Asmund, The Ancient Warrior

Started by Dungeon_Lord, 23-08-2014

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Character Sheet:
Name: Asmund
Nickname: Asmund

Character Details:
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Ancient
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Grave Knight
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 400 lbs

Basic Literacy: No
Demonic Literacy: No
Archaic Literacy: Yes
Mythic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: Swords, Hammers, Axes, Flail, Throwable Axes/Swords/Hammers
Armor: Heavy Plated Armor
Items: Defensive Gear
Explanation: He was a warrior of ancient times and was not one for weak ranged equipment. He mastered the art of everything close range that could pummel, slash, or bash a man into the ground. With his strong arm and a knack for death even he would submit to range combat sometimes, by throwing his weaponry at the foe in a whirling fury that brought fear and pain to all who dare challenged him. The strong and heavier the armor the stronger he was, no piece of metal was heavier then he could lift so he would wear pounds of raw steel on his body and ravage people with his mighty weaponry and brute strength.

Weapons: Ranged, Technology
Armor: Light Armor
Items: Technology
Explanation: He really found no use for ranged projectiles other then his own melee weaponry that could be thrown if needed, so he simply never learned how to shoot a bow. He is from the past when there was no engines or guns to speak of, so he simply doesn't know how to use them nor does he want to take the time to try and learn. Because he is fearless though he does not fear the new technology he is simply wary of its strength. Light armor is pathetic and would never block a blade. Medium armor isn't ideal, but it is better then nothing.

Special Traits:
Warrior Spirit: Will fight until he can fight no longer, meaning death or unconsciousness.
Ancient: He is from another time and has little understanding of what others say.
Strength: He is a mighty warrior and hits like one to. 10+ To Strength Rolls
Big Guy: He is a big target making it hard for him to dodge attacks, but also makes melee attacks less effective against him. 10- Against Projectiles, 10- To Dodge

Silent: Even though you wouldn't understand a word he says he doesn't try to talk much anyway.
Accepting: He accepts the situation he may be in and gives it little thought to why it may be happening.
True Loyal: He follows one cause and only one cause at any given time, no exceptions.
Battle Hardened: Little combat surprises him and he is nearly unaffected by pain or fear tactics.
Survivalist: In the end his only true goal is to survive.
Emotion Stunted: He has a hard time expressing his emotions to their full extent.
Stubborn: Once he sets his mind to something he will try to complete it until it is done, even if it requires smashing it out of existence.
Gentle: He may be covered in scars and muscle, but underneath he only wishes harm upon those he must.

Legend Of Asmund:
He awoke in a strange land where none spoke him language and none accepted him. He found himself wandering for a day or so until he came upon a large spire in the middle of the desert, inside he came across a group of odd individuals. Normally he'd simply continue on, but he was lured by what lay above first floor. For he heard combat and clashing of steel that drew him closer to what his heart yearned for. The chance to redeem his honor after sleep for so long... He quickly took his chance at the tower after a young mage appeared to have fallen. With only a frozen arm of a past foe he was ready to take on the four guardians and feared nothing. Though it brought him comfort they spoke the ancient tongue he understood that they were more prison then he had ever been. So he accepted the battle with little thought on why they may be heard stuck in this form. Even with his worn armor and only a frozen arm for a weapon he clobbered his way through the guardians to the top only to find a medallion as a prize. He did not expect answers, nor did he seek them, but he somehow felt that he needed them. That he had to find them. He gave the spire a final thought before going to the Fair Haired Man's home, "Will he someday be chained to such an existence?"
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