Arthur Petremol, Lost but Seeking

Started by Syl, 03-08-2014

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Character Sheet

Name: Arthur Petremol

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Paladin

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: Heavy weapons, such as claymores and warhammers. Also his fists.
Armor: Heavy plate armor, worn over boiled leather.
Items: Most divine trinkets.

Weapons: Though trained in most martial weapons as a child, he is not very good with anything he does not train with currently.
Armor: He wears nothing lighter than his suit of plate armor into battle. Though he does a bit of tavern brawling in clothing.
Items: While he can read magical script, he's not the best at using magical items, or tomes.

Special Equipment
His warhammer, blessed with the might of his god. Given to him once he finished his pilgrimage as a paladin.

Stubborn: He has a way of thinking he's almost always in the right, and will stick by his own ideas with a vengeance.
Overly-Instinctual: He tends to rely on his instincts and "gut feelings"  a bit too much, at times even throwing simple logic right out the window.
Slightly hot-headed: Once the right buttons have been pushed, there's no stopping him from causing some damage. And he's not much for forgiving someone who's crossed him.
Like to drink a tad much: He has always been a bit on the less healthy side of drinking, but more recently has been using it to cope with some of the issues in his past, and can be found inebriated more often than not.

Strength and agility: He is a very strong man, given his size, and how often he trains and works out. He can even gain bursts of inhuman like strength when his prayers are answered. But his size doesn't slow him down, and he keeps up a good bit of speed as well.
Instincts: While he may rely on them quite a bit too often, his "gut feelings" do help quite a bit in quite a few situations. A literal "sixth sense"
Intelligent: Being a paladin, and being raised as the sole heir in a noble family, he has always been trained in the scholarly arts, and he actually enjoys a good read.
Loyal: If you befriend Arthur, there's nothing he will not do to help you, and protect you. You become friends for life.