his travels eventually bringing him to the town of Safehaven. The friends he met there and the experiences he gained changed him from somewhat of a loner to the courageous warrior he had always aspired to be. After leaving Safehaven to return to his homeland, he grows more experienced still, eventually gaining the title of "Corruption's Bane".

Name: Calco Geminus
Age: 26 [Safehaven] 27 [Almustadt]
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Hero

Basic: Y
Magic: N

Weapons: Swords.
Armor: Melee-related armor.
Items: Shields.

Weapons: Magic weapons.
Armor: Magic and Ranged armor.
Items: Magic accessories.

Nox - A Light's Bane, and the first sword Calco wielded upon becoming a warrior.
The Burst Saber - A special phasesaber created by Hayle Cobalt, with the ability to unleash its energy in bursts.
Hallowed Shield - A shield crafted from sacred metal, received from King Boestas of Almustadt.

TRAITS [Both good and bad]
Careful - Prefers to examine things closely before acting.
Helpful - Does what he can to help those in need...most of the time, anyways.
Skilled - Has defeated many a foe with his swordsmanship, and can easily and quickly switch between his two blades.

Magically-Inept - Barely understands how magic even works.
Prideful - Almost never backs down when challenged directly.
Interfering - Refuses to sit by and insists on being involved in anything he perceives as a problem.
Stubborn - Hardly changes his mind once it's made up.

Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash. Roll twice and use the higher value for the attack.' {ACTIVE}
Retaliation [ANYONE] 'When an ally suffers a critical hit, immediately attack their attacker.' {ACTIVE}
Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Unique in that it can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle.' {ACTIVE}
Cover [Shield] 'Block an attack meant for an ally. If it 'fails', take the hit instead. Can be used up to three times per battle.' {ACTIVE}
Great Saber [Phaseblade/Phasesaber] 'Temporarily extends weapon length, adding +10 to hit.' {ACTIVE}
Dual-Wield [Warrior] 'Use two one-handed weapons at once.' {PASSIVE}

Burst Mode [Burst Saber] 'An explosion of energy fired in two possible ways' {ACTIVE}
                                   Target Burst - A concentrated blast on a single enemy. [+15 to hit]
                                   Ring Burst - A circular blast around the user, hitting all adjacent foes. [+5 to hit]

Cross Slash: A swift strike from both fighters in different directions. (Separate) [With Ebony Hamara]
Finishing Touch ~ Launched into the air, strike downwards as the other slashes forward. (Seperate) [With Ebony Hamara] {Unique}
Unwavering Blades ~ The blades of the Dark Starfury and the Burst Saber meet, releasing a damaging light. (Sum) [With Ebony Hamara] {Unique}
Demonite Conductor ~ Nox is struck into the target, drawing towards it a lightning strike. (Sum) [With Ricard Gailus] {Unique}
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