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Ascension is a slight tweak of the old Promotion system of past iterations of the server. The idea is that when you RP well and your character grows, you're entitled to certain benefits that fit your character's class. These benefits can be an armor set, or accessories that aren't otherwise accessible. Mostly for aesthetic purposes, of course. You can ascend once,  granting three accessories, two weapons, and an armor set that the mods can agree on. You'll also be asked if you want to change your class name. (e.g. thief to rogue, squire to knight)

When you ascend, you'll undergo a quest to claim your award in character. Depending on your character, you can do this with help from friends or go it solo.

So how do you go about ascending? Well, that's a bit more complicated. The moderators will keep track of points we have for each character. Ascension takes 25 points to take effect. There are also certain solid requirements that I'll spell out in a minute.

Now, if you just want your character to stay how they are and in that role, that's completely fine. This is an incentive for people to RP, and if you're happy the way you are, more power to you.

For everyone else, here's a few things you can do to gain points:
-Loyalty/Disloyalty to a faction: This depends on your character's alignment. If you're stuck in a faction your character doesn't agree with, or is adamant about, act accordingly.

-Loyalty to alignment: This is generally something you don't want to betray, but points may still be granted based upon circumstance.

-Event participation: This does not mean showing up, some people are restricted by where they live, and I don't want people getting a fair advantage. If you're at an event, RP and interact with everyone that you can there.

-Actual RP: You know that guy who always talks OOC? He's not getting any points.

-Building: If you build something nice (with moderator approval of course) you get points.

That's basically it for gaining points. Lets talk hard requirements:
-Have a filled out character sheet with a class name. The class name can be anything you want, along with ascended titles. It's all of your choosing.

-No current strikes. Strikes are in effect for at least one week based upon severity.

-Approval from the majority of the moderators to grant your ascension. This will likely happen automatically. Each of us will do our best to track you in our own way and will add up the points ourselves. No need to worry too much about this one, even if one of the moderators hates you.

That's pretty much the jist. If you have any questions go ahead and ask them here. If the other moderators have anything else in mind feel free to edit the post.

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