Angelica Bloodreaver

Started by NoxChaos, 02-07-2015

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Name: Angelica Bloodreaver

Age: Undefined
Gender: Female
Race: High Vampire
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Vampire Queen

Basic Literacy: Y or n
Magic Literacy: Y or n


Weapons: Giant, Powerful Blades & Magic weapons
Armor: Heavy armor, Some mage armors & Ancient armors
Items: Ancient items based on atack speed & power


Weapons: Anything not so powerful, Most of ranged weapons
Armor: Ranger armor & Light armor
Items: The Philosopher's Stone of Alchemy & Couple other items

Special Equipment

Bloody rapier of lifesteal - A mystical weapon forged before time & Is only wieldable by ancient vampires of pure blood (A sword that is able to steal health of another person if stabbed or just cut)

High queen's Armor - Some say that it was forged by Helios himself & Given as a gift to the 1st vampire king, It is almost imposible to kill the person who has this armor on... (Gives the wearer insane abilities to regenerate himself from almost any hit & also grants high magic power boost)


Old blood - Because she is old blood, she needs alot of blood to be drinked. Otherwise her magic & fighting skills will be super low (In some cases she can become bloodraged & become unstopable, only thing that could stop her is a glass of "pure blood" or death itself...)

Dark Mind - This passive skill give the user -100 to mercy

Fear of light - Gives -120 Holy defence


Inhuman power - A passive ability that gives the user +15 to str, hp, and atack speed

Child of the night - A passive ability that gives the user ability to see in the night (any dark place)

Mind control - Gives the user a ability based on magic to control almost any being for short time (cant be done durring day)

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